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20 Best Instagram Spots in Williamsburg Brooklyn 

If you want to capture some of the prettiest sights in Brooklyn, consider the amazing neighborhood of Williamsburg.  Williamsburg is filled with trendy spots that are the perfect addition to your feed.

Check out our guide to some of the best Williamsburg Instagram spots and Williamsburg photography areas.

Williamsburg Photography Locations

Elvis Presley War is Hell

Elvis Presley War is Hell by Eduardo Kobra in Williamsburg BrooklynPreviously mentioned in our overall best Brooklyn Instagram spots, Eduardo Kobra is a unique street artist who has become one of our all-time favorites. This Brazilian native has a distinct style that is easily recognizable amongst the boroughs where his murals are displayed all over the city.

This mural is a direct reflection of the title. Kobra has illustrated Elvis Presley wearing a helmet with the phrase “war is hell” written on it.

He strives to produce technicolor murals with a universal message to promote peace and positive change within our world, and this mural does exactly that highlighting the perils of war in his caption and nodding to Elvis Presely’s Army service when he was drafted at the peak of his career.

This mural and popular Williamsburg photography location is not only easy to find right off of Bedford Avenue but also stands out thanks to Kobra’s vibrant prismatic designs.

Kobra’s nearly 20 different murals can be seen around the city but this Williamsburg mural can be found at 142 N 5th St.

Find more of the best street art in Williamsburg and murals in our guide!

Note: This mural has been heavily tagged and we aren’t sure if it will be restored or what the future of this spot holds! 

Domino Park

View of Manhattan with a bit of mood from Domino Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn
view from Domino Park

Domino Park is one of the best spots in Brooklyn to get some amazing Williamsburg pictures. This park has an unbeatable view of the NYC skyline and the sunsets here are stunning.

Located right by the water along the East River, this park has everything you need to make your vamp up your feed with an incredible view of Manhattan.

If you’re feeling more of an industrial vibe, take a picture in front of the old Domino Sugar Factory which the park pays homage to with its name.

This also happens to be one of our favorite areas to hang out in and things to do in Williamsburg!

The Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg-Bridge-view-from-Domino-Park-in-Williamsburg-BrooklynThere’s no better way to prove you were actually in Williamsburg than snap a pic at this iconic Williamsburg photography spot. There’s something so photogenic about the bridges in Brooklyn and New York City.

The Williamsburg Bridge holds some of the best views of the city and if you love sunsets, you don’t want to miss this Instagram spot in Williamsburg!

Plus, if you’re looking to explore more of Williamsburg, everything you want to see is basically around the region of the bridge.

Take a walk, enjoy the views, flood your feed and camera roll from this gorgeous Williamsburg photography spot.

Better yet, you can use the walking path on the bridge to connect you to Manhattan. Besides taking photos of the Williamsburg Bridge and the views, the actual structure of the bridge itself has some incredible photo opportunities. Play with the lines and angles of the architecture and design of the bridge to create something really unique and special.

Pro Tip: As photographed above, you can line the World Trade Center in the center of the bridge in your frame from Domino Park. Just like one of the most popular Instagram spots in DUMBO where you can line up and perfectly the Empire State Building with the Manhattan Bridge.

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For some of the most photogenic and experimental food in Brooklyn, you have to check out Smorgasburg as not only a good foodie spot but a great Instagram spot in Williamsburg.
From aesthetically pleasing pizzas to picture-perfect ice cream cones, this Williamsburg Instagram spot will have your followers mouths watering. With over 100 vendors you’re bound to find something amazing for your insta feed.

Take a photo of your food by itself or in front of the Manhattan skyline for guaranteed FOMO.

You can find Smorgasburg every Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM during the months of April through November, no matter what the weather is doing!

Located at 90 Kent Avenue in Marsha P Johnson Park

Visiting in the winter? No worries, Smorgasburg moves indoors during those chilly months along with Brooklyn Flea, another Instagram spot in Williamsburg! You can find the winter location at 25 Kent Ave on the 8th Floor every Saturday & Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM – also with stunning views of the city!

Brooklyn Flea


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Like Smorgasburg, The Brooklyn Flea also holds some of the best Williamsburg photography spots except replace food with all kinds of fun crafts and vintage collectibles at this epic flea market.
Known as one of NYC’s top attractions, this place is filled with all of the coolest market items and vintage finds you just have to take pictures of!

With the market being outside in the summer months, you’re rewarded with epic views of the NYC city skyline and Manhattan from across the East River.

Whether you’re looking for unique handcrafted items by local artisans or a rare vintage find all with a view, this is your spot!
Oh, and did we mention Smorgasburg is also held here, same hours and same location. Two great Williamsburg photography spots in one!

You can find Brooklyn Flea every Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM during the months of April through November, no matter what the weather is doing!

Located at 90 Kent Avenue in Marsha P Johnson Park

Visiting in the winter? No worries, Brooklyn Flea moves indoors during those chilly months along with Smorgasburg! You can find the winter location at 25 Kent Ave on the 8th Floor every Saturday & Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM – also with stunning views of the city!

Brooklyn Brewery


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As mentioned as one of our favorite things to do in Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Brewery is the best spot for any beer lover.
You can show off this craft brewery with photos of your beer glass inside the tasting room, or snap some pics outside the brewery near the murals and other artsy logos.

The food trucks outside also make for a great Williamsburg photography spot.

With numerous ways to capture a photo, this is one of the best Instagram spots in Williamsburg where you can also get boozy at.

The Mona Lisa of Williamsburg

The Mona Lisa of Williamsburg mural Brooklyn by Steven PaulIn the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg, murals hold a special place in our Instagram worthy hearts as they can be found on just about any block you’re on in this Brooklyn neighborhood.

This Williamsburg photography location was created by Steven Paul, which has a cool backstory. This mural has become arguably the most iconic and famous of Williamsburg. Steven, who was only 17 years old when he submitted his photograph, “Lost Time,’ in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in 2014.

There were over quarter million submissions to this contest and he won the gold medal for his photo which led to a collaboration with Colossal Media by turning this photograph into a giant mural displayed at one of the busiest intersections in this cool neighborhood.
Located on Broadway Avenue, this mural is one of the most famous artistic pieces in Brooklyn and if you’re standing in the right spot you get this epic mural framed in the center between One World Trade Center in the distance in Manhattan and the Williamsburg Bridge, which makes it a stunner of a Williamsburg photography locations for not only Instagrammers but pro photographers.

What was once just a photograph has now turned into a 4-story-high mural with a gorgeous view of the Williamsburg Bridge and One World Trade Center.

And if you love street art, check out our guide to the best Brooklyn street art.

The Peace and Love Wall


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The ‘Peace and Love Wall’ is one of the most colorful pieces of street art in Williamsburg and a very popular Instaworthy spot. Artist Chris Riggs designed this mural as a reminder to spread peace and love with everything you do.
What started in New York City has now made its way to other parts of the world and has created a positive impact among many different cultures on a global scale.

If you’re all about the good vibes and positivity, head over to this famous Instagram spot in Williamsburg to add some color and meaning to your insta feed.

Sey Coffee


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For one of the trendiest coffee shops in Brooklyn and best Instagram spots in Williamsburg visit Sey Coffee! This cozy space is filled with plants and lights which makes it the cutest spot to take an Instagram photo and a fun and airy ambiance to just hang out in and enjoy a little (and ridiculously delicious) pick me up.

Capture a flick of your favorite latte design or make your followers drool by sharing some of their amazing bakery items!

This is also one of our picks for best Williamsburg coffee shops!

Lemon’s Rooftop Bar at Wythe Hotel


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If you’re looking for a bar with the perfect background scenery, check out the Lemon’s rooftop bar at the Wythe Hotel in the summers or their restaurant year round! This rooftop bar overlooks the city and is another perfect spot to catch the sunset and one of the best Instagram spots in Williamsburg.
Grab a drink, enjoy the view and take a photo at this beautiful Williamsburg photography location with sweeping views of the skyline.

Because the rooftop bar is outside, this section is open only in the summers. However, you can still dine indoors at their HiFi lounge all season for food and drinks with a stunning, light, and an almost tropical ambiance.

Make a reservation and skip the line because this place gets packed at night as its a popular spot for their amazing views and location!

Meet Me Here Mural

meet-me-here-mural-at-Toms-in-Williamsburg-BrooklynAnother favorite Instagram spot in Williamsburg is the Meet Me Here mural by It’s a Living artist Ricardo Gonzalez. This fun, colorful piece of street art is located on the side of Tom’s shoe store and can be added to the list of trendy murals to check out and Williamsburg photography locations.

If you’re walking around Williamsburg looking for photo spots, this mural can be used as the perfect backdrop.

Have your friends “meet you here” and enjoy one of the coolest murals in Brooklyn.

Marsha P Johnson Park & Bushwick Inlet Park


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It’s no secret that Marsha P Johnson Park (formerly East River State Park) and the Bushwick Inlet Park hold some of the best views and best Williamsburg photography locations!

Their jaw-dropping scenery right on the East River overlooking Manhattan and the famous NYC skyline makes it a perfect spot for some Williamsburg photography.

Sit and eat with some packed food or catch the sunset near the waterfront at both of these gorgeous parks in Brooklyn.

Both of these parks are technically separate but located next to each other right on the East River and where you’ll find Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea in the summer months!

Moe’s Doughs


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If you’re looking for another food-related Williamsburg Instagram spot, check out the fun donuts at Moe’s Doughs, one of the best Brooklyn donut shops.

What looks like your typical donut shop is home to all kinds of different donuts ready for a spot in your camera roll and Insta feed. Moe’s Donuts has taken the Instagram crowd by storm with their colorful rainbow and other almost too pretty to eat sweet tooth creations.

There are so many incredible flavor combinations too, it might be hard to pick just one, so grab a few!

These fun and creative donuts are the perfect addition to your foodie feed and is one of the best Instagram spots in Williamsburg. For a more fun picture, use the murals nearby as a backdrop!

Jason Naylor Donut & Heart Mural

donut and heart Williamsburg mural by Jason NaylorSpeaking of donuts, this brightly colored donut and heart mural is one of our favorite Williamsburg Instagram spots by artist Jason Naylor, who is known for his colorful designs on a rich black background with positive words or symbols!

His bright wording on a black background makes his work stand out from all of the other murals in Brooklyn and NYC.

Located on Bedford Avenue, this mural is a perfect Williamsburg photography location. Spread some kindness and love to your feed with this amazing donut and heart mural.

The Williamsburg Hotel


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One of our favorite Williamsburg Instagram spots and best Williamsburg photography locations is the gorgeous Williamsburg Hotel. The best part about this spot is that you don’t even have to be a guest to take some picture-perfect shots, but its an added bonus if you are because the rooms offer some stunning views from this 5-star hotel experience, that’s also very dog friendly!

Enjoy the views of the Manhattan skyline from The Water Tower, which is on the roof of the hotel. This view is hard to beat and makes for some of the best posts.

The rooftop does get busy though, so a reservation is highly recommended if you want some insta-worthy pictures.

In addition to the rooftop view, the black and white pool lounges make for great photos and the inside of the hotel is just as beautiful.

With a ton of Williamsburg photography spots all in one location, you’re guaranteed to impress your Instagram feed with the scenery from this iconic Brooklyn hotel.

Sun and Air Mural


One of the really cool things about this neighborhood is that the businesses and even advertisers contribute to the street art scene here which makes for more amazing Williamsburg photography locations and Instagram spots.

Many cafes, shops, and other businesses all have murals on the side of their businesses and instead of seeing regular billboards you’ll see a giant mural that’s actually a product ad.

One of the best examples of this and best Instagram Spots in Williamsburg is at Sun And Air on Driggs Avenue.

Sun And Air is a bike repair shop, bike shop, cafe, and a place you can rent bikes for the day right by the entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge and we are absolutely in love with their colorful Brooklyn mural!

Better yet, you can rent a bike to quickly get to the rest of the other Instagram spots in Williamsburg too!

Marcy Avenue Subway Station

J Train in Williamsburg at Marcy Ave Station

One of the coolest Instagram spots in Williamsburg for a cool NYC subway photo is at the platform of the Marcy Avenue subway station.

What’s unique about this subway stop is that it’s on an elevated platform and you get a great view of the dome from the Williamsburgh Savings Bank building as well as the Williamsburg Bridge, and the train on the tracks. If you time your photograph well you get all the leading lines plus a train in there making for a really beautiful photography that sort of encapsulates the city beautifully in one scene.

You can also get a great, similar vantage point at Hewes Station, one stop away from Marcy Avenue Station. See more of our favorite hidden gems in Williamsburg for more ideas.

Jean-Michel Basquiat & Andy Warhol Mural

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol by KOBRA in Williamsburg Brooklyn off of Bedford

Another vibrant and colorful mural that’s famous in this Brooklyn neighborhood is by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra, who had another one of our favorite Instagram spots in Williamsburg earlier on the list!

His vibrant, kaleidoscope designs and powerful messages behind his pieces always are a showstopper and will make you stop and snap a picture.

This Williamsburg mural is another one of the most famous in the neighborhood depicting a famous image from photographer Michael Halsband where Pop Art legend Warhol and 80s superstar Basquiat were wearing boxing gloves with their arms crisscrossed.

Kobra added his vibrant colors and famous kaleidoscope design to this image with the message and hashtag #FightForStreetArt.


Inside Devocion in Williamsburg BrooklynAnother amazing cafe serving up the finest of Colombian coffee with a killer ambiance and best Instagram spot in Williamsburg is the ever-popular Devoción.

This industrial-chic cafe is the perfect amount of cool space to hang out in with their leather sofas, brick lined walls, living wall, and natural light coming in from the skylight.

This is the perfect spot to get a great photo, a stellar cup of coffee, and some delicious light bites.


Let us know if we missed any of the best Instagram spots in Williamsburg!

Instagram spots in Williamsburg Brooklyn

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