Bensonhurst, a cultural cornerstone in Brooklyn, boasts a rich Italian-American heritage evident in its longstanding traditions and iconic neighborhood eateries. 

Visitors are drawn to its bustling 18th Avenue, known as “Brooklyn’s Little Italy,” where they can savor authentic cuisine and experience a close-knit community atmosphere. Just make sure you bring a shopping bag as you’ll want to come home with some goodies.

In recent years, Bensonhurst also has a significant Chinese population and has also become known as Little Hong Kong. 

Neighborhood Highlights:

  • This neighborhood is a foodie’s dream! Check out specialty grocery shops like Pastosa Ravioli or JMart for both Italian and Asian specialty stores that give you a taste of the diverse cultures Bensonhurst offers.
  • Visit the neighborhood’s quirky Statue House at 84th Street between 20th and 21st Avenue. The exterior of the home is an open-air gallery of eccentric statuary.