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22 Best Williamsburg Thrift Stores & Williamsburg Vintage Shops + Map

Check out the best Williamsburg thrift stores in Brooklyn! There are so many amazing Williamsburg vintage shops to choose from being one of the best neighborhoods in all of NYC to shop second-hand and vintage treasures!

I feel like as of lately, the vintage scene in Williamsburg is exploding. Maybe that’s just my Tiktok algorithm though as this neighborhood has been a hotbed for thrift and vintage stores since this neighborhood started becoming ‘cool’ with the hipster scene.

This guide to the best consignment and thrift shops in Williamsburg is perfect for any vintage shopping lover including the best places to find amazing one-of-a-kind used items in great condition. Plus we include vintage stores in Williamsburg where you can trade or sell your unwanted items for new pieces or donate.

Plus we include a map at the end of this guide so you can easily plan out your day!

While you’re in the neighborhood exploring the best Williamsburg thrift stores, be sure to check out the best things to do in Williamsburg or if you build up an appetite shopping (you’ll need to take a break that’s how many awesome vintage shops there are around here) check out our guide to the best food in Williamsburg!

Many of the best vintage shops in Brooklyn can be found here in Williamsburg, afterall thrifting is one of the best things to do in Brooklyn and just about every visitor or tourist I speak to is aware of the thrifting and vintage scene here.

Cool Williamsburg Vintage Shops & Thrift Shops

10ft by Stella Dallas

Super Real Much

129 Bedford Ave

Located just a couple of blocks from McCarren Park is the cool Williamsburg vintage shop Super Real Much. This little vintage store in Williamsburg packs a huge punch with an amazing collection of women’s vintage clothing, accessories, and select home goods.

In addition to their curated vintage pieces, they have fun gifts, candles, jewelry, hip stationery, and some new clothing pieces.

Super Real Much is a great place to browse for unique and reasonably-priced clothing and gifts – plus you can shop online!

Chickee’s Vintage

135 Wythe Ave

Another one of the best Williamsburg thrift stores is Chickee’s Vintage on Wythe Avenue which offers too-cool selection of vintage t-shirts and designer pieces.

This Williamsburg vintage shop has a highly curated selection of genuine vintage, and their prices reflect their authenticity and condition. For serious vintage collectors and casual shoppers alike, Chickee’s Vintage has a small but spectacular selection.

They offer online shopping and international shipping, so you can snag one of their vintage finds even if you can’t make it to Williamsburg.

If you have a vintage piece that you’re looking to sell, you can contact Chickee’s Vintage!

L Train Vintage

629 Grand St

Another one of Williamsburg’s best thrift shops is L Train Vintage on Grand Street. Although this Williamsburg location is one of L Train’s smaller shops, it is bursting with reasonably-priced vintage and pre-loved clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Also, check out their East Williamsburg location at Thames Street, next to Urban Jungle. I would say this is technically Bushwick, but it’s easy to fit in if you want the larger space and much larger selection. Not to mention, Urban Jungle is also one of the best thrift shops in Brooklyn! It’s insanely good deals and so many good finds to sift through!

I added it to the map with a slightly darker color so you could spot it. 

Rummage through the racks and you may even stumble upon a designer piece or two! I personally shop at their Park Slope thrift store location and always find at least one or two things to walk out with! 

10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas & Stella Dallas Living


281 & 285 N 6th St

Situated right by the Brooklyn Queens Expressway is 10ft Single by Stella Dallas Living and Stella Dallas Living, probably one of the most well known Williamsburg vintage shops. These shops are filled to the gills with incredible vintage clothing and accessories and their window displays are always top-notch and stop me in my tracks.

At 10ft. Single you can find an overwhelmingly amazing selection of vintage finds! Sift through the packed racks at 10ft Single and you’ll be sure to find a unique vintage piece that is perfect for you!

Stella Dallas Living has higher-end clothing and what feels like ‘period pieces’ but also antique homeware and cool finds like vintage blankets.

Both of these vintage shops in Williamsburg are next to eachother, so stop by both! Oh, and now I am seeing this all over Tiktok because apparently Bella Hadid shops here and it’s been getting alot more attention! 


119 Grand St

Antoinette Brooklyn, located on Grand Street, is a fabulous Williamsburg vintage shop! They have a dreamy curation of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories, as well as new pieces from local designers!

Antoinette’s new and used clothing run a little on the high end, so make sure to check the price tag before falling in love with one of their unique pieces!

Awoke Vintage


132 N 5th St

Awoke Vintage is a great vintage store in Williamsburg in the mini-mall on N. 5th Street! This popular spot often has sidewalk sales and always have a great collection of vintage Levis.

They have cute vintage clothing, new jewelry, beauty products, and gifts, all of which are moderately priced. I feel like a few years ago this was the ‘it’ spot, especially for the Levis. I love their accessories too! But it can get crowded in their small retail space, so it’s nice when they have racks outside.

Besides their Williamsburg flagship, Awoke Vintage has also has a thrift shop in Greenpoint and offer online shopping!

Oh, and if you thrift yourself into hunger, there’s a Joe’s Pizza right across the way!



490 Metropolitan Ave

Located on Metropolitan Ave., this is one of the best vintage shops in Williamsburg for women specializing in plus-size clothing. Their selection of women’s fashion styles range from one-of-a-kind dresses to leather jackets plus fun and colorful accessories.

Besides carrying fun styles with sizes ranging from 14-30, with select styles up to size 32, this vintage shop also buys your clothing for cash or store credit.

Rugged Road & Co.

218 Bedford Ave

Finish your mini-mall vintage rummage at Rugged Road & Co., also located on N. 5th Street! This vintage store in Williamsburg focuses on one of a kind men’s pieces from cool jackets from NASA to bombers and cool shirts to antique accessories and cool bandanas.

Rugged Road & Co. really boasts one of the best vintage collections in Williamsburg – with vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, home goods, and even vintage vinyl. This curated collection does run on the more expensive end, but is well worth it when you find the perfect piece in their carefully curated collection.

Rugged Road & Co. also offers online shopping if you can’t make it to this Williamsburg thrift store in person!

Monk Vintage


500 Driggs Ave

Located on Driggs Avenue is the Williamsburg thrift store, Monk Vintage! Monk Vintage has an awesome collection of vintage and pre-loved shoes, clothing, and accessories.

This shop is jam-packed with awesome, eclectic beauties, ranging from thrifty pieces to designer finds! And as an added bonus, this store also sells artwork, antiques, and vintage movie posters in and around the checkout area.

Monk Vintage accepts donations, and even offers a discount on your next purchase whenever you drop off things to donate!

Malin Landaeus

157 N 6th St

Located only a block away from the Bedford Ave stop on the L train is Malin Landaeus, home to one of Williamsburg’s best vintage collections.

This is one of the best Williamsburg thrift stores if you’re looking for vintage clothing pieces and want to support a shop that focuses on sustainability! I am obsessed with their vintage boots selection.

Rabbits Vintage Fashion

120 Havemeyer St

If you’re looking for a hip Williamsburg vintage shop, look no farther than Rabbits Vintage Fashion on Havemeyer Street!

Rabbits offer shoppers a great selection of moderately-priced vintage clothing, accessories, and shoes, and even a whole collection of vintage kimonos! Rummage through, and you may even come across some designer pieces tucked into the mix.

Amarcord Vintage Fashion

223 Bedford Ave

Amarcord Vintage Fashion’s Williamsburg boutique is located on Bedford Avenue. This vintage shop boasts European-inspired, high-end, luxury vintage pieces.

You can find clothing, jewelry, and accessories here, and are all a bit pricey as most pieces are designer. You can even shop some of their collection online!

Le Grand Strip Vintage Fashion

197 Grand St

Yet another great vintage shop located on Grand Street, Le Grand Strip is a funky, French-inspired vintage shop.

You can peruse their selection of vintage clothing, lingerie, jewelry, and accessories – which range from moderately-priced accouterments to the more luxurious pieces which sell for more. You can also shop a selection of their jewelry and accessories online.

Visiting this Williamsburg vintage shop will make you feel like a fabulous French artist from moments’ past!

Wonders of Walter


135 Berry St

Located in a little garage space, Wonders of Walter is a sidewalk pop-up vintage clothing shop! This streetside Williamsburg vintage shop is just as cool as it sounds, with t-shirts, retro coats and jackets, and accessories.

With the feel of a rummage sale, but the curation of a vintage boutique, Wonders of Walter has pieces ranging from moderate to higher-priced, depending on the brand, age, and rarity of the item.

Stop by some afternoon (except on Tuesdays, when they are closed) to explore the collection that Wonders of Walter has to offer! This is always one of my favorites to pass by since it’s so convenient to shop right on the sidewalk.

Known to Man

320 Graham Ave

On Graham Avenue sits the small vintage shop, Known to Man. This small, well-organized store has a selection of women’s vintage clothing and accessories.

Their clothes are posh and moderately-priced, making it the perfect place to pick up some unique vintage staples to add to your wardrobe! They also sell mystical extras, and even host a weekly tarot card event, making Known to Man one of the most magical vintage shops in Williamsburg!

Known to Man has a Depop shop, so you can shop a selection of their pieces online!

Velma Vintage

91 N 1st St & 240 Kent Ave

Velma Vintage is a Williamsburg vintage shop with a collection put together by a vintage curator who has been collecting for over two decades – so you already know their pieces are good!

There are two locations, the one on N 1st Street features clothing and the location on Kent Avenue features home goods and furniture, so take your pick or visit both!

For clothing, you can find stunning true vintage blouses, dresses, shoes, accessories, and an impressive amount of kimonos. Velma Vintage will make you feel like you stepped back in time, into a world of romantic nostalgia! Their meticulously curated items range from moderate to higher prices, depending on their age, condition, and rarity.

Grand Street Local

154 Grand St

Touted as one of the best vintage stores in Brooklyn, this vintage store in Williamsburg is sure to wow! Grand Street Local has hundreds of vintage t-shirts and sweatshirts, with just about any team, band, logo, or pattern you can imagine.

Grand Street Local is family-owned, and all of their vintage pieces are hand-selected to ensure their selection is as cool as possible! Their shirts range in price, depending on how rare the piece is. They also auction off rare vintage items weekly, so if you’re a collector make sure to check it out!

If you have vintage clothing items that you’re looking to sell, you can contact Grand Street Local!

The Attic


231 Grand St

Head up to The Attic for a huge assortment of reasonably-priced, authentic vintage fashion and another one of the great Williamsburg thrift stores!

One of the most amazing vintage stores in Williamsburg, The Attic truly has everything you could possibly imagine – from vintage jackets and outerwear, to Levi’s denim, adorable rompers, a plus-sized collection, and reworked vintage items that blend old styles with new trends.

You can feel good about stocking up on awesome finds, as The Attic focuses its efforts not only on providing cute clothing but also on sustainability practices. You can visit The Attic on Grand Street or shop online!

Buffalo Exchange

504 Driggs Ave

If you’ve ever spent any time thrift shopping, then you’ve no doubt been to (or at least heard of) Buffalo Exchange! This chain of thrift shops are known for their massive selections of pre-loved men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Buffalo Exchange’s Williamsburg location is on N. 9th Street, not far from the Bedford Ave. stop on the L train. Their collection of reasonably-priced goodies are all hip and trendy, and range from vintage finds to higher-end brand names.

Buffalo Exchange also has buy, sell, and trade options at all of their locations, as well as through the mail in case you’re shopping Williamsburg thrift stores from home!


66 N 7th St

If you’re in the mood for a dedicated flea market, Regeneration is the perfect spot for you!

This mini-flea market sells carefully curated seasonal vintage clothing. And as their title suggests, this vintage shop is all about upcycling, seeing the beauty in retro items well beyond their intended use.

With sustainability at the forefront, Regeneration is another great thrift store in Williamsburg that is dedicated to satisfying your vintage needs!

9 to 5 Vintage

130 Grand St

Vintage is the keyword for 9 to 5 Vintage. This Williamsburg thrift store has a reach that spans multiple decades. Specializing in pieces dating back to the 1940s!

While this shop is on the smaller side, don’t let its size fool you! This little shop is chock-full of unique and worthwhile pieces. The staff here is pretty friendly as well, giving a positive vibe to match their collection.

The next time you’re taking a stroll through Williamsburg, don’t forget to check out 9 to 5 Vintage. It’s a goodie!

The T-POP Shop

142 Grand St

Another hidden gem, The T-POP Shop is one thrift and consignment store in Williamsburg you don’t want to miss!

One of the fanciest entries on this list, T-Pop offers women of the city some beautiful clothing (accessories as well) at very reasonable prices. And the staff is very warm too, which doesn’t sound like much—but can definitely make or break your buyer experience.

With fur coats and leather jackets abound, The T-POP Shop makes for a great pop-in—especially for winter and fall shopping!

Vintage Stores in Williamsburg Map

Best Vintage & Thrift Stores in Williamsburg (Post Summary):

  • Super Real Much
  • Chickee’s Vintage
  • L Train Vintage
  • 10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas & Stella Dallas Living
  • Antionette
  • Awoke Vintage
  • Plus BKLYN
  • Rugged Road & Co.
  • Monk Vintage
  • Malin Landaeus
  • Rabbits Vintage Fashion
  • Amarcord Vintage Fashion
  • Le Grand Strip Vintage Fashion
  • Wonders of Walter
  • Known to Man
  • Velma Vintage
  • Grand Street Local
  • The Attic
  • Buffalo Exchange
  • Regeneration
  • 9 to 5 Vintage
  • The T-POP Shop

If you don’t want to stop you are just a short distance away from all the great vintage shops in Greenpoint too since it’s next door! And if you find yourself exploring other parts of the city, be sure to check out our full guide to the best thrift stores in NYC by neighborhood. 

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Best Williamsburg thrift shops in Brooklyn

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