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14 Most Fun & Best Bars in Greenpoint to Check Out!

Looking for the best bars in Greenpoint, Brooklyn? We’ve got you covered. Nestled in traditional Polish roots while burgeoning a community of hip creatives, Greenpoint (a quiet little neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City) abounds with quirky vintage shops, historic buildings, and an array of some of the hottest and most happening bars in the city.

From stunning waterfront views to secluded, breezy backyards, the buzzy and on-trend Greenpoint bars offer the perfect haven for sunny and sunset sips any day of the week.

So whether you’re new to town, just visiting, or are simply looking to expand your list of go-to places in the city, here are 10 of the best bars in Greenpoint.

While you’re in the neighborhood be sure to explore the best things to do in Greenpoint in between your sips and drinks! And if you’re looking for a great meal, check out the best restaurants in Greenpoint too.

Awesome Greenpoint Bars


Address: 615 Manhattan Ave

Of all the Greenpoint bars, Tørst is quite simply one of the borough’s finest beer establishments. Boasting 21 impressive rotating drafts, over 200 bottles, and a stunning Scandinavian-inspired taproom, this Greenpoint cocktail bar also serves “elevated bar food.”

Fun fact: Tørst means thirst—a fitting name for one of the best bars in Greenpoint. So if you’re feeling a craft beer craving coming on, you now know where to go.

Not to mention, their menu here is top-notch including great bites like their fried chicken sandwich. Just another reason to love this spot and why it’s on our round-up of best bars in Brooklyn too!

Little Rascal

cocktails at Little Rascal cocktail bar in Greenpoint Brooklyn

Address: 130 Franklin St

This avant-garde cocktail bar in Greenpoint brings inventive drinks from celebrated mixologist, Keith Larry. The bar itself is a second outpost to the Mediterranean restaurant in Nolita. The owners are from Adana, Turkey and you can find influences all throughout the bar from the Puppet Lightbox artwork above the bar by Turkish-based artist and puppeteer, Cengiz Ozek to the menu items like the Feta Phyllo Rolls and Halloumi Croquettes.

We recommend coming for the cocktails and trying a few light bites whether you’re looking for a Greenpoint bar for your next hang out with your friends or date night. 

All the cocktails are creative, but one not to be missed is the Cosmic Debris which is made with bourbon, fresh lemon, egg white, pistachio cream, fruity pebbles-infused sugarcane extract, and sprinkles of fruity pebbles on the frothy top.

Also, during nice weather you can take advantage of their backyard space.


interior of Eavesdrop Listening bar in Greenpoint Brooklyn

Address: 647 Manhattan Avenue

One of the best bars in Greenpoint (hands down) is Eavesdrop. This minimally, cool bar not only has a cool sound system solely playing vinyl as their bar soundtrack but they have moody color-changing lighting and beautiful blonde wood details throughout the space. The space was designed for sound and acoustics, and this might be the place you discover a random artist or genre of music you didn’t even know existed.

Come to this Greenpoint bar for their cocktails and stay for the ambiance (and the food). Don’t be surprised if there’s a wait, it’s worth getting on that waitlist. Afterall, there are a few other cool Greenpoint bars on Manhattan Avenue you can head to if you have to wait until your spot is ready.



Address: 632 Manhattan Ave

Another cool bar in Greenpoint located on Manhattan Avenue is PonyBoy, a lively cocktail bar that also has a kitchen if you’re looking for a bite to eat. By late evening, the backroom with the disco ball, stage, and neon signs of a rabbit threesome turns into a full dance party.

Their cocktails steal the show for menu items here, but the real draw to this bar in Greenpoint are the late night dance parties and their regular events ranging from drag cabaret, comedy shows, to live music sets. You’ll want to keep an eye on their Instagram if you want to see what fun upcoming events they have.


Address: 195 Nassau Ave

This retro Vegas-themed Greenpoint bar offers a rare combination of upbeat fun and chill low-key vibes that makes it easy to hang around for hours. On weekdays, you can enjoy a $6 margarita at Happy Hour that goes until 8pm and more than a just handful of free goldfish (the snack, that is).

There are big tufted leather booths for a group, a pool table for making new friends, and even a u-shaped bar to satisfy your solo drinking needs. Of all the bars in Greenpoint, Goldie’s is definitely worth a visit—or two.

The Hidden Pearl


Address: 621 Manhattan Ave

This Greenpoint cocktail bar that’s, well kind of hidden, can be found behind a door at the back of a Japanese restaurant called Wanpaku. In here you’ll find Japanese-inspired cocktails that are infused with ingredients like yuzu and miso served alongside a menu of small plates like fried baby octopus, pork buns, and tuna on crispy rice for when you get hungry.

Getting into The Hidden Pearl isn’t as easy as finding the door though. This really is one of the best bars in Greenpoint, so be sure to call ahead and make a reservation.

Achilles Heel

Address: 180 West St

Away from all the hustle and bustle of Greenpoint’s foot traffic, Achilles Heel almost feels like a locals-only spot. The cocktails here are meticulously crafted and served alongside a small, but excellent rotating food menu.

A great place for a Happy Hour, drinks and oysters, lovingly prepared off-cuts of meat, and even a nightcap, this is one of the bars in Greenpoint that’s exquisite, well-worn, and just as comfortable to be in as a fine pair of walking shoes.

Black Rabbit

Address: 91 Greenpoint Ave

One of the best bars in Greenpoint, The Black Rabbit isn’t just a casual pub that pours out pints for a crowd. In fact, this Greenpoint cocktail bar has a lot more to offer: a big backyard, fireplace, and an always-packed trivia night.

So whether you’re looking for a date spot, post-work happy hour, casual drinking, or even just a quick bite, this bar in Greenpoint is where you’ll find it all—and more!

The Moonlight Mile

Address: 200 Franklin St

Attention all whiskey lovers! The Moonlight Mile is the perfect Greenpoint bar to satisfy all your whiskey whims and fancies. With over 200 different American whiskeys, a rotating cast of craft beers on tap, and over 12 innovative, handcrafted whiskey-based cocktails, there really is no better spot to indulge.

Not one for a whiskey or cocktail? Try out their delicious wines instead. There’s something for everyone at this Greenpoint bar so don’t miss out!

Good Bar


Address: 1 Bedford Ave

Audiophiles rejoice, Good Bar is one of the best bars in Greenpoint if you want to partake in joining one of their vinyl listening sessions Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.

This record listening bar has a good vibe, hence the name. The cozy, intimate space is donned with colorful murals, a disco ball, and plenty of places to post up with a cocktail (or bite to eat) and enjoy the ambiance they’ve created.

There are a handful of listening bars in Brooklyn for music lovers, and this is definetely one of them.

Bar Americano

Address: 180 Franklin Avenue 

Bar Americano is newish to the Greenpoint bar scene but it has already made a splash as one of the best bars in Greenpoint. The cocktails are inventive and delicious, the wine list is curated and they have a great list of small plates all pulling from Northern Italy and Spain as inspiration. 

The space is perfect, candle lit with a u-shaped bar and makes for the perfect spot to meet friends, a date or treat yourself. Order the appletini. Share the fried chicken sandwich. Everything about this place will make you happy.

Bar Americano is open every day from early afternoon until late. Reservations are accepted and indoor seating is available. Reservations are definitely recommended but if you get here at opening time, you should be able to grab a seat at the bar! 

The Pencil Factory

Address: 142 Franklin Street 

Another one of the best bars in Greenpoint is the no thrills Pencil Factory. The vibe is old apothecary (complete with actual apothecary cabinets) meets upscale dive and that makes for the perfect combination. Not to mention the several beers they have on draft and an affordable and good wine selection. 

Pencil Factory checks all the boxes from spending the evening there to grabbing a glass of wine with a book to stopping before your night out. 

Pencil Factory is open early afternoon till early morning. Both indoor and outdoor seating are available. Reservations are not accepted but it is usually attainable to find a spot at the bar on their outdoor sidewalk seating.

Keg and Lantern Brewing Company

Keg and Lantern Brewery in Greenpoint Brooklyn

Address: 97 Nassau Avenue 

Just like so many other Greenpoint bars on this list, Keg and Lantern is really good to meet any of your needs from dates to hanging with friends to watching sports. They also have a great beer selection and equally delicious food. 

The interior is lined with beer cans but in the aesthetically pleasing way and not in the way that you lined up your college dorm apartment. They also have TVs throughout so this is the perfect spot to watch sports, drink good beer and enjoy bar food you actually want to eat. 

Keg and Lantern is open for lunch and into the early morning hours. They stay open later on the weekends and have a great patio as well as a long bar and indoor dining. Reservations are not accepted.

Ask For Janice


Address: 640 Manhattan Avenue

Hidden in the back of a pizza parlor is another one of the best listening bars in Brooklyn and Greenpoint bars to check out for a cocktail. Brought by the same team behind Eavesdrop, another bar for audiophiles, Ask For Janice takes a different spin on things as it’s not a vinyl listening bar but a vintage Nakamichi 600 cassette deck behind the bar.

All the music here is curated by local DJs featuring hip-hop focused mixtapes. The vintage cassette deck is really what sets this bar apart from other audiophile listening lounges.

The space is intimate and can comfortably seat around 25. They have a nice selection of cocktails and offer up some Italian-fare. Just not the pizza. If you want a slice, you’ll have to exit Ask For Janice and go back into Upside Pizza.

To find this spot, head into Upside Pizza and just head straight back to the last door.

Ray’s Hometown Bar


Address: 905 Lorimer Street

Ray’s, a popular Lower East Side establishment from celebrity Nicolas Braun now has a Brooklyn outpost in Greenpoint. This Greenpoint bar has a Western feel/cool grand dad bar vibe going on complete with a disco ball, neon signs, vinyl booths, and wood paneling.

Play a round of pool, hang out under the Elvis artwork, and get seen at one of the hottest bars in Greenpoint for the late 20-somethings and early 30-somethings.

Rays has a selection of reasonably priced beer, great cocktails (all with a famous ‘Ray-theme,’ think Ray Charles, Ray Romano, and Carly Rae Jepson), and bar food favorites from a team of Michelin-star chefs.

Know that when you order a burger, it’s going to be a good one. Better yet, they have desserts like a fresh, hot basket of beignets to finish off with. And the best part are probably the prices. While any trendy Greenpoint bar can get away with a slightly higher price point, Ray’s is still reasonable with a burger costing $10, bottles of beer for $5-8, and happy hour specials.

Best Greenpoint Bars (Post Summary)

  • Tørst
  • Little Rascal
  • Eavesdrop
  • PonyBoy
  • Goldie’s
  • The Hidden Pearl
  • Achilles Heel
  • Black Rabbit
  • The Moonlight Mile
  • Good Bar
  • Bar Americano
  • The Pencil Factory
  • Keg and Lantern Brewing Company
  • Ask For Janice
  • Ray’s Hometown Bar

Did we miss your favorite Greenpoint bars or Greenpoint cocktail bar? Let us know in the comments below and we will go check it out!

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