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Where to Stay at in DUMBO, Brooklyn (Best DUMBO Hotels)

Looking for where to stay in DUMBO? We have put together a comprehensive guide of the best hotels in DUMBO, Brooklyn, one of the best places to stay in New York City due to its proximity to not only all the best things to do in Brooklyn but also a simple and easy commute to Manhattan.

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Be sure to also check out our entire guide for where to stay in Brooklyn by neighborhood and budget if you’re not sure which neighborhood is right for you!

The Best Hotels in DUMBO


$ The Tillary Hotel

The Tillary is one of the best DUMBO hotels located right between the action in Downtown Brooklyn and all the beauty in DUMBO. Enjoy your view of the Manhattan Bridge right outside your hotel in this epic location.

The Tillary provides a café, a bar, and even an outdoor terrace. The Tillary also offers complimentary wifi, 24/7 from desk, and soundproof windows (which can be a huge help when staying in NYC) with stylish rooms offering designer toiletries and fine Italian linens.

Besides having incredible views, you can find a great lobby lounge and beer garden here for a fantastic spot to hang out steps away from your room.

There is parking on the property as well for an added fee.

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$$$ 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

This incredible property is more than one of the best DUMBO hotels you can stay at. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is also home to Harriet’s Rooftop & Lounge, one of our picks for best things to do in DUMBO Brooklyn guide with one of the most amazing views money can buy of the NYC skyline and rooftop pool.

1 Hotel offers both Brooklyn city and skyline views, which ultimately determine the cost of your stay. This is one of the finest properties and locations to stay in not only DUMBO, but also Brooklyn and New York City.

This 5-star hotel comes equipped with the bar/lounge, room service, complimentary wifi, and industrial-chic rooms. Also, 1 Hotel is also home to one of the best spots for brunch in DUMBO and one of our picks for best rooftop bars in DUMBO.

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