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Welcome to Your Brooklyn Guide! Bored in Brooklyn? That's on you! This borough is full of amazing things to do and see! Use our guides to help you plan your Brooklyn visit as well as NYC tips!

Who we are.

Welcome to Your Brooklyn Guide! We have two co-founders, Megan & Scott, who also run a successful travel blog who learned from their first website what makes helpful content and resources for planning and discovering new things to do through visual and detailed editorial guides. Megan is who you will be chatting with on social media and the author to many of our guides and Scott is the videographer and photographer behind the lens of his camera showcasing the beauty and stories to be told from Brooklyn and NYC. We also have a few local storytellers and contributors who help us curate some of our guides! Enjoy the guides that we already have and if we haven't covered it yet, chances are it's coming soon!

Want to highlight your Brooklyn and NYC story or business?

Reach out to us at hello[at]yourbrooklynguide.com for inquiries