One of the most famous neighborhoods in NYC is Williamsburg, this North Brooklyn neighborhood is the epitome of hipster culture. Once an industrial hub, Williamsburg has been transformed into a vibrant neighborhood adorned with street art, trendy boutiques, and eclectic eateries. I’d dare to say this is one of the best foodie neighborhoods in the city with a high concentration of great eateries and trendy restaurants.

The iconic Williamsburg Bridge connects it to Manhattan’s skyline spanning the East River. You’ll want to take in the views from Domino Park, once the industrial site of the Domino Sugar Factory paying homage to its history in this revitalized waterfront destination.

You’ll find lively venues here for music performances, fun bars, galleries, vintage shops, and nightlife. This is a great destination to visit for those seeking a taste of Brooklyn’s edgy, ever-evolving spirit. 

Neighborhood Highlights:

  • Domino Park offers incredible views of the Manhattan skyline, Williamsburg Bridge, and an urban playground for dogs, kids, and people to relax at the site of the former sugar refinery from the late 19th century until it closed in 2004.
  • Shopping & dining up and down Bedford Avenue. This is where you’ll find street art and murals covering walls surrounded by storefronts of independent and big retailers, street vendors, and restaurants.
  • Established in the late 1980s, Brooklyn Brewery revived the borough’s beer brewing tradition. Historically, Brooklyn accounted for 10% of US beer production pre-Prohibition. Visit through tours, the tasting room, and events at this iconic brewery.
  • The neighborhood is a treasure trove of nicely curated vintage shops and boutiques. Williamsburg’s trendsetting atmosphere and emphasis on individual style make it a magnet for those seeking one-of-a-kind fashion finds from various eras and street styles.
  • Williamsburg has a plethora of incredible rooftop bars and restaurants with some of the best skyline views the city has to offer. Westlight at the William Vale offers one of the neighborhood’s best views of New York City in a swanky space with light bites and cocktails.
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