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How to Get from NYC to Montauk (EASY TO FOLLOW GUIDE)

Planning a trip from NYC to Montauk in the Hamptons? Whether you’re leaving from New York City to Montauk or Brooklyn to Montauk, this guide has you covered on all the different transportation options from the NYC to Montauk bus, NYC to Montauk train, driving, and even getting there by air! 

Plus this guide works in the reverse, from Montauk to NYC too.

Montauk and the Hamptons are easily one of the most popular weekend trips from NYC being conveniently located just a few hours from the city, many flock to the white sandy Hamptons beaches and summer parties for the weekend or even a proper week-long vacation.

Montauk isn’t just great in the summer either, each season provides a different experience! Montauk is a popular town and a great vacation spot on Long Island. Located within Suffolk County, NY, Montauk is a major tourist destination and is often combined as a stop on any trip from NYC to the Hamptons.

Below is all you need to know about traveling from New York City to Montauk, Brooklyn to Montauk, or from Montauk to NYC! By learning about the geography, typical prices, and transportation options that you’ll have while going from New York City to Montauk, you’ll be able to plan the perfect getaway!

Also, see our guide to how to plan the perfect day trip to the Hamptons! We cover all the best spots to plan a day trip without a car (works if you have a car too) not to mention some of the best New York beaches are around here too!

Where is Montauk? 

cute candy store in Montauk NY

Located on Long Island at the easternmost tip of the South Fork Peninsula, and also the easternmost point of the state of New York is where you can find Montauk, aka “the end of the world.”

Montauk is located 118 miles east of Manhattan and by car and bus from NYC to Montauk is around 3 hours without traffic. The NYC to Montauk train is just over 3 hours as well.

How to get from New York City to Montauk

NYC to Montauk by Car:

Gorgeous Beach in Montauk NY in the Hamptons

Going from New York City to Montauk by car is a great option if you want flexibility and control. Taking a car to Montauk can be done with your own car or a rental, each of these being a good option since it’s useful to have a car while on Montauk! Taking a car from NYC to Montauk can be faster than taking a bus or train if you plan around traffic.

Montauk is known as “The End of the World” since it is located at the easternmost part of Long Island and New York. Since it’s on the tip of the island, it may be useful to have a car to get around the other parts of The Hamptons and places closer to town that may not be near the shore.

Whether you’re coming from Manhattan or Brooklyn to Montauk, there are many possible routes you can take by car. However, the most popular route is via the I-495 E.

Driving to Montauk is likely going to take around 3 hours with light to no traffic.

Keep in mind that the summer season brings much more traffic, meaning that this route may take up to 4 hours or more from New York City to Montauk and the reverse route, Montauk to NYC. This is especially true at peak times around the weekends when people are leaving and returning to the city, so plan accordingly if you want to avoid this.

By taking a car from NYC to Montauk, you’ll be able to create your own travel schedule, choose the best route, and have a car with you while you’re in Montauk!

Tips for Driving from NYC to Montauk/Montauk to NYC:

Keep in mind there will be tolls!

Summer is peak season in the Hamptons and it’s an especially popular weekend getaway for the city! So if you’re leaving for your weekend or trip from New York City to Montauk by car you will want to plan around obvious peak travel times, early in the mornings and late evenings are the best time to leave to avoid gridlock traffic the entire way, same goes for when planning to head from Montauk to NYC.

The main highway on Long Island, New York State Route 27, stretches east to west from I-278 in Brooklyn to Montauk Point State Park, the furthest point East on Long Island. This is pretty much a 2 lane highway and can be bumper to bumper during peak travel times.

Pros: Offers the most flexibility, plus you have a car when you’re there!

Cons: traffic can cause delays

NYC to Montauk Train: 

View of Montauk Point Lighthouse from Camp Hero State Park Bluffs in the Hamptons New York

Taking the train is one of the most popular ways to go from New York City to Montauk. The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) offers a route from New York to Montauk train.

In NYC, the LIRR stops at Penn Station, the train station in Midtown West that runs from 30th to 34th Street. The main entrance is at 7th Avenue and 34th Street, making it a convenient route from NYC to Montauk.

The LIRR also stops at The Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, which is located on The Atlantic Branch, making it an easy route from Brooklyn to Montauk.

Although it’s important to check where your individual train stops that day, the LIRR typically has many stops in The Hamptons, with Montauk being the final stop.

Taking the LIRR from New York City to Montauk or any other stop in The Hamptons will cost you $5.50 for a round trip. If you buy the tickets separately, it will cost you $6.50 for your entire round trip.

All stations from Westhampton through Montauk are in Zone 14. A ticket to Zone 14 is valid for any of the stops from Westhampton to Montauk. A peak ticket from Zone 1 (west of Jamaica) is $31.75 and an off-peak ticket is $23.50. 

The LIRR typically takes off a few times a day during the peak summer season and once a day during the off-season. Traveling from NYC to Montauk or from Montauk to NYC via the LIRR typically takes between 3 and 4 hours. Before planning to catch NYC to Montauk train, be sure to book your tickets ahead of time and ensure that the station is running that day!

Although this can longer than a car ride with no traffic, the LIRR is much more affordable than paying for gas or getting a rental – plus you don’t have to sit in traffic. 

Something else to keep in mind is that in the summer the NYC to Montauk train runs more frequently than other times of year, so check the schedules and plan accordingly for your visit and journey.

Since Montauk is on the eastern tip of Long Island, going from NYC to Montauk by train is a great way to relax on your way there and take a look at the scenery throughout The Hamptons!

Some things to keep in mind if you plan on taking the NYC to Montauk train, during the summer, especially on Fridays Penn Station in Manhattan can be a madhouse with foot traffic.

The LIRR doesn’t announce the assigned train tracks until 10 minutes prior to departure. Get to the station, have your tickets ready, and be watching the monitors at least 15 minutes before your departure so that when the train tracks are announced, you can easily get to your tracks without as much stress.

Another thing to keep in mind on the NYC to Montauk train is that there is typically is a transfer at Jamaica, so if you’re not familiar with the trains in New York, you might want to try to get the train known as the “Cannonball” which is the express train that goes direct without a transfer and saves around 30 minutes total on your journey.

Since fares can change from year to year and you will want to know current timetables, it’s best to check LIRR and the MTA for current pricing and timetables.

Pros: affordable, no worries about traffic delays

Cons: Penn Station can be hectic on Fridays in the summer, possible transfer at Jamaica

NYC to Montauk Bus:

cliff and bluff walk at Camp Hero State Park in Montauk the Hamptons New York

 The NYC to Montauk bus is called the “Hampton Jitney.” This is a popular option for getting from New York City to Montauk and back from Montauk to NYC. 

This NYC to Montauk bus option is typically between $40-$47; however, paying online ahead of time will make it cheaper and is advised anyway since you don’t want to risk your route selling out.

The first departure location of the Jitney is at 96th Street between 3rd & Lexington in Manhattan. The last stop is in Montauk. You can expect this journey to take around 3.5-4 hours without traffic with 14 stops in total.

This information changes from season to season as they increase the number of routes available to demand, with the summer season having a much higher demand. It’s best to always check the Hampton Jitney website before planning a visit, leaving from NYC to Montauk you’ll want to refer to the Montauk Line Eastbound.

What’s great about the NYC to Montauk bus is that they aren’t your ‘average’ bus, the Jitney buses are comfortable with spacious legroom, have Wifi, bathrooms, and snacks!

There is even a more luxe NYC to Montauk bus option via the Hampton Jitney, you can upgrade to the Hampton Ambassador which has everything the regular Jitney has plus more legroom, movies, and even alcohol. Keep in mind that paying online ahead of time will make this rate cheaper! Check the current Hampton Ambassador times and tickets on their website.

Pros: affordable and actually quite comfortable with wifi and bathrooms

Cons: traffic can cause delays

NYC to Montauk by Air:

sunset view from Montauket in the Hamptons New York

The quickest and most convenient way to get from New York City to Montauk, Brooklyn to Montauk, or Montauk to NYC is by air. There are actually several air options including seaplane and helicopter routes both ways, not to mention the most luxe way to get to Montauk.

The most popular helicopter charters that go to Montauk and from Montauk to NYC are Wings Air, BLADE, and JetSmarter. Although one ticket typically ranges from $1000+ and private charters are thousands of dollars each way.

Many of these charters take off from Manhattan and go all the way from NYC to Montauk. However, while booking your trip, you can most likely choose the most convenient pickup and drop-off locations for you.

Most helicopter rides from NYC to Montauk will take around 30 minutes. Keep in mind that weather can cause flight cancellations, and more people will be trying to book these trips during the peak summer season! These also typically land in Southampton which will require an arranged transfer the rest of the way to Montauk.

Another popular way to get to Montauk by air is by taking a seaplane. The most popular companies to take a seaplane from New York City to Montauk are Fly the Whale and Tailwind Air.

By using a seaplane to go to Montauk, you can book a round-trip all at once and plan out something that works with your schedule. Going from NYC to Montauk on a seaplane will typically take around 30 minutes, there are several places seaplanes arrive at in the Hamptons including Montauk.

Be advised that choppy weather can cause flight delays and cancellations.

The companies mentioned above allow you to book a flight that goes with your schedule and choose your most desired seats. You’ll also have the option to buy one ticket on a flight with others or book a private charter to Montauk.

Pros: quick & convenient

Cons: pricey, and weather dependent, some don’t land in Montauk

There you have it, every way to get from NYC and Brooklyn to Montauk as well as Montauk to NYC! 

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