Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is home to Little Odessa, a vibrant enclave shaped by Russian and Eastern European émigrés. Delight in its array of Eastern European and Russian restaurants, stores, and nightclubs.

Located on the southern coast of Brooklyn, visitors can take in the beach here during the warmer months and enjoy a nice stroll down Riegelmann Boardwalk which connects to neighboring Coney Island and is typically much less crowded.

Neighborhood Highlights:

  • Browse the titles St. Petersburg Bookstore, the largest Russian bookstore outside of Russia on the globe.
  • Take a stroll or enjoy a meal along the Riegelmann Boardwalk, where a variety of restaurants await just steps away from the sandy shore.
  • Enjoy a relaxing day at Brighton Beach, renowned for its tranquil atmosphere and fewer crowds compared to nearby Coney Island Beach, making it one of the best beaches in Brooklyn in the summer.
  • Experience the artistry of the Brighton Ballet Company, renowned for its adherence to traditional Russian ballet training and repertoire. Witness their exceptional performances, spanning classical to contemporary styles, showcasing the mastery of their students’ talent and dedication.
  • Master Theater, renowned for its eclectic array of performances ranging from theater productions to concerts and cultural events, boasts a storied history tracing back to its inception as the Oceana Theater in 1949, providing an opportunity for visitors to experience its shows firsthand.