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Best Restaurants in Windsor Terrace (& Brunch Too!) 

Looking for some of the best places to eat in Windsor Terrace? Just a few steps away from Prospect Park, Windsor Terrace is without a doubt a great place to be in Brooklyn, and the delicious restaurants, cute shops, and bars are just a part of the charm. 

Whether you are a local or just visiting the neighborhood, this guide will provide you with all of the best restaurants in Windsor Terrace including some delicious Windsor Terrace brunch. Pre or post-meal, be sure to explore and get to know the neighborhood of Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn too!

Windsor Terrace Restaurants Worth Checking Out

Krupa Grocery 


Address: 231 Prospect Park West 

Krupa Grocery is on the main strip of Windsor Terrace, a little street that runs along Green-Wood Cemetery to Grand Army Plaza known as Prospect Park West. It also happens to be one of the best restaurants for Windsor Terrace brunch, lunch, and dinner. They also make it super easy to grab and go if take-out is more your style! 

The space is welcoming with a long bar at the front and a covered patio out front. If coming for brunch, don’t skip out on the lemon ricotta pancakes as they are one of the best options for brunch in Windsor Terrace. For dinner, their ricotta balls, pickled vegetable jar and the angus burger are some of my favorites. 

With both ample indoor and outdoor seating, Krupa Grocery is one of those perfect all-purpose Windsor Terrace restaurants that has great coffee, great food, and one of the best chocolate croissants in town.

They also offer one of my favorite things – a to go picnic basket which is meant to be enjoyed at Prospect Park. It includes a wide variety of “surf and turf” and while substitutions can’t be made, there isn’t a need because this includes all the best things on their dinner menu. 

Krupa Grocery is open every day but Tuesday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They accept reservations for both indoor and outdoor dining and have a small grocery area or “Krupa’s Market” to pick up all your grab and go needs or pantry items for home!

The Double Windsor 


Address: 210 Prospect Park West 

There hasn’t been a time I’ve walked by the Double Windsor, which is also located on the hustle and bustle of Prospect Park West, and there hasn’t been a patio full of people. The windows also open up at the front to give you that inside/outside feel, which might be one of my favorite ways to dine. Add in some of the best burgers in Brooklyn and you’ve got an incredible restaurant in Windsor Terrace. 

Aside from the perfect gastropub atmosphere, The Double Windsor has better-than-you-expect food, and not just the burger mentioned above. They also have some delicious wings, cheese curds, mac and cheese, and if you’re a vegetarian – everything but the wings, crispy Japanese sweet potato, sriracha drizzle, buttermilk, sesame seeds and scallions. 

The kitchen is open every day for lunch and dinner and they offer both indoor and outdoor dining. The Double Windsor does not accept reservations and I definitely recommend getting there early if you want that prime window seating at one of the best restaurants in Windsor Terrace. 

Le Paddock 

Address: 1235 Prospect Avenue 

Another Windsor Terrace restaurant that always seems to never have a dull day at is Le Paddock. This popular French bistro and classic neighborhood bar on a very aesthetically pleasing corner, this is one of the classic neighborhood Windsor Terrace restaurants. They serve lunch everyday but Monday and dinner daily and brunch on the weekends and it is always busy for good reason. 

During the week, they have specials every night except Friday and Saturday for dinner including taco night on Tuesdays, fish and chips on Sundays, and $1 oyster night on Thursdays. They’ll have random specials throughout the year including fondue night and holiday specials. 

Le Paddock only accepts cash and American Express. They do have an ATM, but better to come prepared than pay the ridiculous ATM fees (in my opinion!) They don’t accept reservations but have both indoor and covered outdoor seating, making this one of the best restaurants in Windsor Terrace. 

Brancaccio’s Food Shop 

Address: 3011 Fort Hamilton Parkway 

If you live anywhere near Brancaccio’s Food Shop, you’ve definitely been inside. If you live anywhere near and you haven’t been inside, make this an immediate priority. Brancaccio’s calls itself a food shop because it has a little bit of everything from red sauce for pasta to roast chickens but they all have the best Italian sandwich in Brooklyn making this one of my favorite Windsor Terrace restaurants. 

The thing to know about ordering said best sandwich is that you should go in knowing what you want because this is not a place to make substitutions or swap anything out. The chicken sandwich is my favorite with artichokes, chicken and prosciutto but you really can’t go wrong with any. They also have great breakfast sandwiches or cheesy-filled pastries. 

Brancaccio’s Food Shop is open every day but Monday and Tuesday. They do not accept reservations and everything is mostly grab and go but nonetheless, make this restaurant in Windsor Terrace one of your top priorities for any meal. 

Dog Day Afternoon 


Address: 266 Prospect Park West 

Dog Day Afternoon is from the same people who are behind Buttermilk Channel (one of the best restaurants in Carroll Gardens), which is already a win in my book. Dog Day Afternoon is also named after an Al Pacino bank-heist movie filmed in Brooklyn on the same block but the best part about it is that they create Chicago-style hot dogs known as “red hots,” making this one of the best restaurants in Windsor Terrace if you’re a fan. 

Having experienced on several occasions the Chicago-style hot dog, Dog Day Afternoon could easily be placed in Chicago and no one would know the difference, which tells you just how great they are. If you’re still not convinced, they also have a photo of all the ingredients that correspond to the hot dog. They also have a vegan dog if that’s more your style as well as chili-cheese dog, french fries and a delicious chocolate milkshake. 

Dog Day Afternoon has no indoor seating but they have some space out front and a foosball table and Ms. Pac Man to kill time while you’re waiting. If you don’t want to stand and eat, you’re still in the perfect vicinity to Prospect Park to enjoy your delicious hot dog at this amazing Windsor Terrace restaurant. 


Address: 199 Windsor Terrace 

I really don’t even know where to begin about my love for Daytime other than that it is the perfect spot for a cup of coffee (the iced chai with oat milk is my favorite) and they have one of the absolute best breakfast sandwiches around, making this one of the best restaurants in Windsor Terrace to start your day or enjoy lunch.

Everything from Daytime is locally sourced from their pastries to their coffee and similar to Krupa Grocery mentioned above, Daytime also offers picnic baskets to go. They also have some essential items that you can grab including ketchup, mustard, granola, wine, beer, etc. but the real reason to come to Daytime is for the scrambled egg and cheese sandwich. You can customize it however you want but there is nothing better than their pepper jam spread so do not forget to add that! 

The seating is limited with a few spots at the counter and a few seats outdoor but it is also another great Windsor Terrace restaurant that is in very close proximity to the park. 

Batata Pita Bar

Address: 3021 Fort Hamilton Parkway 

When I first came to Batata Pita Bar it was for their signature sweet potato falafel sandwich, the perfect combination of savory and sweet. This is still one of my favorite things on the menu for good reason and is the perfect sandwich from this Israeli-inspired restaurant in Windsor Terrace. 

The restaurant was created by its owners to be a fun, warming and welcoming environment with delicious food and they have managed to capture all of those. There is a small bench out front as well as some tables as well as seating indoors that invites you to stay for a while.

On Wednesdays, they offer one of the best eggplant sandwiches around. If you’re looking for something that will change your life, try the goat cheese and honey malawach, which is technically a breakfast item but tastes more like one of the best desserts you’ll ever eat.

Batata Pita Bar does not take reservations but tends to have a place to sit on a consistent basis. 


interior of Cena in Windsor Terrace Brooklyn

Address: 601 Greenwood Avenue 

Cena is another one of those great restaurants tucked away in Windsor Terrace. With a focus on Mexican dishes, which they do very well, Cena is another one of the best restaurants in Windsor Terrace. 

For dinner, you should start with a margarita (obviously). As always, I recommend coming with friends to share several appetizers including the guacamole, esquites, and tostadas. As far as entrees go, you really can’t go wrong with anything but my favorite is the chicken enchiladas with a salsa verde.

Brunch is also amazing at Cena so start with the guacamole and tequeños to share and finish off with chilaquiles or chile scrambled eggs.

Cena is open for dinner daily and one of the best brunches in Windsor Terrace on the weekends. They do not accept reservations but this Windsor Terrace restaurant has both indoor and outdoor dining.

East Wind Snack Shop 

Address: 471 16th Street 

East Wind Snack Shop has some of the best dumplings I’ve ever had outside of venturing to Sunset Park or Chinatown. They are cooked to perfection and the perfect amount of every ingredient, no matter what style you order. East Wind Snack Shop also has some of the best bubble tea around making this a top restaurant in Windsor Terrace.

The space and the menu at East Wind Snack Shop might be small but that definitely shouldn’t stop you from trying everything on it. Obviously, you come for the dumplings but make sure to add some pork buns and noodles to your order. Not sure what is it in but the dragon’s beard pulled cotton candy is the perfect way to end your meal at this delightful restaurant in Windsor Terrace.

East Wind Snack Shop has limited indoor and outdoor seating but like so many other great Windsor Terrace restaurants, it is the perfect place to grab and go to Prospect Park. They do not accept reservations but they do allow you to place orders to go and are open every day of the week for lunch and dinner. 

Bedawi Cafe 

Address: 266 Prospect Park West 

If you’ve read any other of these guides, you know how important an outdoor patio is to me and Bedawi Cafe has a great one. The whole area is covered in colored tapestries and surrounded by what is reminiscent of someone’s backyard garden. Not to mention, they do Jordanian food really well and is one of my favorite places to eat in Windsor Terrace. 

Bedawi Cafe does the basics really well from hummus to tabouleh and has some of my favorite falafel sandwiches around. They also have great unique dishes including pizza and the chicken ouzi, that is not only delicious but also beautiful. 

They are open every day for lunch and dinner. They do not accept reservations but have both indoor and outdoor options available. 


Address: 272 Prospect Park West 

Another Windsor Terrace restaurant that gives you all those perfect neighborhood vibes along with delicious food is Elora’s. With a focus on Mexican cuisine, this corner, no-frills eatery at the end of Prospect Park West is one of the best restaurants in Windsor Terrace. 

Elora’s has all your traditional Mexican food needs including strong pitchers of margaritas, unlimited chips and salsa, and great enchiladas. They also have a ton of vegetarian options, which is always a plus as I live with someone who is vegetarian and that is his constant go to for choosing places to eat. 

Elora’s has both indoor and outdoor dining and is open every day but Monday for lunch and dinner. During some nights of the week, they also offer live music indoors, another perk of this Windsor Terrace restaurant. 

Regina Bakery 

Address: 256 Prospect Park West 

Regina Bakery is one of those classic New York Italian bakeries that always keeps you coming back for more. Literally, I’ve probably been at least 50 times since we moved into the neighborhood. It’s also open till 7 PM every night, making it that much more enticing to grab and go a sweet treat after a long day at work, which clearly makes this one of the top places to eat in Windsor Terrace if you have a sweet tooth. 

I really do love everything on the menu so you can’t choose the wrong thing but my favorites include the cookies and the chocolate-filled cannoli. They also have delicious cakes and cupcakes and even create custom cakes for your wedding or special event! 

Regina Bakery is grab-and-go but is also very close to the park if you want to take your pastries and treats to the park for a picnic. This delicious Windsor Terrace bakery is open every day early to late.

Windsor Tavern 

Address: 256 Prospect Park West 

Windsor Tavern is a newer establishment to the Windsor Terrace restaurant scene and it has already made such an impact in the neighborhood and quickly become one of the best restaurants in Windsor Terrace. The ambiance alone keeps you coming back for more with an all-glass facade and one of the coziest bars in Brooklyn but they also have some amazing American cuisine! 

Brunch is a recent addition to Windsor Tavern and it has not disappointed. They have all the classics including eggs benedict, biscuits and gravy and your traditional egg plate but the citrus pancakes will keep you coming back for more. For dinner, the eggplant parmesan and the pan-seared salmon are incredible and make sure you order the cauliflower as a starter. 

Windsor Tavern is open every day but Monday for dinner and opens for brunch on the weekends. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating and do not accept reservations. 

Terrace Bagels 

Address: 222 & 222A Prospect Park West 

Bagels are obviously easy to come by in New York City but there are always some shops that are significantly better than others and Terrace Bagels is one of those places and one of the best brunches in Windsor Terrace. 

Not only does Terrace Bagels have delicious bagels, they also have amazing french toast and egg plates as well as other specialty breakfast items. Their cinnamon raisin bagel toasted with butter (basic and boring, I know) is unlike any other and I still can’t figure out why but it’s just that good that I continually keep ordering it. They also have delicious BECs and have ample indoor and outdoor seating. 

Just like so many other Windsor Terrace restaurants on this list, Terrace Bagels is close to Prospect Park and makes the perfect grab-and-go for a picnic lunch at the park. They are open daily early till early evening.

Best Places to Eat in Windsor Terrace (Post Summary):

  • Krupa Grocery
  • The Double Windsor
  • Le Paddock
  • Brancaccio’s Food Shop
  • Dog Day Afternoon
  • Daytime
  • Batata Pita Bar
  • Cena
  • East Wind Snack Shop
  • Bedawi Cafe
  • Elora’s
  • Regina Bakery
  • Windsor Tavern
  • Terrace Bagels

Did we miss your favorite Windsor Terrace restaurant? Let us know in the comments below.

About Our Guest Author 

Molly Royce – Originally from Oklahoma, I moved to NYC for grad school and have had a hard time wanting to leave ever since. There really is no better borough than Brooklyn where I live with my boyfriend and our black lab, Frankie. There’s no greater city in the world and I can’t wait to share my love of the city, eating, and drinking with all of you. 

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  1. I guess all these places are OK if you don’t have time or don’t know how to cook. None of them will kill you but, for the most part, there is only good old bland food. Bedawi is an exception. Elora’s can be more authentically spicy if you tell them to make it that way. I would never recommend Regina bakery. They use some ingredient that I do not know the name of. I am not sure why it is in the mix. It acts like alum, leaving your mouth feeling like cotton balls have been in it for an hour or so and it has a distinctive taste. I’ve mainly noticed it in some old-time NYC neighborhood bakeries, mostly in Washington Heights, Inwood and Bronx. I used to encounter it on the LES but went to many other neighborhood bakeries like Veniero’s and it is entirely absent. Regina Bakery has a lot of fans. But if you are not one, you are not alone. Brancaccio’s Food Shop may have a great Italian sandwich but I wouldn’t know. I went into the shop once, intrigued by all the hype about it from locals. I was dismayed to find a bunch of stuff I would make, a little spicier and for a lot less money. To me, this is healthy food but not a field trip destination. All that said, I’m very glad somebody has taken the time and effort to write all this down. When one is hungry, tired and/or new to the area, it’s very good to have a guide of some kind.

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