Brooklyn Bridge and NYC city view from Brooklyn Bridge Park
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Best Things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park Guide

Check out all the wonderful and best things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park! This gorgeous waterfront park is everything Brooklyn has ever needed. With an endless amount of things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park, we’ve completed the perfect guide to help you plan your day in one of the best parks in Brooklyn.

From lounging on the lawns, heading out on the trails, playing sports or exercising, and even grabbing some delicious snacks, Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights has it all.

Be sure to also read our entire guide to all the best things to do in DUMBO as well as things to do in Brooklyn Heights while you’re here enjoying the park since both neighborhoods share this amazing waterfront park.

About Brooklyn Bridge Park


The Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights is 85 acres jam-packed with fun things to do in Brooklyn. The park covers around 1.3 miles along the waterfront, which is what also makes this such a gorgeous spot.

The DUMBO/Brooklyn Heights area used to serve as a ferry landing back in the 19th and 20th centuries, the site of Fulton Ferry Landing actually dates back to the 1600s. This area was also full of industrial warehouses. In 1984, the cargo operations in this area shut down and the piers were going to be sold for commercial purposes.

Instead of selling the property, in 1998, there was a development corporation put together to begin planning the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO.

It wouldn’t be for 10 more years before they actually started construction! In 2010 a few piers opened up and each year since they have added new incredible features to the park.

Today, Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO has 6 piers all with different things to offer, incredible views of the Manhattan skyline, numerous bike and walking lanes, and plenty of green grass to have one of the best picnic spots in Brooklyn or soak up the sun. The number of things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park are endless.

As a New Yorker, I couldn’t imagine New York without Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO, so it’s crazy to think that only a decade ago, people lived without this beautiful park.

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How to get to Brooklyn Bridge Park


People come from all over to visit Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights so there’s a few ways you can get here.

One of the most common ways to get to all there is to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO is by taking the subway.

The main stations are:

  • High Street (A & C lines)
  • Clark Street (2 & 3 lines)
  • York Street (F line)

In addition to the subways, you can also take the NYC Ferry. Whether you’re coming from Manhattan, Queens, or another part of Brooklyn, you can take the ferry and get dropped off at Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO.

Another way to get to the Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO is by walking the Brooklyn Bridge! We’ve already prepared a guide for those of you who would like to explore this option!

Coming from Manhattan, you can walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and exit down the pedestrian stairway, which lands you on Washington Street.

Then it’s just a short walk to the waterfront and the Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO! This option allows you to see more of Brooklyn, from the cityscape views on the bridge to the DUMBO views on your walk to the park!

Things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park



Getting active is one of the easiest things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park. As we mentioned before, there are tons of lanes for walkers, bikers, and runners!

If you’re into the walking or running option, just wear a comfortable pair of athletic shoes and you’ll be set!

If you decide last minute that you would like to bike in Brooklyn Bridge Park, that’s not a problem. Bike rentals are fairly easy thanks to CitiBike.

You can download the app and use it to find the nearest docking station to you. Payment is also done through the app. The electric bikes, which have a lightning bolt on it do cost more money!

And if this seems like something you’d be interested in, there are plenty of CitiBike docking stations near Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO. Greenway and John Street are awesome spots for biking in the park.

In addition to walking, running, and biking, Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO is actually a great spot for some bodyweight exercises or some yoga! Bring your mat or just pick a spot on the grass and get your workout on!

The Piers

piers at Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO Brooklyn by Katie Hinkle

The opportunities for fitness, fun, and not to be missed views continue with the 6 different piers. The piers definitely offer some of the best things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park on the Brooklyn Heights side of the park.

Pier 1

This pier offers the best views of the Manhattan skyline and East River in Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO. You can stroll right along the river or take a seat on the benches along the pier.

This pier also has plenty of beautiful grass area to camp out on as well as a playground if you’re traveling with little ones! This pier is also where the NYC Ferry regularly operates!

Pier 2

If you’re an athlete, fitness junkie, or looking to play with the kiddos, Pier 2 is one of the best things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park! Pier 2 is full of action-packed courts, fitness equipment, a roller rink, and even picnic tables for a snack break.

Here you’ll find courts for basketball, handball, bocce, and shuffleboard.

There are also swing sets and over half an acre of turf for all the running around you can imagine!

In the summer months, you can enjoy a free 20-minute kayak rental with a reservation from Brooklyn Boathouse! Paddle around the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn waterfront!

Pier 3

Visit Pier 3 for some relaxing strolls among some beautiful greenery in Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO!

Pier 3 Greenway Terrace

Hideaway from the NYC noise and possibly the traffic coming from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on the Greenway Terrace.

The Sound Attenuating Hill is 800 feet long and 30 feet high, and it was designed to block out the loud traffic. This terrace also includes plenty of lawn space!

Pier 4

This is as beachy as it gets in Brooklyn without heading out to all the best sandy beaches in Brooklyn. On a nice sunny day, head down to Pier 4 Beach where visitors can launch non-motorized boats into the river!

Pier 5

In addition to Pier 2, this pier offers some great ways to get active in Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO.

Here you can find multiple soccer fields that stretch over 200,000 square feet of turf! Although they are soccer fields, visitors can use them for anything! Get creative! Y

ou will also find many picnic tables along this pier as well as an Ample Hills Creamery, which is the perfect snack after a day out on the piers!

Pier 6

In my opinion, Pier 6 has all the best things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO! I personally love the beach volleyball courts, which is always packed with friendly crowds of both skilled and learning players. It’s likely going to be full of volleyballers if you show up on a nice day!

Pro tip: learn about the shoe lines!

Place your shoe in line at a court to claim your turn for a game! In addition to volleyball, bring your pup to enjoy the dog run or bring the kiddos to enjoy the playground! This pier also offers the Governors Island Ferry, which is an amazing experience! See our full guide for what to do at Governors Island.

Lastly, check out Fornino’s Pizza or the Pilot, for some food options on Pier 6, one of the many amazing places to eat in DUMBO. And if you’re into these waterfront parks check out the best piers in NYC for more.

Picnic in the Park

Picnicking is easily one of the best things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park in my opinion. Bring a blanket, pack or pick up lunch/dinner, and spread out of the beautiful green grass.

This is a easy and incredibly romantic date idea. Or you can even do it by yourself!

We will touch on it a little more, but DUMBO is one of the hottest spots in Brooklyn for food! With Time Out Market New York right down the street, as well as Shake Shack, and numerous pizza spots in DUMBO, the takeout possibilities are endless!

Enjoy a lovely meal while looking over the Manhattan skyline the East River, and even check out Lady Liberty off in the horizon.

Manhattan Bridge

Under-the-Manhattan-Bridge-in-DUMBOWhile exploring Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO, you may find yourself in between the two bridges! Views of the Manhattan Bridge are spectacular in Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO, plus you get two of the most famous bridges in NYC right here.

This part of the park is the Empire Fulton Ferry and visitors can enjoy the beautiful Manhattan Bridge while soaking up the gorgeous waterfront and park views!

You can even walk across the Manhattan Bridge, we have a whole guide on it and its one of our picks for best Brooklyn walks for views!

Brooklyn Bridge

Katie in DUMBO Brooklyn by Katie HinkleThe Brooklyn Bridge is really what ties DUMBO together, especially near the Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO. The jaw-dropping views of the Brooklyn Bridge is what really makes New Yorkers and even tourists feel at home.

While you’re in Brooklyn Bridge Park, you can enjoy the views from below the bridge on the Fulton Ferry Landing, or after your park visit, you can hop on the Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway from the entrance steps on Washington Street!

See our full guide to walking across the Brooklyn Bridge for tips!

Jane’s Carousel

anes-Carousel-in-Brooklyn-Bridge-Park-in-DUMBO-by-Katie-HinkleJane’s Carousel is apart of the Empire Fulton Ferry section of the Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO. This beautiful carousel is parked right along the waterfront, which makes for a gorgeous ride.

Each ride is only $2 or you can buy 12 tickets for $20. This is a great option if you’re traveling with kids or just want to get this iconic spot checked off your things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park bucket list!

This is also one of our picks for the best things to do in Brooklyn!

St. Ann’s Warehouse

Katie in DUMBO Brooklyn by Katie HinkleSt. Ann’s Warehouse is an iconic spot in DUMBO. This theater opened up 2015 and is used for 21st-century live theater and concert productions. St. Ann’s offers a variety of extravagant performances from dance, live music, and theater.

Personally, my favorite thing about St. Ann’s, is the photo opportunities! If you can’t catch a show while you’re visiting, stop by the gorgeous brick patio area, which is open to the public! Add a photoshoot here to your list of things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park!

This is one of our picks for best photography and Instagram spots in DUMBO!

Empire Stores

Empire-Stores-in-Brooklyn-by-Katie-HinkleLocated right next to St. Ann’s Warehouse, Empire Stores is another hot spot in DUMBO and it’s actually still considered one of the things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park since its pretty much in the park.

Located on the Empire Fulton Ferry, Empire Stores is jam-packed with some of our favorite shops in DUMBO. Some of the other attractions are:

  • DUMBO House
  • Feed
  • Crew
  • SUGARCANE raw bar grill
  • West Elm
  • Time Out Market New York
  • Brooklyn Historical Society
  • Cecconi’s
  • & More!

The best part about Empire Stores is that it has beautiful views of the waterfront with the Manhattan Bridge front and center! It’s also one of the last cargo warehouses still standing from DUMBO’s industrial era.

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Barge Music Boat in Brooklyn Heights

Since 1977 Bargemusic has been bringing chamber music to Brooklyn. This concert hall is also apart of the Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO since it is docked on the Fulton Ferry Landing!

Every year The Barge hosts about 200 seasonal performances through the spring and summer months, and if you plan accordingly, you can even catch some free tickets for certain groups and families on Saturday afternoons.

Note that there are no restrooms here and no food & drink allowed!

This is also a great spot for a date! Be sure to read more of our favorite date ideas in NYC for more inspiration!

Things to do Near Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO


Food Galore

Check out our full guide to the best restaurants in DUMBO, best brunch in DUMBO, and best restaurants with a view in DUMBO for many wonderful suggestions as well as all the best cafes in DUMBO!

Here are just a few favorites, but check out our guides for more!

The River Cafe

Top off your romantic night in Brooklyn with a date at The River Cafe. This restaurant stays afloat right under the Brooklyn Bridge and can be seen from the gorgeous Fulton Ferry Landing.

With amazing views of the Manhattan skyline and East River, The River Cafe is an elegant restaurant offering classic American cuisine and live piano. It is a can’t miss New York experience.

Keep in mind suit jackets are required for men at dinner, this is a higher-end eatery.

Shake Shack

Located right across the street from the Fulton Ferry Landing, Shake Shack is the perfect spot for a quick bite. Like we mentioned before, there’s many takeout options for a picnic in Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO, this is one of them!

Grab an American classic combo of a cheeseburger, fries, and a shake! Their menu also offers hot dogs, frozen custard, even beer & wine!

Time Out Market New York

Can’t decide what you’re in the mood for? Head over to Empire Stores where you’ll find The Time Out Market New York. This DUMBO food hall has 21 different gourmet vendors all handpicked to be apart of a special Brooklyn dining experience.

Check out more in our complete foodie guide to Time Out Market New York.

Luke’s Lobster

For all you seafood lovers, Luke’s Lobster is a can’t miss spot located on the Fulton Ferry Landing! They offer Maine-style lobster, crab, shrimp rolls, chowders, & bisques. What more could you possibly want?


While walking, running, biking, or exploring in Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO, head over to Lizzmonade for the perfect refreshment! Located on Pier 1, Lizzmonade offers lemonade, coffee, tea, and other delicious snacks!

Grimaldi’s & Juliana’s

Brooklyn is home to some of the best pizza in New York City. You can find these famous next door pizza neighbors right across from the Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO. Perfect for a pie to enjoy in the park or a dine-in experience after exploring the park! Both of these are also on our picks for best places to eat in Brooklyn!

Also, looking for more pizza? Check out our guide to the best pizza in Brooklyn.

Ample Hills

Enjoy the sweet taste of this Brooklyn-based creamery at the Fireboat House location on the Ferry Fulton Landing. Ample Hills Creamery is the perfect pick me up after a long day of checking off all the things to do Brooklyn Bridge Park off your bucket list.

They offer a variety of delicious flavors that taste even better while looking at the Manhattan skyline.

Famous DUMBO Photo Spot

Manhattan Bridge View in DUMBO Brooklyn

One of our favorite things to do near Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO, is the famous DUMBO photo spot on Washington Street.

You didn’t do DUMBO right if you didn’t snap this photo! You can read all about it in our guide to the best Instagram spots in DUMBO. In fact, many of those spots happen to be in Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO!

Squibb Park Bridge

Squibb Park Bridge with a view of WTC in Brooklyn Heights Manhattan

One of the best things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park is make your way to the incredibly photogenic Squibb Park Bridge connecting Brooklyn Bridge Park to Squibb Park in Brooklyn Heights. This footbridge, walking towards Brooklyn Bridge Park (away from Brooklyn Heights) is an incredibly popular photo spot as you get a gorgeous backdrop of the Lower Manhattan Skyline.

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade

view of the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn Heights Promenade in Brooklyn Heights

There’s no way to describe The Brooklyn Heights Promenade that will do it justice. This spot contains all of the peace in New York City.

Enter the Brooklyn Heights Promenade from Montague St (there are several entry points from Remsen Street to Orange Street) and either take a stroll along the walkway, or sit on the benches above the Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO and look out onto the New York Harbor with a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

If you walk along the walkway on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, towards DUMBO, you will eventually make your way to the Squibb Park entrance at Middaugh Street where you can walk down the Squibb Park Bridge to get back to Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

If you asked me my favorite spot in New York, it’s the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, no questions asked. I frequent this spot when I’m happy, confused, angry, and every other emotion you can think of because when you arrive here, everything melts away. It’s just you and the city.

It’s gorgeous during the day, but it’s even better at night when the entire city is lit up. I would recommend adding the views from Brooklyn Heights Promenade to your Brooklyn bucket list.


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