30 Best Rooftop Restaurants in NYC with VIEWS! (& Bars)

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Looking for the best rooftop restaurants in NYC with views for days? We’ve got you covered in this guide covering one of our favorite things to do in New York City – grabbing a drink or bite to eat surrounded by some of the best views in the city.

Picturesque, energetic, and ultra-glam, rooftop bars in NYC represent exactly where you want to gather to kiss the day goodbye or kick off an epic weekend.

Sunset views? Check.

Premium tequila and gin for all the spicy margs and classic gimlets you could ever want? Double check.

Rhythmic beats to bop to as you wait on a signature appetizer with unexpected ingredients that sound equally mouth-watering and weird? You got it.

Of course, New York City—being one of the most picturesque, vibrant, and glamorous metropolises the human race boasts—has no shortage of sky high venues to scratch urges to experience the best rooftop bars in NYC. Here are some of the best you’ll want to hit up when you’re in town.

Best Rooftop Bars in NYC

Cloud Social Rooftop Bar


Koreatown, Manhattan

One of the best rooftop lounges in NYC can be found in Koreatown. Located on the 17th floor of the Nyma Hotel, Cloud Social Rooftop Bar allows a perfect view of the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and surrounding skyscrapers comprising the Midtown Manhattan skyline.

During the day, it’s a casual catch-up spot for professionals, but at night it comes alive with aesthetic lighting and fresh music.

Must-Try Menu Item: Sex in the City – a balanced, sweet (mango puree) and spicy (chili-infused simple syrup) tequila-based luxury with a hint of lime juice and Aperol

Reservation Info: Walk-Ins are only permitted for parties under 10. Groups of 10 or more can email cloudsocialnyc[at] to request a reservation. 

Cantina Rooftop


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Midtown West, Manhattan

Just the guacamole alone at this contemporary Mexican eatery is reason enough to call it one of the best rooftop restaurants in NYC.

A live DJ blasting dance tunes into the sunset and beautiful views of the Hudson River make this a festive location for celebration not to mention the extremely aesthetic rainbow umbrellas floating over this hot rooftop lounge in NYC!

This joint is perfect in all weather conditions. Cantina has both indoor and outdoor seating to fit all moods, and with a retractable, transparent roof keeping things toasty in the snow—(without obscuring those fabulous views, of course)— it’s always a comfortable dining experience.

Must-Try Menu Item: The Giant Taco. Or as Cantina calls it, the ‘Big A** Taco’. It’s a taco the size of your head. Don’t attempt to eat it alone.

Reservation Info: Not required but encouraged. Book online or via Yelp.

Westlight at the William Vale Hotel


Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I may be biased, but the best views of NYC are from Brooklyn and the East River waterfront neighborhoods in BK present some of the best rooftop restaurants and bars in NYC with views!

You can’t beat the view at Westlight, one of the best rooftops in NYC and coolest bars in Williamsburg. Drenched in yellow haze as the sun completes her journey across the sky, the city views from Westlight are nothing short of magical.

You’ll want to sit outside here to capture the full experience, but should you want to enjoy the indoor ambience, floor to ceiling walls and windows allow spectacular views as well.

Cocktails here are complex and unique, boasting ingredients like pineapple chipotle and matcha. Pair them with small plates representing beloved street food across the globe with a pronounced hint of Italian influence.

Must Try Menu Item: People can’t stop raving about the tempura bass tacos. Duck carnita tacos are frequently mentioned as a fan favorite as well, my personal favorite was the burrata and perfect for a small bite to share with friends.

Reservation Info: This place gets packed, it’s one of the most popular rooftop bars in Brooklyn. You’ll want to make a reservation through their website before your arrival. Also, see the best rooftop bars in Williamsburg for more great options nearby.

Harriet’s Rooftop & Lounge

view of Harriets Rooftop bar in Brooklyn from Brooklyn Bridge view

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

This two-part venue and rooftop bar in NYC tucked above the Brooklyn Bridge is perfect for all moods and occasions. The rooftop sits atop Brooklyn’s 1 Hotel and hosts an elaborate garden and beautiful views of the city skyline and the historic Brooklyn Bridge.

The lounge, a rooftop lounge in NYC, is considered one of the best in the world according to Conde Naste’s 2021 Gold List: Best Bars & Restaurants in the World guide, and offers Japanese fare like sushi rolls and classic edamame. 

Minimum per person spend typically runs $75.00 – $100.00, but this fee varies with demand. Call ahead for updated information.

Also, while you’re here you MUST use their bathroom. Some might argue that is one of the best views in the city!

Must-Try Menu Item: Purple Haze – Prosecco & Grey Goose Pear with elderflower, lychee, and hibiscus accents

Reservation Info: You’ll need to make a reservation to enjoy this popular rooftop lounge in NYC, while its not mandatory, it’s pretty difficult to get in without one.

Refinery Rooftop


Midtown South, Manhattan

Both indoor and outdoor seating carry beautiful views of Midtown skyscrapers including the iconic Empire State Building directly from this popular rooftop bar in NYC.

Feast on unique appetizers like tempura-stuffed squash seasoned with ricotta while enjoying views of the Empire State Building and the surrounding skyline.

This restaurant and bar sit atop a hotel boasting the same name: the Refinery Hotel. It’s one of the best hotels with rooftop bars in NYC, and you’ll definitely want to stop by to grab a meal and cocktail.

Refinery’s entree menu skews towards seafood and rich meats, but delicious vegetarian small plates serve as scrumptious options as well—making it one of the best rooftop restaurants in NYC. 

Must Try Menu Item: mezcal old fashioned, yum

Reservation Info: Highly recommended but not mandatory. Book on their website.

Spyglass Rooftop Bar


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Midtown South, Manhattan

Another contender for one of the best rooftop bars in NYC, the Spyglass Rooftop Bar sprawls across the 22nd floor of the Archer Hotel. Its name is derived from the breathtaking views it offers of America’s greatest metropolises.

Though the Empire State Building sits so close to the enclosed seating areas and outdoor terraces that you might be tempted to reach across the railing and touch it, the rooftop’s viewfinder provides an even more intimate view for curious guests.

Of the hotels with rooftop bars in NYC, this is one of the few offering a viewfinder to peer around the city.

Must-Try Menu Item: White Negroni – Fans of this classic will love this unique take on a beloved classic with Italian genepe.

Reservation Info: Highly recommended but not mandatory. Book on their website.

Magic Hour at The Moxy Hotel


Times Square, Manhattan

This rooftop bar in NYC is both elegant and whimsical, The Magic Hour roosts 18 floors into the sky at the Moxy Time Square Hotel with beautiful views of the Empire State Building and the Midtown skyline.

There are two distinct outdoor seating areas complimenting the sexy, sleek indoor dining area: one decorated to mirror a luxurious garden and the other emitting sensual Alice of Wonderland vibes—tables rotating like carousels and mini-golf included.

Among the best rooftop restaurants in NYC, this spot offers an amazing Saturday and Sunday brunch with scenic backgrounds not to mention if you love Rosé, you’ve come to the right place!

Must-Try Menu Item: The Pink AF Pancakes – Maybe you don’t think a heaping mound of cotton candy belongs on a stack of pancakes, but chefs at the Magic Hour disagree. 

Reservation Info: Reservations highly recommended because of limited seating. Credit cards are a requirement for reservations and no-shows will receive a $30.00 charge.

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

View of Empire State Building at night from 230 Rooftop in NYC

Midtown South, Manhattan

Spanning two full floors, this is the biggest outdoor rooftop bar in NYC available all seasons. The first floor is entirely enclosed for those particularly chilly nights and adverse weather conditions, but the second? Prepare to party under the sunlight. 230 Fifth is furnished with massive umbrellas for extra hot days to defend against afternoon drizzles.

Over 17 igloos make up their igloo bar, which is open from November to May and can be accessed for no additional fee. These toasty, heated spheres allow patrons to experience the Midtown skyline and Empire State Building close-up without being subject to chilling temperatures.

Must-Try Menu Item: Don’t skip their strong and super instagrammable frozen drinks, like the mango margarita and classic frose

Reservation Info: Walk-ins are encouraged but groups of 2-10 can make reservations in advance. Reservation fees vary, with weekday reservations starting at $250.00, which is applied to the bill.

The Press Lounge


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Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan

If you’re craving 360-degree panoramic views of the city skyline and Hudson River in what The New York Times once described as “one of the most attractive rooftop bars” in the city, saunter on over to The Press Lounge.

Enjoy views of opulent yachts gliding across the Hudson from some of the comfiest rooftop bar couches you’ll find in the city from the outdoor seating area, much of which is covered for those rainy days. The best rooftop bars in NYC allow for picturesque views of the skyline from indoor dining as well, and The Press Lounge has you covered.

All ages are welcome at this establishment during dinner time, though of course you’ll need to be of legal drinking age to imbibe.

The Press Lounge also enforces a dress code policy, though the level of adherence seems to vary with management’s mood. To be on the safe side, you’ll want to leave your flip-flops and athleisure wear at home.

Must-Try Menu Item: Hibiscus Pomegranate – This light and lovely sparkling tea cocktail will illuminate your senses and refresh you for the second half of the night

Reservation Info: This place gets crowded. Very crowded. You’ll want to make a reservation to snack on their light fare before the kitchen closes in the evening.

The Greens at Pier 17


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Seaport, Manhattan

Come here if you’re hungry. Light tapas and charcuterie boards accompanying your cocktails are nice, but sometimes the frilly appetizers just don’t cut it. Enjoy full entrees like whole steamed lobsters and roasted cauliflower birra tacos followed by the most delectable adult s’mores imaginable.

You definitely didn’t think s’mores could ever look this seductive during your childhood campfire excursions. 

At The Greens, patrons are seated at private miniature lawns seating up to 8 people for 90-minute reservations. Live music brightens the mood as you soak in the Brooklyn Bridge, skyscraper views and gaze across the Seaport.

It’s one of the best rooftop bars in NYC and even is available all seasons as in the winter they have intimate igloos your party can enjoy to stay nice and cozy in one of the best spots in the city for views.

Must Try Menu Item: The Greens offers seasonal menus that frequently rotate based on which locally available ingredients are on hand. Try everything!

Reservation Info: Highly recommended! If plans change, ensure you update the venue within 3 days to avoid a cancelled reservation fee. Reservation fees vary from season to season and by day of the week, these fees are not applied to your bill so be sure to read the fine print on this one to not spoil your experience with an unexpected surprise when you get the check!

Make Believe 


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Lower East Side, Manhattan

Looking for one of the best rooftops in NYC for aesthetics? Plush pink crescent seating, disco energy, and glittering fuschia lighting call back to an era past at Make Believe—all courtesy of LES SIXTY Hotel on the Lower East Side.

Enjoy powerful beats from the DJ booth all night; patrons who enjoy techno music and house tempos will have the time of their lives dancing under the moonlight alongside beautiful downtown views at this amazing rooftop bar in NYC.

This is also a great all-season spot for views as there is an indoor area too that offer skyline views!

Must Try Menu Item: The Spicy Matcharita – Matcha-inspired cocktails have been on the rise across the city, but a matcha margarita with elderflower liqueur reminiscent of the beloved French 75? Adventurous. We can only describe it as art.

Reservation Info: Highly recommended. Book via Resy.

Mr. Purple – at Hotel Indigo


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Lower East Side, Manhattan

With design inspired by the classic configuration and contagious creative energy of an artist’s loft, this rooftop bar in NYC perches upon the 15th floor of the Lower East Side’s Hotel Indigo.

The interior spans nearly 3,000 square feet, providing ample space for all the dancing and evening socializing a human could ever need, and if you’re more of an outdoor person, two breezy terraces flank this indoor paradise. 

During the colder winter months, a transparent dome with golden geometric patterns enclose one of the terraces in partnership with popular champagne brand VeuveClicquot to create a can’t miss photo opportunity.

In the summer, you can enjoy sweeping views of the skyline including a great view of the Empire State Building. Guests of the hotel can enjoy the rooftop pool too!

Must-Try Menu Item: Smoke After Passion – Maybe you were wondering how mezcal, banana, chocolate, and mango could merge into a surprisingly delicious cocktail. Maybe you weren’t. But if the sound of an earthy, smoky premium mezcal riles you up, ask your server to bring your one of these.

Reservation Info: Walk-ins are welcome but reservations are recommended. Persons under 21 aren’t permitted in reservations after 9:00 PM. On the weekends there is a minimum spend requirement per person ranging from $75-100 depending on the day.

This is also one of the best NYC hotels with a view from the hotel rooms! 

The Crown Rooftop at Hotel 50 


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Chinatown, Manhattan

Seated high on the 21st floor of the Bowery Hotel in Chinatown, The Crown is one of the best rooftops in NYC offering views from both their indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Owned and operated by the same hospitality leader as Mr. Purple—Gerber Group—The Crown exudes all the dignified energy its name implies.

For astounding and clear views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines from both interior and exterior seating areas, include this beauty in your itinerary.

Must-Try Menu Item: Book the 13-course Outdoor Yakitori Omakase experience for up to 10 people, where internationally recognized Ched Atsushi Kono prepares an authentic Yakitori meal right before your eyes. 

Reservation Info: Walk-ins are welcome but reservations are recommended. Persons under 21 aren’t permitted in reservations after 9:00 PM. On the weekends there is a minimum spend requirement per person ranging from $75-100 depending on the day.

Arlo Rooftop Bars


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Arlo rooftop locations in Soho, Midtown, & Nomad

Let the Hudson River winds tussle your hair and invigorate your senses at the Arlo Rooftop bars in NYC with locations in NoMad, Soho, and Midtown, all with spectacular views.

This hip and casual destination brings all the appeal of a laid back brewery and glamorous rooftop scene without the pressure to don heels and itchy button-ups.

Relax with grilled snacks and main plates against the fiery backdrop of the evening sunrise and skyscraper views.

Begin your next day with a bout of rooftop yoga if it’s your thing.

Must Try Menu Item: Poptails. A portmanteau of popsicle and cocktail, these fun and funky alcoholic desserts will excite you. Guests rave about the Diplo Daiquiri—a balanced frozen delight of run, strawberry, and lime juice.

Reservation Info: Reservations are required and can be made on their website for two hours at a time.

Randolph Beer

Randolph Beer rooftop view in DUMBO of the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn

DUMBO, Brooklyn

Randolph Beer focuses on bringing patrons a carefully curated and adventurous selection of local lagers. (If you think the oft repeated sentiment that beer is an acquired taste everyone loves if they have enough of it is an outright lie, don’t worry; there are tons of non-beer options to experiment with.)

Bright orange picnic tables and other seating with electric neon accents keep the mood on the rooftop light and playful. And from these tables, you’ll have a beautiful, unobstructed view of the complete NYC skyline and Manhattan Bridge making it not only one of our favorite under-the-radar rooftops in NYC but also one of the best rooftop bars in DUMBO.

Must Try Menu Item: Waffle Fries – It’s a huge platter of fries great for sharing that comes with a small cauldron of sambal aioli for a flavorful bite. For a small upcharge, top it with a generous helping of BBQ jackfruit.

Reservation Info: Walk-ins are more than welcome and tables are typically available for general seating, but access to the rooftop requires a reservation. Reservations can be made on their website.

Broken Shaker


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Kip’s Bay, Manhattan

The Freehand Hotel is adored among lovers of hotels with rooftop bars in NYC. Its signature bar The Broken Shaker comforts visitors with its soothing vibes and mellow ambiance that provoke dreams of hula hooping barefoot on a turquoise water beach.

You’ll catch wondrous views of the surrounding skyscrapers and residential buildings as you wander the perimeter of this quaint locale.

The Broken Shaker specializes in unique cocktails with global ingredients to tickle your tastebuds and arouse your palette’ss curiosity. Food? Not so much. While there are light food options, you’ll want to plan to arrive after dining elsewhere in the city.

Must-Try Menu Item: Per My Last Email – If you arrive after a bustling workday riff with folks who just won’t listen, rage drink this tea-infused vodka cocktail brimming with vanilla and fruity flavors

Reservation Info: The Broken Shaker doesn’t take reservations. Though there’s an Open Table widget on their site to accept them, it’s usually defunct. Adhering to their chill modus operandi, seating is first come, first serve, but feel free to stand around at the bar until a couch frees up. 

PHD Rooftop Lounge at The Dream Hotel 


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Chelsea, Manhattan

This penthouse rooftop lounge in NYC features 2 full-service bartending stations, spacious dance floors, an outdoor terrace, and electric club scene lighting—including an opulent chandelier centerpiece perfect for the background of your impromptu photoshoots.

It’s a rooftop lounge in NYC that’ll have you reminiscing for days after you exit its marble walls.

Located on the 12th floor of the Dream Hotel Downtown in Chelsea, its panoramic and entirely unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline, Empire State Building, and Hudson River will have you feeling like you’ve entered a fantasy you’ll never want to leave. (Hotels with rooftop bars in NYC tend to do that!)

PS, the Dream Downtown is one of the coolest hotels in NYC to stay at too!

Must Try Menu Item: PHD serves a classic bianca complete with hefty serving of smooth ricotta and roasted mushrooms to fill your stomach before the party truly begins

Reservation Info: PDH is walk-in unless you’re interested in snagging a VIP table. Directly contact this rooftop lounge in NYC for pricing.

Azul on the Rooftop


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SOHO, Manhattan

No, you’re not strolling through Little Havana on a Saturday evening, you’re just walking through Azul Rooftop at the Hugo Hotel. Inspired by hearty Cuban flair, which reflects primarily in the venue’s artwork, elegant woodwork, and use of lush greenery, this locale provides extraordinary panoramic views of Lower Manhattan skyline and placid waters flowing down the Hudson.

Scour your closet for your most vibrant hues and immerse yourself in a tropical and casual but elegant escapade that’ll pull you from the city bustle while still emphasizing all the views it has to offer.

Must-Try Menu Item: Like many rooftop bars in NYC, menu options are limited. Select from a small menu of tacos and small bites like guacamole. Visitors rave about the perfectly balanced guacamole. 

Reservation Info: First come, first serve—unless you’re celebrating with a party of 6+. Email rooftopbars[at]hotelhugony[dot]com to make a reservation.

Le Bain Rooftop


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Meatpacking District, Manhattan

At Le Bain’s, it’s all about the music and this is where you can be sure to find a great rooftop party. And the cocktails. And the fun. And the views, which include continuous views of the Manhattan skyline and wide river below.

But also…the music. Before selecting your visitation day, take a look at which DJ will be leading you down a path of hype and entertainment for the night. Each comes with a distinct and lively style, and many are internationally beloved throughout the DJ circuit for their uncanny abilities to resurrect the party again and again and again with animated beats. 

Located on the top floor of The Standard Highline Hotel you can expect that this rooftop bar in NYC is one of the best with gorgeous skyline views.

There’s also a pool. Patrons sometimes enter the pool. Make of that what you will.

Must-Try Menu Item: Blue Down & Blue Nights – a citrus explosion that translates like a smoky, tangy margarita to your taste buds

Reservation Info: Walk-ins are totally fine, but reservations are strongly encouraged and can be made on their website.

Ampia Restaurant & Rooftop


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Financial District, Manhattan

Offering one of the best rooftop restaurants in NYC, this gem is situated on the second floor of 100 Broad Street, you won’t find those sweeping, uninterrupted views of the New York City skyline, but you will find up close and personal views of the Financial District. (Skyscrapers galore!)

The second diners exit the second story elevator, they’re immersed in floral and delicate summeresque decor, though the decor often transforms in the winter to match the city’s holiday mirth. Cozy heated greenhouses and aesthetic huts line the rooftop’s perimeter where friends and lovers can laugh amongst themselves, enjoying exquisite meals like lobster ravioli and classic papaderelle in bolognese sauce.

Must Try Menu Item: Tris di gnocchi: a beyond satisfying tray of gnocchi meant for two featuring gnocchi bathed in three distinct, flavorful sauces: four-cheese, pesto, and sorrentino.

Reservation Info: Reservations aren’t required but strongly recommended—unless you’re hoping to enjoy one of Ampia’s greenhouses. These unique dining options require a reservation 7 days in advance, which can be made via phone. You can also submit a reservation request via their website.

Sandbar Rooftop 


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Chelsea, Manhattan

Soaring above NYC’s Fashion District on the 23rd floor of the Hilton Fashion District Hotel, Sandbar Rooftop offers handcrafted cocktails and intricate entree options that ooze elegance and is inspired by the Hamptons beaches.

No matter where your gaze falls on this beachy establishment, you’ll catch glimpses of Manhattan’s glorious skyline and of course, the Empire State Building.

Must-Try Menu Item: Dulce De Leche – Round off your meal with this masterpiece, a classed dessert crowned in caramelized bananas and finely shaved chocolate bits. 

Reservation Info: Reservations are required to guarantee entree, but walk-ins are accommodated if tables are available. There’s a minimum $25.00 fee for reservations, which is applied as credit towards the total bill.

The Ready Rooftop


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East Village, Manhattan

Are you ready to take a step back from the business calls and relationship troubles, the family drama, and recurring anxiety that you’re not quite exactly where you should be in life?

The Ready Rooftop hopes you are, and its designers have cultivated a perfect venue to help you do just that. So get ready.

Get ready to indulge in tacos, wine by the can, and classic cocktails in an outdoor terrace that feels like it just escaped from the latest edition of Architectural Digest. Did we mention this rooftop bar in NYC is constructed out of literal milk crates?

The Ready Rooftop at the Moxy East Village includes a retractable roof, making it an appropriate stop for all weather conditions and seasons. 

Must-Try Menu Item: If you don’t mind a sweet drink, try the frose. It’s a particularly strong version that doesn’t sacrifice the art of cocktail mixing.

Reservation Info: They’re mandatory. Make your reservation online or give them a call. Have your credit card information ready; they’re required to reserve a seat.

Monarch Rooftop


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Midtown, Manhattan

Towering high above Herald Square is Monarch Rooftop, 5,000 square feet of elegance for socializing across their indoor and outdoor areas.

From this rooftop paradise, you’ll glimpse expansive views of the Empire State Building and the Herald Square skyline, including a first-rate view of Macy’s iconic flagship store.

For a luxurious start to your holiday season, Monarch Rooftop is the perfect place from which to observe November’s famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And unlike observers on the ground, you’ll have easy access to martinis and…well, a clean bathroom.

Must-Try Menu Item: Tuna Tartare Mini Tacos—You’ve probably stumbled upon a sushi-inspired burrito stuffing fresh fish and Asian flavor bombs into a warm tortilla, but have you tried sashimi tacos? Monarch Rooftop doesn’t serve full meals, but this small plate offering is one you’ll want to try.

Reservation Info: Reservations aren’t mandatory, but you can make one via their website. If you’re planning on a walk-in visit, be sure to come through Monarch Rooftop’s social media pages or call ahead to verify they’re open to the public since this venue is a popular spot for private events.

The Glass Ceiling NoMad


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Nomad, Manhattan

Rain or shine, this staple rooftop lounge in NYC always offers a refreshing and spirited atmosphere where friendship and carefree evenings are always a menu favorite.

The boho chic woven chairs scattered throughout the outdoor terrace with their plush cushions, combined with tasteful plants make Glass Ceiling Nomad an opportune locale for your new profile photo.

Just beyond this spot’s retractable roof, classic skyline views including the Empire State Building extend in every direction.

Must-Try Menu Item: Let your childhood rebel thoughts break through at Glass Ceiling Nomad with their warm and shareable baked hummus. This unique dish encourages patrons to play with their food. Beat through crispy pita with a wooden mallet to enjoy the treasure within: creamy, warm hummus Za’atar-spiced hummus.

Reservation Info: Make your reservations via OpenTable on their website. Reservations aren’t required, but they’ll help guarantee you access to a table to order food if you have appetizers on your mind.

Dear Irving on Hudson


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Garment District, Manhattan

Dear Irving has two incredible locations, each featuring plush velvet furnishings and a timeless ambiance that feels like old Hollywood—but it’s the Hudson location you’ll want to visit for those panoramic 40th floor rooftop views of the Midtown skyline.

This primarily indoor venue, a rooftop lounge in NYC like no other, has two aptly named exterior terraces for capturing summer breezes while you sip on your martini: the Sunset Room and Sunrise Room.

The other Dear Irving location in Gramercy is one of our favorite hidden bars in NYC to check out!

Must-Try Menu Item: The Macaroons. Because what other rooftop bars in NYC serves a dainty plate of flavorful macaroons as a small plate entree atop a light and delicate cloud of sweet whipped cream?

Reservation Info: Make your reservations through their website to snag a table before the party really gets started.

Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel


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Midtown, Manhattan

If you’re on the prowl for cocktails that seriously impress, you’ll want to head on up to the penthouse of the Kimberly Hotel and enjoy all experimental and classic cocktail delights Upstairs has to offer.

Alex Ott — premiere mixologist lauded across the country and consultant for household spirit brands — designed Upstairs’ polished drink menu, so for those who think ‘cocktail’ and ‘art’ are basically synonyms, Upstairs is where you’ll want to wind up on a Friday night.

This rooftop bar in NYC allows a perfect view of the iconic Chrysler Building, and it’s this stunning view that inspired this rooftop lounge’s signature cocktail: The Chrysler.

Must-Try Menu Item: Why, The Chrysler of course! Between the smooth champagne and echoes of citrus and honey, no concoction suggests more sophistication than Upstairs’ classic drink.

Reservation Info: While not mandatory, reservations can be secured via their website or phone.

Empire Rooftop at the Empire Hotel 


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Lincoln Square, Manhattan

Retreat to this spacious oasis resting a step below the clouds on the rooftop of The Empire Hotel. This classic spot and hotel with rooftop bar in NYC includes a large indoor area completed with comfortable lounge seating and stylish lighting, setting the ideal mood for a charming evening of cocktails and repose.

This large rooftop bar in NYC and venue hosts over 300 people and fills quickly during weekend evenings, making it an ideal location for meeting new people and late-night socializing for those spirited nights extending long after moonrise.

A quaint fireplace comes alive warming the terraces when it cools—(though the rooftop’s retractable bar ensures the entire property stays cozy when you need it most)—making Empire Rooftop one of best rooftop restaurants in NYC to enjoy during the winter.

Must-Try Menu Item: Take a chance on their signature beverage: The Empire Sunset, an exceptional blend of vodka, rum, and prosecco with lingering notes of citrus and fennel.

Reservation Info: Make reservations via their website through OpenTable. With ample standing room, it’s unlikely you’ll be turned away for general admission, but grabbing a table ensures access to food!

Social Drink & Food


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Midtown West, Manhattan

Where better to socialize than an open-air rooftop restaurant in NYC featuring an extrovert’s favorite activity in its name? Really playing up its name, this bar often features a cocktail menu with beverages named after popular memes from your favorite social media platforms.

There’s a robust menu of bar food staples like Fish & Chips, fries, and classic burgers, but if you’re seeking something with a healthier angle that tastes a bit less like the sort of meal you’d consume in preparation of warring against a probable hangover, you’re in luck! 

This rooftop bar’s sister venue Green Room 42 is right next door where you can enjoy meals like shrimp scampi and seared salmon. (Green Room 42 is also a performance venue that regularly holds Rooftop movie screenings on Social Drink & Food, so be sure to check their events page before planning your visit!)

During the winter months, Social Food and Drink brings out their heated tented rooftops and spacious igloos for all of the winter fun and none of the winter frostbite.

This rooftop restaurant in NYC (and bar!) is located on the 4th floor at Yotel.

Must-Try Menu Item: If you’re stopping by for brunch , get the Boozy Bubble Kit. For just over $30, you’ll receive an entire bottle of prosecco, freshly squeezed orange juice, peach puree, and an array of garnishes for a DIY brunch cocktail experience.

Reservation Info: This place is a local favorite, so securing a reservation goes a long way here—especially during weekend brunch hours. 

The Penthouse – Ravel Hotel


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Long Island City, Queens

One of the largest venues on this list at over 9,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, The Penthouse at The Ravel Hotel is one of the most amazing hotels with rooftop bars in NYC located in Long Island City.

A walk throughout the terrace offers spellbinding views of the Manhattan skyline and the Queensboro Bridge. With a retractable roof, Penthouse offers a climate-controlled environment making it a comfortable locale for celebration throughout all seasons.

Arrive after 5:00 PM on Thursday – Sunday and you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of creative culinary adventures from the mind of Chef Seth Levine. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful infusion of South American and Asian elements alongside similarly inspired cocktails. 

Must-Try Menu Item: The creative sushi rolls. It’s unlikely you’ve considered pear and shredded coconut as ingredients belonging in sushi rolls, but after Penthouse, you’ll be unable to imagine them any other way.

Reservation Info: Penthouse doesn’t require reservations, but tables fill up fast! You can easily secure reservations through their website.

Rooftop Reds


Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn

It’s a vineyard. It’s a rooftop. It’s Rooftop Reds, the first viticultural enterprise hosted far above the ground. Producing 20+ cases of wine each harvest for guests to enjoy, Rooftops Red is a true and established vineyard in Brooklyn.

As you explore the best rooftop bars in NYC, you’ll want to look over the astounding Brooklyn backdrop as you down a carafe of wine—(about 7 fair glasses of wine for $50-$65). When the city warms, Rooftop Reds hosts movie nights where guests view classic and contemporary cinematic hits and sip on smooth reds.

Must Try Menu Item: The mulled wine is mandatory during the cooler winter months otherwise trying a tasting flight is the way to go!

Reservation Info: Rooftop Reds requires reservations, which can be secured on their Eventbrite page for $15.00 per person. These reservations give access to a 3-hour time slot to explore the premise and are strictly observed by the venue, so don’t be late!

When making a reservation, be sure to follow instructions carefully as this place is a little tricky to get into as it’s in a studio lot. Also, the fee for making a reservation is exactly that, it does not include a tasting nor go toward your bill.

This is one of our favorite things to do in Brooklyn and things we recommend visitors checking out since it’s so unique!

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