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12 Absolutely Awesome Bensonhurst Coffee Shops & Cafes

Looking for the best Bensonhurst coffee shops and cafes? I got you. I’ve spent enough time in my South Brooklyn neighborhood of Bensonhurst to know that a bagel shop isn’t the only place to get a cup of coffee! Sometimes you need a place that makes exceptional coffee. And when it comes to Bensonhurst coffee shops, you can enjoy the variety!

Bensonhurst has a diverse population made up of different cultures, including Italian, Asian, Mexican, and Eastern European cultures. Around the neighborhood, I’ve found everything from quality Italian espresso to Turkish coffee. Japanese bubble tea is also super popular, and there are even a few tea shops. Where you need a sweet drink or your next caffeine fix, you can read about great Bensonhurst cafes below!

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The Best Bensonhurst Cafes

Sorrento Espresso Bar

Address: 7716 18th Ave

If you spend any time in the neighborhood, you figure out pretty quickly that 18th Avenue is one of the main thoroughfares. But most people stay below 71st Street, where you can find a myriad of shops and restaurants. But where Sorrento Espresso Bar is near 78th Street is where the locals go!

Sorrento is tucked in with a bunch of old-school Italian businesses from a few decades ago when the neighborhood was mainly Italian. If you’re looking for the best Bensonhurst coffee shops, start here. Enjoy real cappuccinos and strong Italian espressos while you relax at a table. Plus, you can get house-made gelato and lemon ice!

Aroma Coffee Shop

Address: 7514 13th Ave

When the family-owned Aroma Coffee Shop opened its second location on 13th Avenue in 2022, it quickly became a neighborhood favorite. They have tons of beautiful outdoor seating on their patio, and they make quality breakfast and lunch offerings.

Come here for an acai bowl or a sandwich on crusty bread with fresh greens. Or enjoy local baked goods and a juice bar! But I included them for their impressive coffee menu! They make excellent coffee and even offer cortados and affogatos. And while Aroma Coffee Shop is on the pricier side, it’s worth a visit.

Kung Fu Tea 86th

Address:  2174 86th St

One of my favorite cafes in Bensonhurst is Kung Fu Tea on 86th Street! They’re a Taiwanese franchise with a few local stores, but this is the only one I’ve been to. Come here for different variations on black tea with milk and boba. It’s a clean, bright setting with a few booths and tables, so you can hang out.

Part of the fun at Kung Fu Tea is the variety. You can add different ingredients like jellies and puddings to your drinks. And they serve both hot and cold coffee and tea, as well as frozen drinks. I suggest trying their new Brown Sugar Wow Coffee. It combines brown sugar, boba, iced coffee, and a foamy, salty-sweet milk cap.

And I don’t know if all the locations are like this, but the 86th Street location also has a separate food menu. Go for lunch and try some fried chicken, French fries, or crispy squid!

Tbaar 86th

Address:  8520 20th Ave

Tbaar is another great place to get bubble tea. I love that they actually started in Brooklyn in 2006. They have several locations in the 5 boroughs, but this is the only one I’ve been to. I keep going back because they’re really friendly and helpful.

Their signage can be a bit overwhelming because there’s just so much on it. But the options are great. I think Tbaar does a classic bubble tea drink well. But they’re also known for their fresh-pressed vegetable and fruit juices!

ViVi Bubble Tea

Address: 2169 86th St

Go for a walk along 86th Street underneath the elevated train and you start to get a good feel for Bensonhurst. There are name-brand stores, vape shops, fast food places, and even a Starbucks. Weave your way through the street vendors selling shoes and produce and you’ll also find some of the best coffee shops and cafes in Bensonhurst. ViVi Bubble Tea deserves to be on that list.

You can’t miss them with their bubbly pink and white storefront! You’ll love ViVi’s branding with the adorable Kawaii skulls everywhere. The atmosphere is welcoming and they have plenty of seating. And this is the place to come for fun, super sweet variations on milk tea.

For your caffeine fix, I suggest a matcha milk tea or a Thai iced tea. They don’t have any coffee, but they have a tiramisu-flavored milk tea! And I come here when I’m craving their popcorn chicken!


Address: 2132 86th St

Tiger Sugar is different than other bubble tea shops I’ve tried. Their tea is strong with notes of caramel. They make their drinks sweet, but that’s because of the signature brown sugar in everything.

Where ViVi is cute and Tbaar has health drinks, Tiger Sugar feels sophisticated I love that you can tell that their brown sugar boba is made fresh by hand! Just don’t be surprised when the pearls are of different sizes.

Alegrito Espresso Bar

Address: 2216 65th St

If you’re looking for coffee shops in Bensonhurst with great atmosphere, come to Alegrito Espresso Bar. It’s a beautiful and cozy place to enjoy a cup of coffee with the important people in your life. There are love seats in the back or tables with comfy leather chairs. Plus, they have a full bar with all kinds of alcoholic drinks!

You’ll love all the little touches everywhere, from the cocoa dusting on the mochas to the woven place settings. They offer small breakfast and lunch menus with things like omelets, croissant sandwiches, and soup.

Prince Tea House

Address: 8510 21st Ave

One of my favorite Bensonhurst cafes for nights out with the girls or even a brunch with the family is Prince Tea House. The franchise actually has a few locations in the 5 boroughs, but I think this one is the best. If you go, you have to sit in the back dining room with string lights and the sunroof.

From the minute you walk into Prince Tea House, you know you’re in for a treat. It kind of feels like a spa with calm, bright spaces and even a wall of succulents. Get the royal treatment with a French-Asian-style dessert or an afternoon tea service!

Ave P Coffee Shop

Address: 401 Avenue P

Next to the Avenue P Deli is the unassuming Ave P Coffee Shop. Despite the name, this is actually a great neighborhood diner that offers a large menu. I had to include them on my list of Bensonhurst coffee shops because it’s a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of joe!

My daughter and I go to the park a few blocks over and then come here for lunch. There’s lots of seating and it’s the ideal atmosphere to meet a friend for coffee. Everyone knows the owner (Pedro) by name, and the entire staff is super welcoming. You won’t feel like you’re being rushed out!

Coffee Rx 86th

Address: 1504 86th St

With a tongue-in-cheek name like Coffee RX, you know it has to be good coffee! Consider this café in Bensonhurst if you prefer to get some work done. There’s tons of seating and it’s a popular place to read a book or work on your laptop.

Coffee RX is actually a family-owned chain that started in Bay Ridge. They have a few locations, and it’s nice to have a trendier kind of place in the neighborhood. They’re known for their quality coffee and tea options. And they also have omelets, wraps, and sandwiches on the menu.

New Bay Coffee Shop

Address: 1950 86th St

Next, we go from trendy and modern to old-school Brooklyn! The New Bay Coffee Shop in Bensonhurst is a great place for a classic drip coffee and a meal. Don’t plan on rushing if you come here. On the weekends you have to wait for a table and during the week there’s a calmness that the staff leans into.

This popular luncheonette has a decent breakfast and lunch menu. Try delicious authentic Mexican dishes like tamales and chilaquiles. But you’ll find your classic diner food choices, too. The staff is attentive and they’ll keep your coffee cup full.

Eden Coffee Shop

Address: 7310 20th Ave

To round out my list of Bensonhurst coffee shops is a brand-new little place owned by a Mexican family. Come in and enjoy a peaceful breakfast with strong, fresh coffee. The couple who run Eden Coffee Shop is quick to strike up a conversation and seem passionate about doing well in the neighborhood!

Come here for a very Brooklyn experience. I’ve stopped in a few times and the owners remembered me immediately! They sell baked goods and bread from a local shop, and all the items on the menu are made with care.

Best Cafes in Bensonhurst (Post Summary):

  • Sorrento Espresso Bar
  • Aroma Coffee Shop
  • Kung Fu Tea 86th
  • Tbaar 86th
  • Vivi Bubble Tea
  • Tiger Sugar Brooklyn
  • Algerito Espresso Bar
  • Prince Tea House
  • Ave P Coffee Shop
  • Coffee Rx 86th
  • New Bay Coffee Shop
  • Eden Coffee Shop

About the Guest Author

Elizabeth Ramos – I moved to Brooklyn from my hometown in Texas in 2010 when I was dating my husband. It was a major transition going from the South to NYC, but I quickly learned to love it! There’s really no other place like it. I’ve spent a decade in the Bensonhurst and South Brooklyn area during my career as a writer, artist, and preschool teacher. Today, I work from home as a content writer in the areas of beauty, lifestyle, education, parenting, and travel so I can stay home with my 1-year-old daughter. When I’m not writing, you’ll probably find my little family exploring fun things to do around Brooklyn!

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