Flatbush is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city, this large neighborhood that borders Prospect Park is home to Caribbean, Jamaican, Latino, Pakistani, and African American communities.

The neighborhood boasts a rich history with Victorian Flatbush’s ornate architecture and sections of the neighborhood share borders with Little Caribbean and Little Haiti, both influences evident in its culinary scene and cultural events.

Visitors explore the historic charm of Victorian Flatbush, characterized by well-preserved Victorian homes featuring a variety of architectural styles on quiet, tree-lined blocks in five different designated historic districts.

Neighborhood Highlights:

  • Ditmas Park is the tree-lined area of the neighborhood adorned with Victorian and Edwardian mansions, creating a picturesque suburban oasis within New York City. It’s popular to take a stroll up and down the designated historic streets to admire the different styles of architecture.
  • The lavish Kings Theatre is a restored late-1920s movie palace that seats more than 3,000 hosting a range of performances, preserving both its historic grandeur and serving as a vibrant venue for contemporary entertainment.
  • Visitors to Prospect Park from the Flatbush side can explore the scenic Prospect Park Lake, play on the sports fields, or have a snack at Parade Ground, and admire the Peristyle, a neoclassical landmark designed by famed architect Stanford White.
  • Flatbush Reformed Church is one of the oldest congregations in New York City, dating back to the 17th century, with its current building constructed in 1796. The church is known for its Dutch Colonial architecture.