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Best Record Stores in Brooklyn for Vinyl Lovers!

Looking for the best record stores in Brooklyn to add to your collection of vinyl or start your first collection? Record players have made a resurgence over the past few years and for some, they never went out of style.

Lucky for you, Brooklyn is riddled with amazing record shops that offer buy, sell, and trading vinyl, as well as some, are hybrid shops that also have events, cafes, and even more vintage goods you can buy.

Check out the best record stores in Brooklyn, some sporting all genres, some with specific niches, and some that offer a lot more than just records. Whatever you’re looking for, one of these record stores in Brooklyn has what you need.

Missing your favorite Brooklyn record shop? Let us know in the comments below!

Brooklyn Record Stores


Black Gold Records


461 Court St, Carroll Gardens

Black Gold Records has been around since 2010 and has so much more than just records! This is one of the awesome Brooklyn record stores that sell a variety of items, along with their killer vinyl, and hand-poured coffee. I personally love that this is a record store and a coffee shop in Brooklyn combo!

They sell perfect tote bags with their Black Gold graphic on them, t-shirts, their own brand coffee, pins, and a variety of vintage and antique items.

Black Gold Records has a homey and vintage vibe, and it’s definitely one of the best record stores in Brooklyn that will make you lose track of time.

As I mentioned, another thing that makes Black Gold a great place to spend your time is their coffee bar. Cold brews seem to be the fan-favorite. One customer wrote, “Came for the cold brew stayed for the records.”

Check out the best things to do in Carroll Gardens for more ideas.

Earwax Records


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167 N 9th St, Williamsburg

Established in 1990, Earwax Records first opened their doors in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and swiftly moved to Williamsburg after their first year in business. They are one of the record stores in Brooklyn that has been in the game for a long time.

Earwax is known for their selection of vinyl, LPs, and 45s, but they also sell quality vintage audio gear like amps, speakers, and more.

The records are carefully selected by someone (the owner I assume) with over 40 years of experience as a DJ and hardcore fan of music. Although there is some debate on Yelp about the hospitality you will receive, it’s worth a look around.

And who knows, it might even turn into your favorite record shop in Brooklyn. Keep in mind when visiting Earwax Records, they are closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Almost Ready Records


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135 Huntington St, Carroll Gardens

Almost Ready Records is a little different than what you would expect the standard Brooklyn record shops to be. In addition to selling their awesome records, Almost Ready is also a record label that opened up their own brick and mortar.

Like many of the best record stores in Brooklyn that we will cover, Almost Ready sells new and used vinyl records, LPs, and 45s. You can also sell your collection here too.

Customers love their curated and excellent selection with wide variety of genres as well as hard-to-find records!

Record Grouch


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986 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint

Record Grouch is one of the Brooklyn record shops located in Greenpoint. This spot is best known for their new and used vinyl LPs, 7” and 12” singles, CDs, books, ‘zines and more. This shop kind of has it all.

Something we love about this shop is how it’s definitely connected to the community. They love to feature the work of local artists and musicians.

And although the shop has kind of a modern feel, you will be able to find some real classic/hard to find vinyls at this record store in Brooklyn. They even have a turntable available for customers to check out some records before making their purchase.

Even if they don’t have what you’re looking for in store, they will do their best to accommodate your wants!

Rough Trade NYC


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64 N 9th St, Williamsburg

So this one is arguably the most popular record store in Brooklyn. My reasoning being that Rough Trade has a pretty decent size social media and cult following. While we’re on the topic, their feed is amazing. Make sure to give them a follow to stay up-to-date with events and new arrivals!

Not to mention they have been in business since 1976 starting during the peak punk scene in West London in the UK and served as a gathering place for arists, labels, and the indie music community making them one of the most respected and loved independent music retailers in the world.

I digress though, not only is Rough Trade NYC a record shop, they also sell books, vintage items, they have a little coffee bar, and it’s also a totally awesome small concert hall for independent artists!

This record shop in Brooklyn has a rugged and vintage garage band vibe. There doesn’t seem to be anything as unique as Rough Trade.

An added bonus is that they are open until 11 PM six days a week! There’s no excuse for not giving this place a visit!

African Records Center

Africans Record Center in Prospect Lefferts Gardens Brooklyn

1194 Nostrand Ave, Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Opened by the Francis Brothers back around 1969, African Records Center found their niche and ran with it. Their initial goal when opening up this record shop in Brooklyn was to introduce and popularize African music to the United States.

Around 1974 these brothers decided to not just import African records, but to distribute them as well. Ultimately, they have had some huge hits and have absolutely seen success with their original goal.

For more in depth detail about the journey of African Records Center, check out this extensive article.

In regards to the environment of this record store in Brooklyn, it’s described as a hidden gem and a treasure located in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Many customers show gratitude for the Francis Brothers, who run the shop entirely.

African Records Center also allow you to listen to the records before making a final decision. Just keep in mind they are closed on Sundays!

The Mixtape Shop


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1129 Bedford Ave, Bed-Stuy

Another one of the Brooklyn record stores that offers a lot more than records is The Mixtape Shop. This Bed-Stuy spot is a record store, cafe, and mixtape club. It has a sleek and modern yet homey vibe. They have a wide selection of genres and there are some super affordable options.

Sport a coffee and a snack as you browse through the vinyl at this record shop in Brooklyn.

Keep in mind that The Mixtape Shop is only open Wednesday-Sunday, so plan your visit accordingly!

Fifth Avenue Record Shop


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439 5th Ave, Park Slope

Here we have the oldest record shop in Brooklyn. Fifth Avenue Record Shop was established in 1966 but in the last few years has been taken over by a DJ from Chicago.

This shop specializes in new and used vinyls from all kinds of genres and has a real old school vibe. The best parts of this record shop are the dollar bins and the occasional free beer nights!

Fifth Avenue Record Shop has been an absolute staple in Park Slope for decades and some would even say it’s better now than ever. Make sure you check this one out plus all the best shopping and dining on 5th Avenue in Park Slope!

This record shop in Brooklyn does have some funky hours. So make sure you double check that they’re open before you plan a trip!

Monday, Wednesday-Friday open from 11 AM-4:30 PM, Saturday open from 12:15 PM-6 PM, Sunday open from 12 PM-5:15 PM, Closed Tuesdays

Superior Elevation Records


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100 White St #B, Bushwick

What started as a personal collections of records at home in Milwaukee turned into a small local shop, then to a label in Los Angeles, and now a brick and mortar in Brooklyn.

Superior Elevation Records is one of the record stores in Brooklyn with a wide variety of genres, specializing in a few like reggae, jazz, soul and funk, as well as some rare vinyls!

One thing I love about this record shop in Brooklyn is the simplicity. It’s aesthetic really says, “I’m super trendy and have great taste in music.”

I would highly recommend following them on Instagram because they will randomly post about free or $0.25 records!

academy records annex


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85 Oak St, Greenpoint

With two locations in NYC, the Brooklyn location was named to the top 25 Best Record Stores in the USA by Rolling Stone back in 2010. That alone should be enough reason for you to visit this awesome record store in Brooklyn.

Academy Record opened up in 2003 in the neighborhood of Williamsburg and resided there until 2013. They are known for having NYC’s largest selection of records (which is quite the feat considering how many record shops there are) and their diverse selection of both new and used vinyl.

Additionally, this is one of the Brooklyn record shops that loves to score some rare records as well as some vintage music memorabilia like posters, band tees, magazines and more.

They also sell the work of local artists, which we love. The environment is very appealing and everything is well organized, you shouldn’t have any problems finding some sick tracks here.

Captured Tracks Shop


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195 Cayler St, Greenpoint

Another Brooklyn record store in Greenpoint? There is no excuse for having bad taste in music if you live in this neighborhood, it has an insane amount of Brooklyn record shops!

Captured Tracks Shop is a little different compared to the other shops we’ve covered because this one is located in a residential area and it’s in a basement. That being said, make sure you keep an eye out for signage when heading to this record shop in Brooklyn.

Captured Tracks is a smaller record shop but definitely has a homey feel. They have plenty of new and used records and even dollar vinyls!

The staff is known to be extra friendly to help create an overall lovely experience. Make sure to add this one to your Brooklyn record shops tour.

Brooklyn Record Exchange


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599 Johnson Ave #1, Bushwick

This next record shop in Brooklyn was formerly Co-op 87 located in Greenpoint, and they are now Brooklyn Record Exchange located in Bushwick.

I’m not sure if it’s weird to describe a record shop as beautiful, but Brooklyn Record Exchange has a sleek, modern, organized look with gorgeous wood floors, walls, and accents. It’s a smaller and intimate environment with a friendly staff!

They offer a variety of products like new and used LPs, books, as well as DVDs and VHS tapes.

They do advise that you bring your own headphones to use the listening stations! Make sure to stop in while checking out some of the best record stores in Brooklyn.

The Thing


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1001 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint

The Thing is a legendary second hand store with a lot more than records, but I will admit, it seems to be the cheap records are the main attraction. This one is absolutely one of the best record stores in Brooklyn based on authenticity and originality alone.

The Thing is best known for its unorganized and “every man for himself” mentality when shopping here. The records are stacked in leaning towers and thrown into crates, which are on top of other crates, which are on top of other crates.

Parading through the records is half the fun though. It takes some real work to find what you’re looking for in there, but many customers have advised that it gets pretty dusty and you will get dirty. So how badly do you want these awesome records? You can snag some other unique items while you’re here.

This record shop in Brooklyn seems to be one of a kind and anyone walking by without a clue that they sell some awesome records in there must think it’s some sort of glorified junk drawer.

Material World Records & Tapes

184 Noll St Office #1, Bushwick

Here’s another record store in Brooklyn with a specific niche. Material World Records specializes in punk, metal, fringe, avant-garde, anything hardcore it seems.

Formerly known as Heaven Street Records, this Bushwick record shop is definitely a stop to make if you’re looking for a specific record missing from your extreme genre collections.

The staff is known to be helpful and their shop is put together nicely.

Make sure to check out their Instagram page for items currently available in their store if you just aren’t able to make it into this record shop in Brooklyn. They do allow people to claim items via DM and they can pick them up in store or get them through mail-order!

Rebel Rouser


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867 Broadway, Bed-Stuy

Established in 2014, Rebel Rouser was brought to life with the ultimate goal of keeping self identity, individuality, and rock and roll culture alive while corporations have started to take over our lives.

This carefully curated record shop in Brooklyn easily has some of the most unique items and it’s all handpicked by the owners. Not only does this shop carry LPs and 45s, they have vintage clothing items, horror mags, rare books, and more.

The record section of their shop is a nice little nook packed with clearly labeled genres, which makes for a straightforward shopping experience. It’s also said that they have great pricing.

Help this record store in Brooklyn keep roll and roll alive!

Rotten Island Records


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4 Stanwix St, Bushwick

Rotten Island Records seems to be a small and laid back brick and mortar, not worried about the little things, but just trying to provide the public with awesome records for a great price.

If you show up to this shop, you’ll see their name is literally spray painted on their storefront, which makes this place so much more original.

This record shop in Brooklyn opened up in 2017 and their ultimate goal is to provide a great selection of all kinds of genres and you can buy, sell, or trade here.

The owner is known to be super personable and helpful during your shopping experience, this is absolutely one of the best record stores in Brooklyn to give your support to.

Vinyl Fantasy


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194 Knickerbocker Ave, Bushwick

Vinyl Fantasy is a comic and record store in Brooklyn that has a lot to offer. First off, they specialize in a variety of punk, metal, classic rock, indie, and jazz genres as well as indie and classic DC/Marvel comics.

In addition to these items, Vinyl Fantasy is also a boutique that offers some pins, jewelry, hats, greeting cards, and more as well as buy, sell, and trade vinyl.

This record shop in Brooklyn is well-curated and spaced out, which makes for an organized and relaxed shopping experience. The owners are real friendly as well.

Music Matters


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413 7th Ave, Park Slope

Music Matters is a tiny storefront in the neighborhood of Park Slope, which has been around since the late 90s. This record store in Brooklyn is well organized with a variety of records, CDs, some tapes, and even music equipment.

The owner, Jason, is known to be very knowledgeable and helpful with all his products and even helping customers fix some bugs with their items they bring in from home.

This is definitely another one of the Brooklyn record shops that customers love their affordable pricing and deals! 

Halsey & Lewis

476 Lewis Ave, Bed-Stuy

Halsey & Lewis is a neighborhood favorite and Black-owned record store in Brooklyn. Long time Brooklynite, Martin Brewer, decided to give brick and mortar another shot in 2017 after having a small shop in Park Slope when Brooklyn wasn’t as gentrified as it is today with its surging prices and the rent was only $650/month. 

This shop is known for selling a plethora of vintage items such as records, books, home goods, and more. His records are mainly focused on old school hip-hop as well as jazz, soul, rock, and funk.

This is one of the Brooklyn record shops that has a warm and authentic vibe with a lot to offer, which is why we also included it in our favorite shops in Brooklyn.

To learn more about Brewer and his incredible shop, check out this feature by Black-Owned Brooklyn.

Head Sounds Records


88 S Portland Ave, Fort Greene

Another awesome record store in Brooklyn and old school barbershop located in Fort Greene is Head Sounds Records. Find a carefully curated selection of used vinyl records organized by genre including jazz, funk, soul, disco, Latin, Caribbean, tropical, African, Brazilian, psych, blues, and more.

Don’t be fooled by the small space, their selection is quite impressive. And if you need a haircut, you can kill two birds with one stone!



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556 Vanderbilt Ave, Prospect Heights

This is probably one of the most unique record stops in Brooklyn, and maybe that we’ve ever heard of not to mention one of our favorite things to do in Prospect Heights. BierWax is a vinyl bar and lounge where they have over 5,000 records behind the bar on display, the bartender picks out what you’re going to listen to while you sit back and enjoy a delicious craft brew.

But don’t worry, this vinyl craft beer taphouse has a small selection of vinyl for sale and sometimes pop up events if you’re feeling like shopping. 

Also, don’t miss when they have live music sets so you can sit back, relax while listening to music and a good craft brew.


Liked this guide to the best Brooklyn record shops? Or did we miss one of your favorite record stores in Brooklyn? Let us know in the comments below or bookmark this guide for later!

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