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The MOST Legendary Steakhouses in NYC (Plus a Map)

Maybe you just got a promotion. Maybe you just sold the rights to your book. Maybe your favorite aunt is in town. Maybe you just want to treat yourself. Whatever you’re celebrating, one of the tastiest ways to do so is by living large at a famous New York steakhouse. It’s a little bit of Old World New York pomp and circumstance and a lot of the best chefs in town dazzlingly updating the newest cooking techniques to one of the city’s older culinary genres. 

And while there’s no denying that a perfectly cooked ribeye or filet mignon alone is worth the trip to one of the best steakhouses in NYC, let’s not forget about the many creative sides available to complete your feast! In addition to classics like creamed spinach and Parker House rolls (which, to be honest, we could survive on alone), many city steakhouses have begun to branch out and offer unexpected and innovative appetizer and snack pairings, not to mention, decadent desserts. 

Though we wouldn’t necessarily suggest a steakhouse to our vegan and vegetarian friends, it’s also worth noting that several of the spots mentioned below do have vegetarian entrees and robust, plant-based sides and salads. 

Follow along for a wide-ranging guide to the top steakhouses in NYC — from some of the oldest still-operating restaurants in the city to innovative newcomers drawing crowds out the door. So order a shrimp cocktail and some steaks medium rare, it’s time for a big night out at New York’s best chophouses!   

Top Steakhouses in NYC

Peter Luger Steakhouse 

178 Broadway, Brooklyn 

If you’ve heard of one famous New York steakhouse, you’ve heard of Peter Luger. Opened in 1887 by Peter and his nephew Carl, the restaurant quickly became a neighborhood favorite — especially to local manufacturer Sol Forman, who loved Luger’s so much that he was known to eat as many as three steaks a day there.

After Peter Luger passed away and the restaurant fell into disrepair, Forman purchased the building and reopened the steakhouse in 1950 under his management. Forman’s family shepherded the restaurant to a new era of success, refining the beef selection process (thanks to Forman’s wife, Marsha) to earn a Michelin star and decades of loyal customers and reputation for being one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn for ages.

Still run by the Forman family, the best steakhouse in New York is known for their thick-cut bacon appetizer, jumbo shrimp cocktail, tomatoes with proprietary Luger sauce, special German fried potatoes, and oh yeah — insane cuts of beef.

Try the Steak for Two paired with Creamed Spinach for a perfect, classic chophouse meal. Confession: I didn’t even like steak until I tried one from Peter Luger. Join Sol Forman and I and get into the cult of Luger!!

They do not accept credit cards as payment here.


56 Beaver Street

The original fine dining establisment in America, established in 1837 and one of the most storied steakhouses in New York. Beyond it’s luxurious ambiance, Delmonico’s is famous for it’s cuinary innovations, credited for popuarizing dishes like the ‘Delmonico stea,’ eggs benedict, and baked Alasaka.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best places to enjoy an upscale dining experience that radiates ‘old’ New York. Afterall, Delmonico’s revolutionized the restaurant culture as we know it today.

Pat LaFrieda

Citi Field, 123-01 Roosevelt Ave, Corona, NY

Looking for a slightly different steakhouse experience? Head over to Citi Field where you can catch some of the best steak in NYC before catching a Mets-Yankees subway series.

Pat LaFrieda, originally operating out of a Brooklyn butcher shop in 1909, has long been known as one of America’s top-tier meat purveyors, supplying cuts for everything from white tablecloth joints to the delicious and ubiquitous Shake Shack.

Now, the LaFrieda family has opened up their own shop in the DeltaSky360° Club of Citi Field, serving up specialties like 12 ounce Strip Steak and a Filet Mignon steak sandwich.

Also noteworthy are the Smoked Bacon Burger, the Miso Glazed Cod, and the Crispy Brussel Sprouts (balance!!). Finish your home run of a meal with a Bomboloni, otherwise known as a brioche donut with chocolate and caramel popcorn dipping sauce. 

Brooklyn Chophouse

235 West 47th St & 150 Nassau Street 

A quick clarification — neither of Brooklyn Chop House’s two locations are in the borough itself. That being said, it’s totally worth checking out either of these top steakhouses in NYC, which marry old-school steakhouse cooking techniques, deli-inspired dumplings, and Asian fusion appetizers.

Yes, you can order scallion pancakes, pastrami dumplings, and a 48 ounce Porterhouse at the same time! Pair them with an “Other Side of Broadway” cocktail (Grey Goose La Poire, Fresh Rosemary, Fresh Lime Juice) for a truly unique steakhouse meal. 

Keens Steakhouse

72 West 36th Street 

Keens may be lesser-known than Luger, but it should absolutely be just as famous and a contender for the best steakhouse in New York. One of the oldest steakhouses in NYC (as well as the home to the largest collection of churchwarden pipes in the world), Keens was originally a part of the famed NYC Lambs Club, known as a popular theatrical and literary group run by Albert Keen.

After opening as an independent steakhouse in 1885, Keens remained a showbiz watering hole, attracting the likes of actors, directors, and even royalty — after actress (and paramour of England’s King Edward) Lillie Langtry sued the steakhouse for entry into the then “gentleman-only” club, she won — returning to the steakhouse in a feather boa to dine on their famous mutton chops.

Thankfully, all are now welcome to enjoy a legendary Mutton Chop from Keens, as well as their Chateaubriand Steak for Two or their Charred Shishito Peppers. Don’t forget to close out with Keen’s Red Berry Bibble or family recipe Carrot Cake. And if you’re visiting New York at Christmastime, Keen’s makes an excellent post-Macy’s meal! 


228 West 52nd St

If you’d like to relive the roaring 20s, why not visit Gallaghers, one of the best steakhouses in New York originally opened as a Prohibition-era speakeasy by former Ziegfeld girl Helen Gallagher and gambler Jack Solomon.

After the Temperance movement died out, Gallaghers was reborn as one of the best steakhouses in NYC, becoming a popular after-show hangout for celebrities and well-to-do arts patrons.

One of the oldest steakhouses in NYC, Gallaghers passed through many hands over the years before landing into the ownership of restaurateur Dean Poll (also at the forefront of NYC’s Central Park Boathouse) in 2013, maintaining a sterling reputation for top-notch beef.

Try the New York Sirloin paired with Baked Clams Casino and a signature Chopped Salad (salami, chickpeas, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, red wine vinaigrette) and raise a glass to the bootleggers of yore! 

American Cut

363 Greenwich Street

American Cut is a sleek, modern take on the famous New York steakhouse. LDV Hospitality Group and Chef Chef Marc Forgione have taken care to infuse familiar steakhouse dishes with cutting-edge flavors.

Order the Ceviche, Chili Lobster, or the Tuna Tar Tot (yes, there is a tater tot involved) before digging into the Miyazaki Waygu beef or the signature Pastrami Ribeye and Jalapeño Mashed Potatoes. Don’t forget about the Cracker Jack Cake (Caramel Popcorn, Peanut Brittle, Popcorn Ice Cream), or, if you prefer a liquid dessert — a Perfect Cut cocktail (Serrano Pepper Blanco Tequila, Mezcal, Vanilla Bean, Fresh Pineapple, Cane, Lemon) to wrap your meal at one of the best steakhouses in NYC. 

Gage and Tollner


372 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY 

A true New York legend and contender for the best steakhouse in New York, Gage and Tollner has lived more than nine lives.

One of the oldest steakhouses in New York originally opened in 1879, the restaurant exchanged ownership over the course of 125 years before closing in 2004. After Chef Sohui Kim, her husband and restaurateur Ben Schneider, and fellow restaurateur St. John Frizell purchased the space in 2017, raising the significant funds needed to renovate and finally open the eatery in 2021.

The steakhouse has now been returned to its former glory, serving up T-Bone Sirloin Shrimp Scampi, and yes, those tasty Parker House Rolls.

If you’re looking to incorporate some creatively crafted vegetables into your meal, try the Sweet Potato Duo (Local Orange Sweet Potato & White Murasaki, Toasted Hazelnuts, Hazelnut Oil, Vin Cotto Fried Rosemary ) or the Cauliflower Soup Pickled Mustard Seeds, Lemon-Tumeric Oil, Sunchoke Chips).

In a perfect blend of old school and new school, Gage And Tollner offers a much-loved Chèvre Cheesecake (Citrus, Blood Orange Caramel, Hazelnut, Hibiscus Meringue), and of course, Baked Alaska. 

Oh, and after you enjoy one of the best steaks in the city in one of the most beautiful dining rooms, head up to their hidden bar upstairs, the Sunken Harbor Club for one of the most fun themed bars in New York City for a nightcap.

Smith and Wollensky

E49th Street and Third Avenue 

Billed as “the steakhouse to end all arguments” by the New York Times, Smith and Wollensky posits, “If steak were a religion, this would be its cathedral” — and yes, they have a classic taxi-TV commercial to match said claim.

Taking up an entire corner in Midtown East, Smith and Wollensky is indeed almost as grand as the city’s other actual cathedrals. And while the famous New York steakhouse sounds like a long line of Smith and Wollenskys are behind it, the name was actually chosen by selecting two random surnames in a 1977 phonebook. Hilarious!

But on to the food — in addition to ordering a signature USDA 26 ounce Prime Rib, we suggest trying the Mac and Cheese, onion rings, Caesar salad, and Maryland crab cake. Smith and Wollensky also offers a Weekend Wine Dinner, where you can enjoy any appetizer, entree, dessert plus wine for $85 per person Thursday to Saturday nights after 8 pm. If that seems like a big meal for a weeknight, as Smith and Wollensky would say — “moderation was never our thing”!

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

1221 6th Ave 

Opened in 1981 but decorated like something out of the Gilded Age, Del Frisco’s is an award-winning restaurant serving some of the best steaks in NYC.

Split an order of the Jumbo Crab Cake and Shrimp Cocktail before diving into the 16 ounce Prime Strip or the Pan-Seared Scallops, Creamed Corn with Blistered Shishito Peppers, and Lobster Mac and Cheese.

And if you’re looking for a vegetarian-friendly entree, try the Roasted Cauliflower Steak (Ginger-Soy Shiitake Mushrooms, Farro, Charred Asparagus, Cilantro Chimichurri, Tomato Vinaigrette)!

Royal 35 Steakhouse

1 East 35th St 

Whether you’re planning to propose by the Empire State Building or are hungry after a concert at Madison Square Garden, the Royal 35 Steakhouse is one of the top steakhouses in NYC and conveniently located within walking distance from some of Midtown’s most popular attractions.

Known for their warm, wood-paneled decor, well-crafted (and strong!) Martinis, and top-notch seafood and beef, head to Royal 35 when you’re craving clams and oysters on the half shell on a summer’s day, French Onion Soup in the dead of winter, a springtime Rack of Lamb, or Porterhouse steak for two. Their Orange Butter Cake dessert is one for all seasons and qualifies them for consideration as the best steakhouse in New York!

Quality Meats

57 West 58th Street

If you aren’t sure if a “stylish take on a meat locker” works, let Quality Meats convince you otherwise. This modern gem among NYC steakhouses somehow manages to make butcher’s hook-decor look glamorous and serves well-crafted, contemporary takes on traditional chophouse dishes.

Try the New York Strip Steak with tableside Truffle Butter service (!!!) and a side of Corn Creme Brulée, or the Everything Crusted Branzino and Jumbo Asparagus. On the libations side, we recommend the Hemingway Spritz (Bacardi Superior, Grapefruit, Prosecco, Maraschino) or the Quality Mule (Tito’s Vodka, House Ginger Beer, S.Pellegrino). 

COTE Korean Steakhouse

16 West 22nd Street 

One of the most exciting NYC steakhouses to hit the New York food scene, COTE combines the “experience of Korean barbeque with the hallmarks of the American steakhouse”. At COTE you can grill your USDA Prime beef to your exact liking, as you enjoy one of the 1,200 wines and bespoke cocktails available.

Looking for guidance? Try the Butcher’s Feast, a multi-course tasting menu structured for maximum dining enjoyment — from the Ban-Chan seasonal vegetables, Scallion salad, and Red Leaf lettuce with Ssam Jang (dipping sauce) to the savory Egg Souffle, Kimchi and Dweng-jang stews, caramel soft serve, and of course, copious cuts of prime USDA beef. Perfection!

The Polo Bar 

1 East 55th Street 

A newcomer among NYC steakhouses, The Polo Bar is the culinary arm of Polo Ralph Lauren. This see-and-be-seen spot popular amongst the high-fashion crowd serves a well-rounded selection of New American fare including Double Bone-in Ribeye Filet Mignon, Strip Steak, beef sandwiches, and a very well-regarded burger.

Other favorites include their pigs in a blanket appetizer, chopped vegetable salad, tuna tartare, and seasonal roasted vegetables. Top everything off at one of the best steakhouses in NYC with a five-layer chocolate cake or Ralph’s Coffee Ice Cream. 

West Side Steakhouse

597 10th Avenue 

If you’re looking for the best steak in NYC in a more casual setting, check out West Side Steakhouse in Midtown’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.

West Side Steakhouse prides itself on “combining old world charm of a traditional steakhouse with a modern look”, featuring easygoing patio seating perfect for dinner on a warm evening, splitting an appetizer of mussels in white wine vinaigrette, fried calamari, and slab bacon with BBQ sauce before digging into New York Strip Steak or a Porterhouse “King of Steak” for two.

Other non-steak options include Pan-Roasted Chilean Sea Bass, Roasted Duck L’Orange, and Sautéed Chicken in Lemon Caper Wine sauce. Make sure to also try customer favorite desserts of Key Lime and Pecan Pie before heading east to see a Broadway show! 

Frankie and Johnnie’s Steakhouse

320 West 46th St & 32 West 37th St 

One of New York’s oldest steakhouses, Frankie and Johnnie’s was originally opened as a Times Square speakeasy in 1926. Now expanded to three locations almost one hundred years later, Frankie and Johnnie’s has outposts both in Rye, New York as well as a two-story steakhouse on West 37th Street in the former home of legendary actor John Barrymore.

The most show-stopping of the three spaces, the room was designed to complement Mr. Barrymore’s real-life study — working fireplace, stained glass windows and all.

Stop here for their well-loved Wedge Salad, Porterhouse for 1, 2, or 3 and Lyonnaise Potatoes. If you’re afraid of John Barrymore’s ghost and would rather get takeout, Frankie and Johnnie’s offers a rotating “Sunday Supper” menu full of treats like meatloaf and garlic baguettes! 

Morton’s Steakhouse

551 5th Avenue  & 136 Washington Street

According to legend, we have some of the best steak in NYC because of The Playboy Club. Founder Arnie Morton, a frequent visitor of the Montreal Playboy Club, was a huge fan of the joint’s “Million Dollar” burger, cooked by none other than future Morton’s founder Klaus Fritsch.

The two decided to open a steakhouse together, first launching a space in 1978 Chicago before expanding to NYC and locations across the country. Morton’s maintains a strict standard of excellence, guaranteeing that they’re one of the best steakhouses in NYC and even positing that they serve “the best steak…anywhere!”

We recommend the 35 ounce Cote De Boeuf with Bearnaise sauce or the Prime Cajun Ribeye, paired with the matchstick Truffle Fries or Sour Cream mashed potatoes and “The Troy” (sautéed mushrooms and onion). From the sea, try the Twin Lobster Tails or Ora King Salmon. 

Rocco Steakhouse

 72 Madison Avenue 

Located in the happening NoMad neighborhood, Rocco’s is a famous New York steakhouse from several key players in the Wolfgang Puck universe, Executive Chef Johnny Jevric and Head Waiter/sommelier Henry Doda. Looking to celebrate an extra-special occasion?

Try a large-scale Chilled Seafood Tower, a Lobster Mac and Cheese (truffle sauce available), or a 46 ounce Tomahawk Bone-in Ribeye (dry aged on site!). In more of a poultry mood (we won’t judge!!)? Check out the Chicken Paillard or the Chicken Parmesan. Wrap up your meal with a “holy cow” Hot Fudge Sundae or a Tiramisu. 

Bobby Van’s

230 Park Ave

Step into Old-World New York at Bobby Van’s, one of the top steakhouses in NYC and conveniently located near Grand Central. Bobby Van’s is known for its extensive wine list, classic Sirloin and Filet Mignon cuts, as well as Italian classics like Linguine with Clam Sauce, Chicken Francaise, Chicken Milanese, and Homemade Meatballs.

Try some of the best steak in NYC before wandering around the shops of Grand Central Market or stopping by nearby Bryant Park. 

Empire Steakhouse

151 E 50th Street, 243 W 49th Street & 237 West 54th Street

Bookending Midtown East and West, Empire Steakhouse is one of the best NYC steakhouses run by Peter Luger alums — the brothers Russ, Jack, and Jeff Sinanaj.

After learning the best of dry-aging and cooking techniques at Luger, the three siblings struck out on their own to open a top-notch chophouse filled with prime-cut beef, over 400 wines, and over 100 Malt Scotch selections.

Try the Empire Hot Platter of Shrimp Scampi, Stuffed Mushrooms, and Baked Clams, the Grilled Octopus, and signature Empire Salad (Tomatoes, red onions, bell peppers, dry blueberries, almonds, parsley, blue cheese dressing, bacon & shrimp) before diving into the Emperor’s Steak for Two — or if you’re really feeling fancy, the Golden 24 Karat Wagyu Tomahawk Steak For Two (best ordered after you sell those movie rights). 

Sparks Steakhouse

210 East 46th Street 

A storied, well-loved NYC steakhouse, Italian immigrants the Cetta family purchased Sparks Pub on East 18th Street in 1966. After moving to their 27,000 square-foot current location on East 46th Street in 1977, the family built their chophouse empire to award-winning heights, being named one of the top 101 places to eat in NYC by New York Magazine, one of the top 100 restaurants by Wine Spectator, and a DiRona (Distinguished Restaurant of North America) award recipient as one of the top steakhouses in NYC .

Check out their Beef Scaloppini, Steak Fromage (topped with Roquefort cheese!), and the Extra Thick Veal Chop before closing out the meal with one of their many sipping whiskeys or a warm slice of Walnut Pecan Pie. 


109 East 22nd Street

While NYC steakhouses may seem like a distinctly American tradition, there is room to argue that the Brits give us a run for our money at Hawksmoor, a well-designed, thoughtful steakhouse where the motto is: “buy the best and let it shine.”

Purchasing from the finest small-batch farms and sustainable fishmongers, the team at Hawksmoor prides themselves on working with purveyors who believe in biodiversity and regenerating the land, earning them the maximum three-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Taste the difference for yourself as you dine on Ash-Baked Beets, Roasted Bone Marrow, and Chateaubriand. Don’t forget to try the anchovy Hollandaise sauce or the otherworldly sourdough bread and cultured butter. For dessert, try the Maple Custard Tart, the Peanut Butter Louis, or a final cocktail — we recommend the Hawksmoor Calling (Sipsmith’s Dry Gin, Andrew’s Honey, Chamomile, Fino Sherry). 

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

99 Church Street 

A global household name, Wolfgang Puck is no stranger to creating top-notch NYC steakhouses. CUT, located in the luxurious Tribeca Four Seasons Hotel, was his first of the genre to open in New York.

Offering specialties like Wagyu Beef Bolognese and Rye Fettuccine, Grilled Prawns and Snake River Farms American Wagyu Eye of Ribeye, CUT is the place to visit for rare and highly selective NYC steakhouse fare.

If you stop in for lunch, be sure to try the Fresh Lioni Latticini Burrata or the extremely memorable steak frites (what day can’t be cured by a good steak frite??).  

Porter House Bar and Grill

10 Columbus Circle

With contemporary, sleek decor and views that look over Central Park, Porter House Bar and Grill is a top NYC steakhouse with style. But don’t be fooled, Porter House isn’t just a famous New York steakhouse that looks good — their excellent food, extensive wine program, and curated cocktails deliver on all fronts.

Under the guidance of native New Yorker and Executive Chef Michael Lomonaco, Porter House makes some of the best cuisine in the city — try the Sea Scallops, Faroe Islands Salmon topped with Za’atar, Heritage Berkshire Pork Chop, and Snake River Farms RibEye. Split a 7 Layer South Carolina Coconut Cake for good measure!

The Palm

250 West 50th Street 

Originally opened on 2nd Ave in 1926 by Italian immigrants Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi, The Palm is one of the oldest steakhouses in NYC. Upon arriving at Ellis Island from Parma, Italy, they were mistakenly noted as being from “Palm”, and a brand began.

Over four generations and several locations, and possibly the invention of “Surf and Turf”, the Palm has maintained a faithful clientele who come for the friendly service and generous pours and stay for the quality dishes.

Check out the Crispy Calamari Fritti, Second Avenue Burger (including proprietary seasoning blend!), and Prime New York Strip, and don’t forget to split a bowl of Lobster Gnocchi! 

Tuscany Steakhouse

117 West 58th Street 

A relative newcomer to NYC steakhouses, Tuscany  Steakhouse offers a tasty, Italian-tinged take on traditional steakhouse fare in a well-outfitted Midtown setting. Clams oreganata, Fresh Mozzarella and Beefsteak Tomato, the signature Tuscany Salad (​​chopped romaine, spinach, sweet corn, cucumber, carrots, avocado, feta cheese, red cabbage, peas in our house vinaigrette dressing) are all great precursors to entrees like Filet Mignon, Pollo Tuscany, and Linguini Alla Vongole.

Tuscany Steakhouse also features several large private dining spaces that would make great family or company gathering spots!

Ocean Prime

152 West 52nd Street

A well-liked venture from the venerable Cameron Mitchell Restaurants Group, Ocean Prime is an NYC steakhouse that incorporates elements of the traditional (beef…) with the unexpected (sushi, poke).

This top NYC steakhouse is conveniently located near Radio City Music Hall as well as many Broadway theaters, even offering a multi-course, pre-show menu with excellent choices like Teriyaki Salmon and creamy whipped potatoes.

In addition to actual dessert, Ocean Prime serves dessert-specific cocktails like the Salty Caramel (Ketel One, Caramel, Cream, Madagascar Vanilla Bean) and the Espresso Martini (Belvedere Vodka, Espresso, Café Liqueur, Served Black or with Cream) — perfect for sipping on before the Radio City Christmas Spectacular! 

Famous New York Steakhouses map:

Did we miss your favorite steakhouse in NYC? Let us know in the comments below!

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