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26 Amazing Things to do in Greenpoint Brooklyn (A Local’s Guide)

Check out all the best things to do in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the borough’s northernmost neighborhood along the East River offering great options for nightlife, shopping, dining, and waterfront views of that famous NYC city skyline.

I personally love coming to Greenpoint, it has cool bars, an incredible food scene, and the great views that Williamsburg has with less crowds that it’s neighboring north Brooklyn neighborhood draws.

This once-industrial and heavily farmed land neighborhood is known for its large Polish community and has a reputation of being a working-class and immigrant neighborhood historically and attracted families and workers because of the number of industrial jobs available.

While the rent prices in this neighborhood are steadily rising and getting harder and harder for the working class to live in with gentrification, you can still see alot of influences from the Polish immigrant and Polish-American communities who have historically lived here.

As you’re exploring the best things to do in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, also known as “Little Poland,” you will notice there are many options for Polish eateries and restaurants as well as businesses.

But first, where is Greenpoint, Brooklyn?

NY Ferry in Greenpoint Brooklyn

For the purposes of this guide to the best things to do in Greenpoint, we are going to give the neighborhood boundaries as it can get sort of tricky if you’re not familiar with the area.

As mentioned before, Greenpoint is Brooklyn’s northernmost neighborhood along the East River looking at Manhattan.

The neighborhood of Greenpoint is bordered on the southwest by the popular neighborhood of Williamsburg at Bushwick Inlet Park and McCarren Park, two of the best parks in Brooklyn.

The southeast border of Greenpoint runs by the BQE (Brooklyn Queens Expressway) and East Williamsburg.

The northern border of Greenpoint is  Newtown Creek and Long Island City in Queens, the neighboring borough.

The west boundary is the East River facing Manhattan.

There are two main subway stations in Greenpoint that service the G train. Note that many of the trains in the city have different schedules on the weekends and weekdays.

These are the nearest subway stations to Greenpoint, Brooklyn:

  • Nassau Avenue Station (G line)
  • Greenpoint Avenue Station (G line)

There is also the Greenpoint Ferry Terminal that operates on the East River Route, you can find the schedule here.

What to do in Greenpoint

Enjoy some Vintage Shopping


Do you love vintage shopping or thrifting? If the answer is yes, this is absolutely what to do in Greenpoint as they have so many quality vintage shops and thrift shops to check out.

From high-end second-hand resellers, buy/sell/trade clothing stores, to awesome thrift shops, Greenpoint has them all and is a vintage shoppers paradise and where you can find some of the best Brooklyn vintage shops.

Some of the most popular spots to grab some awesome second-hand or vintage items include Mirth Vintage on Manhattan Avenue, the flagship location of popular sell/buy/trade clothing store Beacon’s Closet on Guernsey Street, Awoke Vintage on Franklin Street, and Feng Sway on Norman Avenue.

Be sure to check out our full guide to Greenpoint vintage shopping if this is your jam!

Shopping Around Greenpoint


Besides vintage shopping, there are tons of other great Brooklyn boutiques to check out here in the neighborhood. One of my favorite things to do in Greenpoint is browse all of the cool independent shops whether I’m looking for a one-of-a-kind gift to bring home for myself or shop for a friend.

A few of my favorites include Line & Label on Manhattan Avenue which offers women’s clothing, jewelry, and accessories as well as home furnishings and gifts.

Burson and Reynold’s on Manhattan Avenue has all kinds of fun gifts during the holidays to artsy greeting cards, home furnishings, and other fun gifts making it an easy one-stop shop if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone.

Tend Greenpoint offers cool gifts and items for those with a green thumb. Browse and shop at this locally owned garden, supplies, and plant store on Franklin Street.

Lockwood on Greenpoint Avenue is one of my favorite gift shops and home goods stores in Brooklyn! This is where I always take friends when they are in town as their selection ranges from great NYC-themed gifts, cute home items, beauty, accessories, and even clothing! This is the perfect place to pop in for a gift for someone (or yourself!).

On Franklin Street, check out Big Night, a boutique centered around dinner parties and staying in! They have a really interesting collection of curated serving ware, independent food and pantry items (that are also aesthetically pleasing to be on display in your kitchen), and all other kinds of fun gifts for someone hosting a dinner party!

Browse Some Art Galleries

Easily one of the best things to do in Greenpoint is explore the art scene here through small curated galleries throughout the neighborhood, some of the best indie art galleries in Brooklyn can be found here.

A few you should absolutely check out include:

Greenpoint Terminal Gallery is a cool space located in the former and historic American Manufacturing Corp. rope factory building on the East River waterfront. The gallery is run by artists and features the works of different contemporary artists across all mediums.

The Greenpoint Gallery is another great art gallery and one of the best things to do in Greenpoint if you’re a lover of arts & culture. This gallery has been around since 2004 and offers emerging artists programs and educational classes as well as exhibition space. This is a space where you can learn, get hands-on with their lectures and classes, or just come and view the gallery of artists whose work is on display.

The Mirror Gallery offers a unique artistic space dedicated to showcasing immersive installations and interactive artworks that explore the interplay of light, reflection, and perception.

Brooklyn Art Studios and Yashar Gallery are a gallery and creative hub offering studio spaces for local artists and hosting exhibitions, workshops, and events that celebrate the diverse artistic community of Brooklyn.

Find a Hidden Bar Tucked Away in Sunshine Laundromat

Sunshine Laundromat in Greenpoint Brooklyn

One of the more unique things to do in Greenpoint finds this under-the-radar pinball arcade/museum and bar is hidden in the back of a laundromat! You could easily walk past this unassuming laundromat and never know that there’s a treasure inside!

With different beers on draft, you can drink and play in the back at this cool hangout spot and bar. Heck, you can even do laundry while you play and drink!

To find the bar and pinball arcade just go to the back of the laundromat! Your friends will think you’ve gone crazy until you reveal the most fun hidden fun zone in the back. Plus if you have laundry to do, this is the perfect opportunity to get some chores done and have fun!

See more of our favorite secret bars in NYC!

Check Out Some of the Best Bars


Some of my favorite bars in Brooklyn can be found in Greenpoint. There are so many cool bars in Greenpoint and most of them are all in the same area making it easy to bar hop from place to place pretty easily, whereas in neighborhoods like Williamsburg, I feel like some of the coolest bars are more spread out.

A few of my favorite bars include:

Tørst is a Danish-inspired taproom with rotating taps and bites to eat. It’s got a fun vibe in here with a Scandinavian feel and great for quality-beer lovers.

Eavesdrop and Ask For Janice are both listening bars, so if you’re an audiophile, these are some of the best options for things to do in Greenpoint for you!

Both bars have sound design in mind when they created their space, Eavesdrop has a great vinyl setup and even has Soundcloud sets recorded that you can listen to at home.

Beastie Boys fans will instantly recognize the name Ask For Janice, this listening bar is tucked away hidden in the back of Upside Pizza. Once you find this intimate listening cocktail lounge, you’ll be greeted with curated mixtapes from local artists on their vintage Nakamichi 600 cassette deck. They focus more on hip-hop and R&B music here (and it’s from the same team behind Eavesdrop).

Ray’s Hometown Bar is the second outpost to the popular Ray’s on the Lower East Side. This is a western-ish feeling, hometown bar that offers bar food (the menu items were created by Michelin chefs), “Ray-themed” cocktails, great cheap beer, a disco ball, and a pool table. It’s a fun vibe in here, plus considering how the prices keep going up in this area, I feel like their prices are pretty reasonable.

The Hidden Pearl is another hidden bar in Greenpoint worth mentioning, to find it you’ll need to head to the back of Wanpaku, a trendy ramen restaurant. Once you find the door in the back, you’ll find a cozy cocktail lounge serving small Japanese plates and craft cocktails.

Enjoy Greenpoint’s Beer Scene

Greenpoint Beer and Ale Co outdoor rooftop seating area in Brooklyn plus glass watertower

One of the best things to do in Greenpoint is check out all the great breweries tucked away in this neighborhood!

A few of our favorite Brooklyn breweries in Greenpoint include:

Threes Brewing not only has a location here in Greenpoint, but also Gowanus (another neighborhood with a high concentration of breweries to check out). They’ve got great IPAs (for IPA lovers like myself) and a full menu of food items from Greenpoint Fish and Lobster if you need a bite to eat.

Keg & Lantern Greenpoint has a location in Red Hook too (where their beer production is) offering up some great brews and bar grub to eat. They also have a great back patio that’s covered and has heaters when it’s chilly, they have TVs back here and often air sports games, so if you’re looking for a great sports bar, this is where to go in Greenpoint for you!

My favorite brewery in the neighborhood and outdoor space at Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co. make this one of my favorite things to do in Greenpoint in the summer months. That’s because of their outdoor rooftop bar under the green stained glass water tower by Brooklyn-based artist Tom Fruin.

The space is great here, and they also have awesome pub grub like soft pretzels, sausages, and burgers paired with their brews on draft from pilsners to ales. Because of the German-inspired fare and bar, you can get some great German-style beers and Central European-style brews to drink here too.

If you’re a fan of German Biergartens in Brooklyn then Spritzenhaus 33 is the spot for you, while this isn’t a brewery, they do have some great imported beer available here. Spritzenhaus 33 is known for its German Pilsners on draft, they usually have a few to choose from of their 25 taps and have even more of a selection in bottles and cans.

Enjoy a Summer Day on Brooklyn Barge

This is definitely a summer season Greenpoint hot spot, but worth mentioning because the Brooklyn Barge is an awesome place to grab a drink. This floating cocktail bar and grill is on the East River.

They have a drink selection from their bar as well as food and snacks you can order while enjoying the fun atmosphere and view of the NYC city skyline.

Since this isn’t open all year long, be sure to check before your visit to make sure they are open as they do close during wet weather as well even in the summer as the bar is completely exposed and outside.

Tour Brooklyn Winery & Drink at Rosette

table at Rosette by Brooklyn Winery in Greenpoint Brooklyn

I swear, this is the last of things to do in Greenpoint that revolve around alcohol! Did you know that Brooklyn has wineries? Yes, there’s more than one! One of the best wineries in Brooklyn to check out is Brooklyn Winery.

Since the winery is mostly an event venue space, they opened Rosette at Brooklyn Winery, which is the tasting room, bar, and restaurant for Brooklyn Winery.

My husband and I did a date night here and absolutely loved the space. They offer great plates to share, you must try the “Chef’s Whim” charcuterie and cheese board made up of whatever they got back there (it’s a great sharing size too).

The space is cool too, I love the sci-fi-themed wallpaper. This is a perfect date spot or a place to catch up with friends. All of the wine they have available is their own and you should do a tasting to get a feel for all the different wines they have available.

If you want to tour the winery, they do offer guided tours and tastings of their production facilities!

Treat Yourself to a Michelin-Star Dining Experience at Restaurant Yuu

counter seating at Restaurant YUU in Greenpoint Brooklyn a Michelin Star Restaurant

For a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience and splurge-worthy meal, you’ll want to check out Restaurant Yuu in Greenpoint. This is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn for fine dining and was awarded a Michelin star.

Helmed by Japanese chef Yuu Shimano, Restaurant Yuu stands out as a top dining destination and theatrical dining experience presented to guests from an open-concept kitchen.

With a background in prestigious Japanese and French culinary institutes, Chef Yuu crafts a 15-course French omakase experience blending Japanese precision and French refinement.

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary here and it was truly a memorable dining experience. It’s not one you can do on a whim unless money is no object, but definitely a dining destination worth planning a visit around.

Try Polish Food


Coming to this historically Polish neighborhood wouldn’t be complete without checking out some of the Polish and Polish-American eateries. One of the best things to do in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is try some of the flavors that have influenced this neighborhood over the years, which also happen to be some of the best places to eat in Greenpoint too!

Karczma is one of the most famous and popular Polish restaurants in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The word translates to the tavern and you can find their full Polish menu including kielbasa and what some say are the best pierogies in town in their traditional feeling Polish countryside atmosphere! They also have a hearty winter menu you’ll want to check out on a cold day!

Polka Dot is more of a trendier and modern feeling spot that serves up traditional Polish food like house-made pierogies, different flavored Polish pancakes, dumplings, and various meat dishes.

Pierozek is another not-to-be-missed Polish dining experience you can have in Greenpoint serving up traditional dishes including incredible pierogies.

Enjoy Greenpoint’s Foodie Scene


I am not lying, this neighborhood is jam-packed with an incredible food scene. There are so many great restaurants in Greenpoint, it’s sort of hard to decide what to mention here, highlighting only a few stand outs (there really are so many great spots). Don’t miss the best brunch in Greenpoint either!

Now that I already mentioned some of the neighborhood’s best Polish-eateries, you can find an array of other restaurants and types of cuisines to try in the neighborhood.

Another one of the most famous restaurants is 21 Greenpoint. They offer a menu of American fare with seasonal ingredients. This spot famously had a cameo appearance by the man and legend himself Bill Murray who jumped behind the bar and helped bartend. Of course, that was a crowd-pleaser! We are just sad we missed this ourselves, although there’s a chance it could happen again at any moment since Murray’s son is the owner of this fun spot.

Some of the best pho I’ve had in the city was at Di An Di, a Vietnamese restaurant with a pretty tropical/Scandinavian ambiance. Other great dishes to try include bánh xèo-wrapped summer rolls stuffed with grilled pork, shredded chicken salad, Bánh Tráng Nướng Chay.

And like any solid Brooklyn neighborhood, Greenpoint has some great pizza. Check out Fornino for their extensive wood-fired pizza menu. All I can say is that you’ll want to come with friends so you can order tons of different pizzas and try as many as you can.

For more great pizza, you’ll want to hit up Paulie Gee’s or Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop, both of which are in Greenpoint. Both of these spots have made it on our guides to best pizza in Brooklyn and best pizza in New York City if that says anything. I love the old-school pizza parlor vibes at the slice shop personally, my favorite is the Hell Boy slice featuring pepperoni and Mike’s Hot Honey.

More famous restaurants in the neighborhood include Oxomoco, a Michelin-star Mexican restaurant that can sometimes be tricky to score a reservation at and Rule of Thirds, a Japanese restaurant specializing in comfort food – be sure to try their Japanese soufflé pancake.

If you have a sweet tooth, hit up Davey’s Ice Cream and Van Leeuwen for some of the best ice cream in Brooklyn!

Visit Brooklyn’s Old-School Donut Shop at Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop in Greenpoint

One of the best places to visit for a sweet tooth and best things to do in Greenpoint is stop at Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop, who serves up some of the best old-fashioned style donuts in Brooklyn and in the city! This magical little spot is a classic and has been around since the 1950s.

Besides getting a classic donut, you can get other bakery staples here from coffee, egg sandwiches, and even egg cream! This is also one of the best Brooklyn bakeries and old-school spots, don’t miss their croissant-style donuts either!

Also, if you’re a fan of hitting up filming locations like we are, Peter Pan Donut Shop is where Zendaya’s character MJ works at in the Spiderman: No Way Home film.

Enjoy Greenpoint’s Cafes


Like any good Brooklyn neighborhood, there are so many great cafes in Greenpoint worth mentioning.

First, I love Cafe Grumpy and it’s coffee. If you are not only a fan of seriously good coffee but also of the HBO series Girls, head into Cafe Grumpy on Meserole Avenue. This was the spot where Ray in the hit TV show worked and ran his cafe and was used many times throughout filming the series.

Another popular coffee shop is Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters, a cute rustic-feeling cafe and micro-roaster in Greenpoint. It’s got great aesthetics, so it’s the perfect place to come have a cup of coffee and hang out a bit. I recommend trying their Rocket Fuel cold brew that has a little sweetness added from maple syrup!

I love Variety Coffee, they have some of my favorite cafes in Brooklyn and the city. Once you get used to fresh roasted coffee, it’s hard to go back. They are all about freshness and whatever coffee they are serving reflects what’s in season from the regions they source their beans from.

Another great cafe is Homecoming, not only a coffee shop but also a flower show (how cute is that?).Urban Greenspaces

Hang Out at McCarren Park

McCarren Park in Brooklyn

One of the best things to do in Greenpoint, right on the border with Williamsburg is enjoy the urban greenspace of McCarren Park.

For those who like to play outdoor sports as there’s a running track, bocce ball court, handball courts, soccer fields, softball area, volleyball courts, and other areas to play games and sports.

Other special events take place here from kickball leagues to The Renegade Craft Fair where artists and local crafters sell their designs, collections, and other handmade goodies.

McCarren Park also has a really unique historic pool that is open in the summer season. The massive pool went under a hefty restoration after being closed after operating between the years 1936 – 1984 and reopened in 2012, however, there are mixed reviews of those who enjoy it and those who do not! So do your research before trying this one out to make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy!

Check out WNYC Transmitter Park

WNYC Transmitter Park in Greenpoint Brooklyn

Another great park and thing to do in Greenpoint is visit the WNYC Transmitter Park right on the waterfront of the East River overlooking Manhattan and the city skyline.

This is a smaller waterfront park, but still pretty awesome and even on a hot summer day you can usually find a little slice of this paradise for yourself if you’re looking for a nice place to picnic, sunbathe, or enjoy the view.

This park was named after the WNYC public radio station that used this section of land for broadcasting, this location became unnecessary because of antennas being placed elsewhere in New Jersey and the World Trade Center.

One of our favorite parts about visiting Transmitter Park is the giant mural along the brick building lining the park. There’s also a nice pier to walk out on to get a nice photo of Manhattan and the city skyline too.

interior of Radio Star in Greenpoint Brooklyn restaurant and bar

And if you find yourself wanting to get a drink or bite to eat around here, check out Radio Star, a Mediterranean-focused restaurant with cocktails set in the former space where the radio station was and all the fixtures and furniture are from the radio era of the 1940s.

Enjoy the Skyline Views from Bushwick Inlet Park & Marsha P Johnson Park


While these neighboring parks are technically in Williamsburg, it’s so close to the border we wanted to include it as one of our top picks for things to do in Greenpoint if you’re looking for a nice green space with another great view of the city.

Bushwick Inlet Park and Marsha P Johnson Park are located on the East River on the Bushwick Inlet, hence the name of the park and offers sweeping views of Manhattan and the city skyline. This offers some prime real estate for a picnic spot in Brooklyn

This location was used for manufacturing in the mid-19th century and by a few decades later was used for sewage outflow which is surprising as you’d never know that is what this lovely green space was used for in the past.

There are football fields, soccer fields, viewing platforms, lacrosse fields, and a green community center that is powered by solar panels and geothermal heating.

While the park’s development isn’t completely done, it’s exciting to know that it’s just going to get better and better with the years of work to come.

Take a Stroll at Kingsland Wildflowers Green Roof

One of the more unique things to do in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is the unlikely nature conservation center at Kingsland Wildflowers Green Roof. This rooftop garden and green oasis has projects and space to provide natural habitats for wildlife populations.

Overlooking the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant’s massive digester eggs, this roof on the Broadway Stages film studios is home to a green space that is home to native plants, birds, insects, and other species.

To visit, you can see what upcoming events they have as they typically have hours that are open to the public for enjoying as well as art installations and special programs and even a festival that takes place in the autumn.

This is a seasonal activity.

Get your Next Read at Word Bookstore

Word Bookstore in GreenpointAre you a bookworm? If so, this next thing to do in Greenpoint is for you! Greenpoint is home to one of two locations of Word, the other being in Jersey City. This is one of our favorite independent bookstores in Brooklyn.

Besides being a great bookstore with a great selection of titles, they also host fun events like Drag Queen story hour and other events that often include authors of books or discussions around books.

So if you love cool independent bookshops that have a bit of a unique community offering and staff who are ready to give you personalized recommendations, add this to your Greenpoint itinerary!

Flip, Jump, & Climb at FEROX Ninja Park


If you’re looking to get active and have fun, check out FEROX Athletics, the largest ninja warrior gym on the East Coast! Jump on trampolines, try parkour, lift weights, or try your hand at any of the ninja warrior courses.

They offer classes for both adults and kids if you want to learn how to do tricks properly. You can also just try things out as you’re there with a day pass or if you find yourself loving it here you can get one of their memberships.

They also have snacks for sale and and outdoor area too!

See Art House Movies at Film Noir Cinema

I love independent cinemas and lucky for us Brooklyn has a few including this awesome pick for one of the best things to do in Greenpoint.

Film Noir Cinema is a video store that rents out films and movies and also does regular showings of rare movies. The owner, a Polish-American has extensive knowledge of foreign films and is famous for his curated collection of arthouse films that are often out-of-print or rare that makes the offering very unique for cinephiles.

You get two experiences here, not only is the first part of the store a video rental store of uncommon finds that you can’t even find online, but the back of the store has a small cinema for intimate viewings that can hold a few dozen people.

Be sure to check out their events/screenings during your visit!

Hit Up Greenpoint Terminal Market

One of the best things to do in Greenpoint in the summer months is enjoy the outdoor market on the weekends inviting small vendors from antiques and vintage clothing to homemade goods, an outdoor rollerskating rink, food trucks and more at Greenpoint Terminal Market!

Located on Greenpoint’s waterfront, you can eat, shop, and play all with the gorgeous Manhattan city skyline as your backdrop.

You can find the market and its 100 vendors and food trucks on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm.

During the winter, you can find Greenpoint Terminal Market held indoors at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

Enjoy a Classic Drive-In Theater at Skyline Drive-In NYC

Skyline-Drive-In-NYC-in-Greenpoint-BrooklynEasily one of the best things to do in Greenpoint if you have a car is head to Skyline Drive-In NYC at 1 Oak Street right on the East River waterfront with Manhattan skyline views!

This has to be one of the most unique movie experiences in the city and is the only drive-in theater with views of the famous NYC skyline as you watch your movie! There are concessions and everything available too.

Don’t have a car? Don’t worry, they do offer outdoor seating area for walk up customers too! To see their current screenings and to buy their tickets visit their website.

Rock Climb at Vital Climbing Gym

Looking for something adventurous to do in Greenpoint? Vital Climbing Gym is not only a cool haven for rock climbers, but they have skyline views while you climb!

This spot has the most colorful and cool rock climbing space I’ve ever seen. They have indoor and outdoor facilities, I highly recommend checking out the outdoor section in nice weather as you have a backdrop of the NYC skyline while you climb.

Besides offering memberships and day passes, you can rock climb or check out any of their classes from yoga to aerial classes, to how to rock climb if you’re a beginner.

Hang Out at Monsignor McGolrick Park

Another great park in Greenpoint worth checking out is Monsignor McGolrick Park. Named after Monsignor Edward McGolrick, a prominent local clergyman, the park boasts several historic features, including a stunning monument dedicated to the memory of the neighborhood’s fallen soldiers from World War I.

Visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls along the tree-lined paths, relax on the benches, or take the kids to the playground. The park’s serene atmosphere make it another peaceful retreat in the heart of Greenpoint.

Strike It Out at The Gutter Bowling Alley


I love a vintage bowling alley! And if you do too, this is what to do in Greenpoint for you! Located on the edge of Greenpoint and Williamsburg is one of the three NYC locations of The Gutter.

They have a full bar and hang out space, plus 8 vintage hardwood bowling lanes relocated here from an old Midwest bowling alley. This bowling alley is 21+ over since it’s also a full bar. It’s first come, first serve and they also have a pool table.

They also host events like comedy shows from time to time, so keeping an eye on their event calendar is always a good idea if you’re looking for something fun to do at a fun space.

Try Korean Rice Wine at Hana Makgeolli Brewery & Tasting Room

I said I was done mentioning alcohol-based things to do in Greenpoint and I lied. Another one of the unique gems found in Greenpoint is Hana Makgeolli Brewery and Tasting Room, which focuses on the art of Korean makgeolli, a milky rice wine.

After living in Seoul for just under 3 years, I fell in love with makgeolli. It became my Korean alcohol of choice to drink. If you’re new to trying makgeolli, it’s a rice based wine that has a milky texture and look that has a tangy, carbonated flavor.

It’s honestly hard to explain, but of alcohol to drink, makgeolli actually has health benefits (like many fermented Korean foods like kimchi). So you’re drinking but it’s sort of good for you?

I love that Greenpoint has an artisanal makegolli brewery and tasting room. You can try by the glass or order a carafe. Order some bites to eat off their anju menu which range from typical Korean bar snacks and what you usually snack on with makgeolli in Korea, pajeon (a savory scallion pancake).

Things to do Nearby Greenpoint


Mona Lisa of Williamsburg by Steven Paul Brooklyn mural and bridge

Neighboring Greenpoint is the popular neighborhood of Williamsburg where you can find trendy restaurants, shops, cafes, and things to do as well as a gorgeous waterfront on the East River with great views of Manhattan.

This is the epicenter of hipster culture in Brooklyn and since gentrification has become one of the most expensive and highly coveted neighborhoods to live in the city as well as a popular place to visit because there is alot going on here.

Check out our guide on all the best things to do in Williamsburg for more ideas as well as our Williamsburg street art guide if you want to explore more incredible murals or how to walk across the Williamsburg Bridge for those looking to adventure over to Manhattan!

Plus, you will want to check out the best Williamsburg rooftop bars and restaurants, they offer stunning views!

Neighboring Greenpoint is the popular neighborhood of Williamsburg where you can find trendy restaurants, shops, cafes, and things to do as well as a gorgeous waterfront on the East River with great views of Manhattan.

This is the epicenter of hipster culture in Brooklyn and since gentrification has become one of the most expensive and highly coveted neighborhoods to live in the city as well as a popular place to visit because there is alot going on here.

Check out our guide on all the best things to do in Williamsburg for more ideas as well as our Williamsburg street art guide if you want to explore more incredible murals or how to walk across the Williamsburg Bridge for those looking to adventure over to Manhattan!

Plus, you will want to check out the best Williamsburg rooftop bars and restaurants, they offer stunning views!

Getting Around Greenpoint

St. Anthony of Padua – St. Alphonsus Parish church in Greenpoint Brooklyn

Getting around to all the best things in Greenpoint couldn’t be easier. Pretty much all there is to do in Greenpoint is a walkable distance, but if you want to cover a lot of ground we recommend using the Citi Bike app to rent bicycles or to get around, or just walk!

Citi Bike is just as easy, simply download the app and enter your details. Then on the map in the app you can find your nearest docking station. For single rides, you get the bike for 30 minutes, for a day pass or annual pass holders you get the bike for 45 minutes before having to redock.

There are now electric Citibikes too, these are great if you’re looking for some extra help when you’re pedaling but be aware that you should test the brakes and get comfortable with them before taking off and that these cost a little more than the regular bikes.

When you’re done, check the app for the nearest docking station with openings and return your bike.

The subway is another option and there are two stations that service the perimeter of the area.

  • Nassau Avenue Station (G line)
  • Greenpoint Avenue Station (G line)

Where to Stay in Greenpoint

Greenpoint Savings Bank bulding in Greenpoint Brooklyn

Be sure to read our entire guide on where to stay in Brooklyn by neighborhood and budget to help you plan your trip or select one of these amazing options in Greenpoint below.

Henry Norman Hotel

The Henry Norman Hotel is a cool space and is a great choice for where to stay while exploring all the best things to do in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This unique hotel is located in a former warehouse from the 19th century and has a really fun interior.

Each of the rooms is designed with eclectic decor and unique furnishings all with that modern industrial look. Upgraded rooms offer sitting areas, kitchens, extra bedrooms, and even roof decks for an amazing view and place to relax outdoors.

The hotel also offers a fitness center and sauna. You’re just a 15-minute walk to McCarren Park and a 10-minute walk to the nearest subway station.

One of the best parts about staying here is that its a very quiet area, so getting rest in the big city is pretty easy.

Book Now on Booking.comCompare Prices for Later on | See Rates on

The Box House Hotel

Another cool boutique hotel and option for where to stay while exploring the best things to do in Greenpoint is The Box House Hotel located in a quiet area of the neighborhood in a converted former factory building conveniently located next to the Pulaski Bridge that connects Greenpoint, Brooklyn to Long Island City, Queens.

Each of the rooms are uniquely decorated with works by local artists in each of the rooms. We love that each room is different and has its own flair and characteristics about each one. Better yet, you can get a room with a balcony offering great views.

There are also larger room options that are 1 to 2 bedroom apartments fully equipped with their own kitchens, living rooms, and sitting areas, as well as pull out couches for groups or families.

The property also has a restaurant and bar if you want to dine close to your room as well as a gym, sauna, and steam room for guests.

What’s great is that you’re less than a 10-minute walk to Greenpoint Avenue subway station too.

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The William Vale

Technically in Williamsburg, but so close and walking distance to all the different things to do in Greenpoint, The William Vale is one of the best options for where to stay.

Referred to as “Williamsburg’s Only True Luxury Hotel,” The William Vale Hotel strives to provide a memorable experience for all guests. An award-winning chef, monumental pieces of art and custom metalwork details in the rooms are key to having an exceptional stay at this hotel.

The William Vale Hotel is respectfully rated 5-stars. With amazing views of the Manhattan skyline and the location being only blocks away from many venues and restaurants, this hotel has everything you could hope for.

The rooftop bar, Westlight, which is mentioned earlier in this article of things to do in Williamsburg is located right at the top of the William Vale Hotel. There is also a high-end Italian restaurant and a 60-foot long pool that is deemed the “longest pool in Brooklyn and the greater New York City.”

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Amazing Things to do in Greenpoint (Post Summary):

  • Enjoy Some Vintage Shopping
  • Shopping Around Greenpoint
  • Browse Some Art Galleries
  • Find a Hidden Bar Tucked Away in Sunshine Laundromat
  • Check out Some of the Best Bars
  • Enjoy Greenpoint’s Beer Scene
  • Enjoy a Summer Day on Brooklyn Barge
  • Visit Brooklyn Winery & Drink at Rosette
  • Treat Yourself to a Michelin-Star Dining Experience at Restaurant Yuu
  • Enjoy Greenpoint’s Foodie Scene
  • Try Polish Food
  • Enjoy Greenpoint’s Foodie Scene
  • Visit Brooklyn’s Old School Donut Shop at Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop
  • Enjoy Greenpoint’s Cafes
  • Hang out at McCarren Park
  • Check Out WNYC Transmitter Park
  • Enjoy the Skyline Views at Bushwick Inlet Park & Marsha P Johnson Park
  • Take a Stroll at Kingsland Wildflowers Green Roof
  • Get Your Next Read at World Bookstore
  • Flip, Jump, & Climb at FEROX Ninja Park
  • See Art House Movies at Film Noir Cinema
  • Hit Up Greenpoint Terminal Market
  • Enjoy a Classic Drive-In Theater at Skyline Drive-In NYC
  • Hang Out at Monsignor McGolrick Park
  • Strike it Out at The Gutter Bowling Alley
  • Try Korean Rice Wine at Hana Makgeolli Brewery & Tasting Room

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