Vinegar Hill

Vinegar Hill is a micro-neighborhood nestled between DUMBO and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This charming Brooklyn neighborhood is known for its cobblestone streets and historic red-brick Federalist-style buildings.

In the 18th century, its founders named it after a skirmish in the Irish Rebellion to entice immigrants from Ireland, essential as labor for the neighboring Brooklyn Navy Yard. It was one of New York City’s Irishtowns.

The neighborhood is small and doesn’t require a lot of time to wander its charming, historic streets, and is a great addition to visiting either Navy Yard or DUMBO.

Neighborhood Highlights:

  • Quarters A stands as a historic landmark, a Federal-style residence built in the early 19th century that once housed naval officers. With its architectural elegance, this structure embodies the neighborhood’s maritime legacy and offers a glimpse into Brooklyn’s rich history.
  • Vinegar Hill House is a culinary haven housed in a charmingly restored 19th-century building, offering an intimate dining experience amid rustic elegance. On a beautiful day, you won’t want to miss their outdoor patio.
  • Gallery Gaia is the neighborhood’s intimate art gallery showcasing contemporary artworks and exhibitions.