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30+ Best Brooklyn Instagram Spots

Looking for the most amazing Brooklyn Instagram spots for your next trip? We’ve unloaded an entire Brooklyn guide to the best Brooklyn photo spots including some of the most amazing Instagram spots in NYC (yes, all of NYC)!

We give locations, Brooklyn photography tips and ideas, plus more including Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot ideas. Did we miss any Brooklyn photography spots? Let us know in the comments!

Looking for where to stay in Brooklyn during your visit? See our entire guide by neighborhood and budget to help you pick the best area to stay in.

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Washington Street in DUMBO

Manhattan Bridge View in DUMBO Brooklyn

One of the most popular Instagram spots in NYC and best Brooklyn photo spots is the iconic Washington Street view in DUMBO. Framed perfectly between the beautiful buildings and in an opening under the Manhattan Bridge is the Empire State Building.

This street inspires many Brooklyn photographers whether they be visitors or locals. There’s something so picture-perfect about this location. However, because of its popularity, you can expect to have a ton of other people in your photo or patiently waiting for you to move to get their Brooklyn Instagram photo.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Get here early in the morning, think sunrise or earlier to avoid crowds
  • Come on a bad weather day to help your chances to avoid the crowds
  • Check both vantages points out from the intersection with Water Street and further back to Front Street for a different perspective
  • Watch for cars, this street is not closed to cars, be sure to always watch for traffic and get out of any drivers way
  • If there are alot of people, have the person taking the photo to try to have you block the other people around you when framing your photo.

Exact Brooklyn Photo Location: Washington & Front Street intersection and Washington & Water Street intersection.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge view from Brooklyn

Another one of the most iconic Instagram spots in NYC and best Brooklyn Instagram spots is Brooklyn Bridge Park. There really are so many Brooklyn photography spots all in one location.

Located waterfront of the East River between both Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge with an unparalleled view of Manhattan and the New York City skyline. This is arguably one of the best Brooklyn photography spots in general and amazing for Brooklyn Bridge photoshoots if you’re wanting to get a vantage point of it off in the distance.

there are tons of varying vantage points from here of the Manhattan skyline, Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, and more Brooklyn Instagram spots located right in Brooklyn Bridge Park that we will mention later.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Move around for different views of the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge, many people do the same photos or same Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot, from Brooklyn Bridge Park there are endless possibilities of different vantage points to make your content look different and unique!
  • Bring a picnic while you’re at it! Whether or not you add this to your Brooklyn Instagram post, this is a great picnic spot on a nice day with the views and green areas.
  • Other great Brooklyn Instagram spots here are Empire Fulton Ferry Park, Jane’s Carousel, Main Street Park, The Greenway, and Pier 1.
  • Check out the Manhattan Bridge walk for some more amazing views by crossing the bridge by foot!

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Smith & 9th Street Subway


One of our more under the radar Brooklyn photo spots is from the subway platform of Smith & 9th Street Subway. This stop in Gowanus is where the F & G lines run. The subway platform is outdoor and elevated so you get a really unique view of the city skyline and trains and train tracks. The combo makes for the perfect leading lines to the city.

We would dare to say that this is an up and coming Instagram spot in NYC even since the skyline really just looks amazing from this platform and it screams New York City with the train in the foreground.

The way the platform is you can also have a human subject waiting for a train in this Brooklyn Instagram spot. This is also one of our favorite hidden gems in Brooklyn because the views are really something special here that you don’t see often!

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • The best view is hopping on the platform headed towards Manhattan, while the other side has a similar view we prefer the framing from this side.
  • Plan this photo out with your plans on visiting something else in Brooklyn unless you have an unlimited subway pass to avoid paying a fare for no reason!

Mural at Industry City by artist Camille Walala

looking up at the mural at Industry City Camille Walala Mural in Brooklyn

One of our new favorite Brooklyn Instagram spots and Brooklyn photography spots is the giant mural by London based artist Camille Walala at Industry City in the Sunset Park neighborhood.

Everything about this giant colorful mural that takes up the entire side of a building screams take a photo. The vivid mural looks cartoonish and has a cool 3D effect.

We’ve seen many takes on this Instagram friendly wall and Brooklyn photography spot and all are amazing. You really can’t go wrong no matter what level your photography game is here, the wall does alot of the work because it’s so amazing!

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Walk over to the parking lot across the street to get a better full size view of the mural to fit in your camera frame!
  • Experiment with angles here, looking up at it, diagonally, or just shooting a portion of the mural is a fun way to make your content look different at this NYC Instagram spot.

Exact location: 274 36th Street in Industry City

Everything at Industry City

cool mural at Industry City in BrooklynThis one might seem dramatic, but one of the best Brooklyn photography locations in general is Industry City. We already mentioned the specific mural that’s seven stories tall by Camille Walala, but all of Industry City in Sunset Park is pretty well a Brooklyn Instagram spot and backdrop.

Industry City is the new ‘it’ spot in the city and it continues to grow and add more retailers, restaurants, and murals! This creative lovers hub was made by creatives for creatives and is full of amazing Brooklyn photography spots.

Walk around and you’ll find tons more colorful walls and murals in between buildings, inside buildings, on the stairs, and in old elevators. Besides murals, there are tons of picture perfect settings and Brooklyn Instagram spots both inside and outside the buildings.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Check between the buildings at dusk, there are string lights here that make a very beautiful atmospheric look and perfect for Instagram.
  • Check out all the common and sitting areas both upstairs and downstairs in all the buildings, there are plenty of photo-friendly spots among the perfectly curated scenes with couches, coffee tables, and decor.
  • Explore all the murals, they have them everywhere from between buildings outside to inside by the different eateries. Heck, some of the eateries even have their own murals!

Maglia Rosa – CLOSED

Woman crossing the street in front of Maglia Rosa at Industry City in Brooklyn

Another Brooklyn Instagram spot at Industry City in Sunset Park worthy of their own mention is Maglia Rosa cafe. This gorgeous pink and white painted exterior just screams for some NYC Instagram spot love!

Besides the gorgeous exterior, the interior is also divine! This cafe/restaurant serves up amazing coffee, Italian food, sorbet, and more. We particularly love their old diner like seating inside. This is a Brooklyn photography spot both inside and out.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Use the pink and white stripe wall as many ways as possible. Cross the street under the overpass for a unique angle that gets the whole building in, or get close and only use the pink and white stripes as a backdrop for a great portrait shot!
  • If you’re planning on doing interior shots at this Brooklyn photography spot, please be sure to at least buy something or be a customer to the business you’re using as your Brooklyn Instagram backdrop. It can be a burden to businesses who are dealing with tons of Instagrammers who come for a photo disturbing their customers who aren’t patrons. Support these businesses who love creativity by purchasing if you plan on using their location for your photos.

Brooklyn Bridge

looking at the Brooklyn BridgeNo Instagram spots in NYC or best Brooklyn Instagram spots post would be complete without the most famous of all Brooklyn photography spots, the Brooklyn Bridge. There are literally tons of locations and Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot tips and spots as this is one of the most photographed locations in all of the city.

To get the best Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot we recommend crossing the bridge by foot using the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway – we have an entire guide on it!

Besides witnessing the beauty of one of the country’s oldest bridges you also have some of the best views of the Lower Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge!

This location gets packed, so be sure to follow all our Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot tips for the best chances of getting this iconic location all to yourself.

Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot tips:

  • Get here early, think 30 minutes before sunrise on a summer day during peak tourist season to get the best Brooklyn photography of this iconic spot.
  • On a bad weather day or middle of winter you might have better luck without crowds, just dress for the weather.
  • Avoid the middle of the day on a weekend or holiday week/weekend if you’re looking to take a full on Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot, you’ll go nuts as the bridge gets packed with people.
  • Don’t climb any parts of the bridge during your Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot, this is extremely dangerous.
  • Stand clear of the bicycle path and do not stand in it blocking the bicycle path. You might experience one of those raw NYC experiences if you do when a local yells or curses you for not paying attention.
  • The closest subway stations are the High Street Subway on the Brooklyn side or City Hall Station on the Manhattan side.

Water Street in DUMBO

pretty-view-of-Brooklyn-Bridge-from-Empire-Stores-in-DUMBOAnother amazing Brooklyn Instagram spot in DUMBO is from Water Street. This gorgeous street is the only thing that separates DUMBO from Brooklyn Bridge Park. The old converted warehouses to apartment buildings and stores are their own Brooklyn photo spots alone or the entire scene is just amazing as you have the Brooklyn Bridge as your backdrop.

We recommend heading towards Empire Stores, a 19th-century industrial brick warehouse building with wrought-iron shutters turned into a shopping center and home to the Timeout Marketplace food hall.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • After snapping a pic at the iconic Washington Street Brooklyn photography spot, walk down and turn left at Water Street for an amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge (hint, another great idea for a Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot), Empire Stores, and the old train tracks that run along the road here.
  • Watch out for traffic, this road is not closed to cars so be mindful and do not get in the way of moving vehicles.
  • From Empire Stores, check out the brick archways you can walkthrough. Once you’re inside of them you can look out and frame the Manhattan Bridge in the center perfectly for a really cool Instagram spot of NYC city skyline from Brooklyn!

Time Out Market New York Rooftop Bar

View-from-Timeout-Market-Rooftop-Bar-in-DUMBO-Brooklyn-at-SunsetAnother amazing Brooklyn photo spot and one of the best Instagram spots in NYC is from the rooftop of the Time Out Market New York in the Empire Stores building mentioned above.

The Time Out Market is full of amazing food vendors, cafes, and there are some great shops in the Empire Stores building. But, the best part? Has to be the rooftop bar here since it has prime real estate with non-obstructed views of the East River, Manhattan skyline, Manhattan Bridge, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge Park you can’t get a much better view or Brooklyn Bridge photo spot and Brooklyn photography location than this.

See our guide to Time Out New York Market’s best food options!

Pebble Beach


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Another gorgeous Brooklyn photography location in DUMBO and in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Pebble Beach is the rocky shoreline along the East River with stunning views of Manhattan, the NYC city skyline, and great views of both the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge.

This is not only a nice Brooklyn photo spot but also a great place to hang out after you’ve got your photo. There’s something so relaxing about being next to the water with one of the best views and most amazing Instagram spots in NYC.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • This is a great sunset Brooklyn photography spot! Plan out your Brooklyn photography spots and Brooklyn Instagram spots so that you can end up here around dusk for a magical and unforgettable photo of the sunset looking at the NYC city skyline.
  • Walk to the center of Pebble Beach for a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge on your left and the Manhattan Bridge on the right-hand side of you with the NYC city skyline in the center. This is a great Brooklyn photography spot for a panoramic photo!

The Piers at Brooklyn Bridge Park

piers at Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO Brooklyn by Katie HinkleWe recommend going between Piers 1 & 2 for a view of the Lower Manhattan skyline through the pile fields in the water. Another interesting location and pier for a Brooklyn Instagram spot is the flower field at Pier 6. Get a bit of nature in your foreground with the dramatic city skyline in the background for a unique take on a cityscape photo.

See more of the best parks in Brooklyn in our guide.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • This is a great sunset Brooklyn photography spot! Plan out your Brooklyn photography spots and Brooklyn Instagram spots so that you can end up here around dusk for a magical and unforgettable photo of the sunset looking at the NYC city skyline.

Deno’s Wonder Wheel

skipping for joy toward Denos Wonder Wheel at Coney Island Amusement Park in Brooklyn
Another one of our favorite Brooklyn Instagram spots is at the iconic and historic Coney Island! One of the absolute best Brooklyn photography locations and subject is the famous Deno’s Wonder Wheel.

The colorful and vibrant Coney Island is a treasure trove of Brooklyn photo spots and Instagram locations in NYC. What’s even better is you get that retro feel to your photos because everything at Coney Island is basically frozen in time from its golden age, Deno’s Wonder Wheel being no exception.

The Wonder Wheel is one of the most iconic symbols for amusement parks in the US and just an easy target for a Brooklyn Instagram spot. Better yet, a day here for this Brooklyn photo spot wouldn’t be wasted as there are tons more Brooklyn Instagram spots here.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Try to get the perspective where you can see the ramp with Coney Island painted on the walls leading to the Wonder Wheel and center yourself in this location.
  • There are tons of great vantage points for the Wonder Wheel, move around and try to get a few new or creative perspectives as you can basically see this from about any area of the amusement parks and boardwalk!
  • See all of our favorite Coney Island photography spots in our guide!

Coney Island Boardwalk

Coney Island boardwalk instagram photo spotAnother fabulous Brooklyn Instagram spot at Coney Island is the famous and historic Riegelmann Boardwalk. The boardwalk technically stretches just under 3 miles in length connecting Coney Island amusement parks and beaches in the area including Brighton Beach.

There are endless possibilities of Brooklyn photography spots here. A fun fact is that the boardwalk was originally built because the Coney Island waterfront was divided into multiple private areas to separate their businesses from others, the boardwalk was built to connect them all by the water.

You’re close to everything from beaches, murals, amusement park games, rides, and other fun Brooklyn photo spots!

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Be sure to walk as much as the boardwalk as possible to get more Brooklyn photo locations. The boardwalk covers exactly 2.7 miles of shoreline from the amusement parks to the different beaches here, the photography possibilities here are endless.
  • Read our entire guide on all the best things to do at Coney Island for more inspiration!

Luna Park

Luna Games on Coney Island Boardwalk in BrooklynAnother Coney Island Brooklyn Instagram spot too pretty to ignore is the entrance to Luna Park as well as inside Luna Park. All your vintage dreams come true inside this gorgeous retro feeling park. The historic Luna Park is technically separate from Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, but they are right next to each other.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Check both sides of the park, both the exit towards the boardwalk and the entrance for all kinds of photo options!
  • There are also plenty of Brooklyn Instagram spots inside the park too! From other rides to carnival games, you can’t beat the cool vintage signs in here. You will have all kinds of new photos to choose from after your visit.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

a rainy day at Brooklyn Botanic Garden with cherry blossoms at Japanese Hill And Pond GardenAnother amazing Brooklyn Instagram spot is the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens located in Prospect Park. There’s nothing prettier than a photo with flora and fauna, and Brooklyn Botanic Garden has no shortage of that as there are nearly 20,000 plants here as well as different pavilions and gardens that are all amazing Brooklyn photo spots.

Check out the outdoor Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, Cranford Rose Garden, Shakespeare Garden, Water Garden, and more. In the spring, between late April and early May, you don’t want to miss the 200 cherry trees when they blossom.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Come between late April and early May for the amazing cherry blossoms! They host the Brooklyn Botanic 
    Garden cherry blossom festival during this time and expect crowds, we recommend coming right when the doors open in the morning for your best chance to get a Brooklyn Instagram photo without having to fight the crowds.
  • See our entire guide on Brooklyn Botanic Garden to plan your visit and plan around when everything is in bloom! There are various areas you will want to photograph here!

Grand Army Plaza

Grand-Army-Plaza-in-BrooklynAnother great Brooklyn photo spot is the Grand Army Plaza located at the northern corner of Prospect Park. The plaza is home to the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Arch, statues, which has a similar look to the amazing Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The plaza itself is a big traffic hub with lanes of cars going in every which direction. We recommend getting to the side where Prospect Park’s main entrance is for a nice view of the Arch and out of traffic’s way.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Use the cars and traffic to your advantage! Set up a tripod and take a long exposure photo for the streaky effect like we have in this Brooklyn photo.
  • Watch out for cars and cyclists! There are tons of lanes of traffic as well as bike lanes here, please use caution when you’re at this Brooklyn photography spot.

Prospect Park

Family walking to cleft ridge arch in prospect parkAnother treasure trove of amazing Brooklyn Instagram spots is Prospect Park! There are literally 586 acres of Brooklyn photo spots all in one place.

What’s even better about Prospect Park is that even in the middle of summer on a weekend it’s not as crowded as Central Park in Manhattan. The same designers who made Central Park even made Prospect Park, so you know that the views are incredible here.

No matter what season, there’s something to photograph here.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • There are tons of different Brooklyn photography locations in Prospect Park, we recommend checking out the Prospect Park Boathouse, Prospect Park Carousel, Lefferts Historic House, the Prospect Park Alliance house, Nethermead Arch, Prospect Park Zoo, meadows, ponds, and more.
  • Watch for cyclists! If you’re walking on the paths please watch out for runners and cyclists and stay clear of their lanes, be sure to walk in the walking lanes and don’t stop in the middle of a cycling lane for a photo.
  • For photos of the famous monuments or Brooklyn Instagram spots in Prospect Park try to avoid weekends in the summer months to get a better photo without other people.
  • Navigate the park quicker by using Citibike, there are docks all around the park. Just be sure to try and avoid the routes with hills (there are signs to warn you and help you avoid these routes) or you’ll be sweating up a storm before you pose for your picture-perfect photo.
  • Check out some of our favorite walks in Brooklyn for more ideas!

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Louis Valentino Park & Pier

cyclist taking a photo from Louis Valentino Jr Park in Red Hook BrooklynAre you looking for one of the best Instagram spots in NYC for views of the Statue of Liberty? One of the best under the radar Brooklyn photography spots in the Red Hook neighborhood is the Louis Valentino Park and Pier.

Offering stunning views of Lady Liberty herself, Lower Manhattan, the East River, Staten Island, and Governor’s Island.

A bonus Brooklyn Instagram location right here on the waterfront too is Erie Basin Park.

Check out our guide to all the best things to do in Red Hook to find a few more of the great photo spots and what else to do in the area while you’re here!

Bushwick Collective


One of the absolute best places for Brooklyn Instagram spots is the street art and murals of the Bushwick Collective. Brooklyn has become the new hub for up and coming artists in the street art scene of New York City which makes for the perfect Brooklyn photography locations.

The colorful collection of murals and street art from artists all over the globe of the Bushwick Collective is a great place to get tons of great colorful, playful, and fun content.

What’s even better is that the murals and street art here is always changing with an average life span of a piece being 12 months. With that, you can always keep coming back to the Bushwick Collective for new Brooklyn photo spots as the walls are always changing.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • There are tons of different Brooklyn photography locations in the Bushwick Collective, where Troutman Street and Wyckoff Avenue is the heart of the Bushwick Collective. Be sure to wander down the streets adjacent and nearby as there are many streets that encompass the artwork of the collective. This is just a good start!
  • Overcast days are the best for shooting murals as the light is flat and it doesn’t cast shadows. So if you feel like you’re visiting on a gloomy day, it’s actually ideal for this type of photography!
  • Check out all the best things to do in Bushwick to make the most out of your street art and colorful mural journey.
  • See our full guide to exploring the Bushwick Collective and Bushwick murals to help you plan your visit!
  • And if you love street art, check out our guide to the best Brooklyn street art.

Brooklyn Promenade

View of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Another gorgeous waterfront Brooklyn photo spot is the Brooklyn Promenade or Esplanade in Brooklyn Heights. Offering up gorgeous waterfront views of New York Harbor and Lower Manhattan.

This is another amazing Brooklyn photography location for sunsets as well!

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • This is a popular spot for engagements! Whether you have someone special you’re about to pop the question to or not, you might witness someone popping the question or having a special moment while you’re trying to capture your photo! Keep an eye out!
  • Before or after head down Pineapple Street for another great Brooklyn photo spot. This gorgeous street is lined with beautiful brownstone mansions and is as picture-perfect as the promenade.
  • Walk down the Squibb Park Bridge for a really cool perspective of the floating walkway and views of the World Trade Center.

The Williamsburg Hotel


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Another one of the best Brooklyn Instagram spots is in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Brooklyn in the beautiful Williamsburg Hotel. Whether you’re a guest or not you can get a cool photo here.

If you’re a guest, splurge on a room with the gorgeous bathtubs overlooking all of Manhattan. If you’re not a guest, you can visit the Rooftop pool, bar, and cafe called The Water Tower that also offer some of the best views in the city and best Brooklyn photography locations.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • If you’re not a guest, leave the tripod at home. You’ll either have to find a friend or a stranger to take your Brooklyn Instagram photo here. As most public places, tripods aren’t permitted.
  • This is more of a luxe Brooklyn Instagram spot and its expensive, the bar even has a cocktail that can run you up a $150 bar tab for one drink! Yikes! But don’t worry, there are other drinks on the menu, just be prepared that with the view, you’ll be paying for in the price of their drinks and food.
  • To ensure a spot at the rooftop bar and pool you’ll want to make a reservation in advance!
  • The entire hotel is gorgeous and full of Insta-worthy photos. From the black and white pool lounges to views from inside the hotel. Be sure to do a lap before committing to one Brooklyn Instagram spot here.

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Sunset Park

night-shot-from-Sunset-Park-in-BrooklynA beautiful park and gorgeous Brooklyn photography spot is Sunset Park in the Sunset Park neighborhood. The public park offers beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, and the New York Harbor.

There’s even a beautiful Art Deco pool here! Considered to be one of the city’s secret gems you can totally understand when you see the stunning view from here as well as the opportunities for Brooklyn photo spots.

Murals & Street Art in Williamsburg

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol by KOBRA Fight For Street Art in Williamsburg

Some of the best Brooklyn Instagram spots are in one of the coolest neighborhoods to explore, Williamsburg. Along Bedford Avenue, the heart of Williamsburg’s trendy scene are tons of murals and street art from famous artists from all over the globe, all picture-perfect and fun to hunt down.

Read our guide if you want to learn more about all our favorite murals and street art in Williamsburg including where to find them and background information on the artist and the pieces!

This is also where you can find one of our absolute favorite street artists of all time is Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. His technicolor murals are such a distinct style that when you see them you immediately recognize who’s work it is without mistake. Kobra has 18 different colorful murals with meaning behind them around the entire city titled “Colors of Freedom.”

Each piece around the city has a universal message to promote peace in hopes his artwork inspires people to make positive changes with all kinds of figures from pop culture to famous freedom fighters.

There are three main murals in this borough that make for awesome Brooklyn photography spots.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are in Prospect Heights at 366 Prospect Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11238
  • Christ Redeemer is at 833 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221
  • Elvis Presley War is Hell is in Williamsburg at 142 N 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol Fight For Street Art at Bedford & 9th Street in Williamsburg


YES-Dumbo-Walls-in-BrooklynMore fun Brooklyn Instagram spots that involve colorful murals and street art are the DUMBO walls! This series of 8 vibrant outdoor murals are in a four block stretch of the DUMBO neighborhood along the Brooklyn Queens Expressway on brick walls.

Underneath the BQE you can find work by international artists including CAM, DALeast, Eltono, Shepard Fairey, Faith47, MOMO, Stefan Sagmeister, and Yuko Shizimu.

There are alot of fun murals and you’re already in an area full of Brooklyn Instagram spots so the location couldn’t be better.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Please use caution taking images here as people often get in the street to get a better photo of the mural. There are cars coming, please carefully cross the street and take images from a safe distance from across the road on the sidewalk.

Fruit Streets of Brooklyn Heights


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Another one of the more under the radar Brooklyn Instagram spots is the scenic Fruit Streets of Brooklyn Heights which include Cranberry Street, Pineapple Street, and Orange Street. The street is lined full of beautiful 19th-century homes that are picture-perfect.

This street is famous for its charming aesthetic and is also a favorite for people who loved the movie Moonstruck. At 19 Cranberry Street Moonstruck filmed exterior shots here as this was where the Castorini family’s home was in the movie. The most famous scene from Cranberry Street was the one where Cher was kicking a can down the street, that took place here!

This is a beautiful neighborhood and a great Brooklyn photo spot including this popular photographed location at 59 Hicks Street on the corner of Cranberry Street.

Pineapple Street and Orange Street also have gorgeous tree-lined streets and are home to huge brownstones and mansions that are absolutely gorgeous.

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • Please don’t take photos on people’s private stoops, steps, or doorways. There are people who live here and do not want strangers coming close to their door, please respect the residents.
  • Pair this Brooklyn photography spot with the Brooklyn Promenade as they are right next to eachother!

Books are Magic

Books-are-Magic-in-Carroll-Gardens-BrooklynWe personally love little bookstores, there’s something so charming and quaint about them and this bookshop in Cobble Hill is no exception to that. Besides being an adorable small, independently run bookshop, they have a really cute mural outside on the side of their building with the name of the shop, Books are Magic!

This is a fun Brooklyn Instagram shop and place to grab your next read.

Check out more of our top picks for best Brooklyn bookstores!

Domino Park

View of Manhattan with a bit of mood from Domino Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn
Another amazing Brooklyn Instagram spot is Domino Park in the cool neighborhood of Williamsburg. This newer park is in the place of an old Domino Sugar factory, hence the name. This waterfront space has amazing views of Manhattan and is the perfect sunset Brooklyn photo location.

You also get a great view of the Williamsburg Bridge, see more of our favorite Instagram spots in Williamsburg in our guide!

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • This is a great sunset spot, be sure to time your day around ending here for an epic NYC city skyline sunset shot.

The Bagel Store – Permanently closed 

the-bagel-store-original-rainbow-bagel-in-Park-Slope-BrooklynOne of the most famous Brooklyn Instagram spots is a bagel place believe it or not! You’ve probably seen this spot when it took the world by storm on the Internet a few years ago!

The Bagel Store in Park Slope is home to the original rainbow bagel and funfetti cake cream cheese! This place went on hiatus a bit, but they are back and as beautiful as ever plus it’s one of the best bagels in Brooklyn and one of the most famous NYC bagels.

1951 Trolley in Red Hook

red hook trolley in brooklyn a great photography spot

One of my favorite photography locations and Instagram spots in Brooklyn is this old abandoned street trolley from 1951 nestled between the waterfront and an old industrial warehouse in Red Hook.

This is the last remaining trolley from the ambitious project to bring trolley car transportation to Red Hook and attempt to popularize the ‘trolley lines’ in Brooklyn as a mode of public transport that would run from Red Hook to Downtown Brooklyn.

There was a brief moment in time in the 1990s and early 2000s where there was a collection of old trolleys from around the country and an operating 1-mile trolley loop in Red Hook that ended up being decommissioned and repaved over in 2004.

There were a total of four trolleys like this on the Red Hook waterfront until Hurricane Sandy damaged this area severely and now there is only one which you can visit for free!

I can’t help but wonder how awesome it would be if we had a few trolley lines in Brooklyn, but for now all we have left is this one trolley!

Here are tips for capturing this Brooklyn Instagram spot:

  • This is a great spot at golden hour and also happens to be a gorgeous sunset spot as you get a great view of the Statue of Liberty from the waterfront here!
  • Try to get the industrial backdrop in the frame and play around with different angles, we have an entire library of images we got here from playing around with the differnt sides of the trolley and angles! Move your feet and see what you can get!


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Washington Street view in DUMBO Brooklyn

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This iPhone crossbody case is perfect for sightseeing as you can easily grab your phone for that perfect photo moment on the fly as well as keep your phone secured to your body and safe from pickpockets!

We recommend Allbirds Women’s Wool Runner as well as the Allbirds Men’s Wool Runner for an everyday walking shoe that’s breathable, comfortable, and feels like you’re walking on clouds. Your back and feet will thank us later, plus they are all the rage in the city at the moment.

A good reusable water bottle is one of the best things you can have in your day bag or on you at all times, plus New York City has some of the best drinking water in the country, cut back on single-use plastic and have a good reusable water bottle for your trip.

Don’t leave the house without a good power bank. Don’t spoil your fun exploring all the fun neighborhoods and things to see in Brooklyn by having your battery die on you. If you’re anything like me you’ll be using your phone to take photos, navigate, and post to social media while you’re exploring.

When it comes to the city, this weather is not forgiving and you don’t want to get caught out and about in the rain without an umbrella. That’s why we recommend this compact wind resistant travel umbrella for what to pack for Brooklyn.

Are you a sensitive sleeper?  A good pair of earplugs are essential for your Brooklyn or city trip, especially if you’re not from a big city.

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best Brooklyn instagram spots

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  1. Awesome list of NY shoot spots, I’ve led shoots at several of these in the 90’s when I worked there as a photographer. I always liked shooting near Demas Hall (as it was by my old apartment), and would book on Cinespot often

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