Birria Landia birria tacos from the taco truck on Metropolitan ave in Williamsburg Brooklyn
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Best Restaurants in Williamsburg (Foodie’s Guide)

Looking for the best restaurants in Williamsburg to try? The neighborhood, which could basically be its own city at this point, offers all the best food from tacos to pizza to upscale restaurants to dive bars and everything in between and has become a gathering point for foodies all over the city with its incredible dining scene and proximity to Manhattan.

While you’re here, stick around and check out all the other cool things to do in Williamsburg, check out the Williamsburg street art scene, or just enjoy some of the best views of the skyline from Brooklyn along the East River waterfront.

Whether you are a neighborhood local or just visiting, this guide will provide you with all the best restaurants in Williamsburg! PS, got a plant-diet friend (or for yourself)? We’ve got a guide to the best vegan restaurants in Brooklyn, which include plenty of options in Williamsburg!

Where to Eat in Williamsburg

Llama Inn

Address: 50 Withers St

Llama Inn is one of the best spots for food in Williamsburg and one of my personal picks for best restaurants in Brooklyn. It is Peruvian and has some of the most creative and unique dishes, not to mention some of the best cocktails.

The restaurant itself is also a vibe, with dimly-lit interiors and a wraparound bar in the center of the restaurant making it a great spot for a special occasion or a weeknight out with friends. There is also outdoor seating and a rooftop bar, which are both just as aesthetically pleasing.

While all their cocktails are amazing, your first drink should include anything made with Pisco. As far as the food goes, even though I’ve been several times, I always am tempted to order the quinoa and beef tenderloin entrée, or what is known in Peru as lomo saltado, which cannot be missed. The entire menu is incredible, making Llama Inn one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg.


Address: 80 Berry St

The name says it all for this restaurant. Cheeseboat’s standout dish is cheese in a boat (aka khachapuri, the signature stuffed cheese bread of Georgia), and who doesn’t love both? Not to mention this place is a family-owned spot conveniently located on Berry & N 9th, providing you with ample places to explore after you fill up on your delicious meal!

I always love a classic, original cheeseboat, which is always a great option if this is your first time but the menu also provides options to include vegetables, meats, or seafood in your cheeseboat as well.

If you want to dine here, I recommend a reservation in advance which can be made on their website. Each time I’ve been without one, it has been pretty difficult to get in because of the popularity!



Address: 491 Metropolitan Ave

This is hands down one of the best taco spots in Brooklyn, which started after their Jackson Heights location sort of blew up in popularity. Over and over again I heard how incredible this place was, so much that I ventured out to Jackson Heights to give it a try. The line was wrapped around the block for the Birria-Landia truck and once I was finally able to order and take my first bite, I understood why.

Now, if you’re looking for the best food in Brooklyn, you don’t have to go to Jackson Heights to taste these incredible tacos. The line still appears just as long in Williamsburg but trust me, it is worth the wait – and usually, the wait isn’t that long. (If you go right when they open you can slide in and get your tacos quickly)

There are four items on the menu and while all are incredible, your first experience has to be the birria taco with a side of consommé. The tortillas are perfectly crunchy and the dip in the consommé makes for the absolutely perfect bite.

This is also one of the best places to eat in Williamsburg if you’re looking for a quick, inexpensive meal.

Joe’s Pizza


Address: 216 Bedford Ave

Another restaurant with several locations around the city, Joe’s Pizza remains supreme as far as pizza goes. There is truly nothing better than a NY slice of za and Joe’s makes the hands down best slice in the city, and dare I say, the world. In fact, I’m not the only one who thinks this. GQ recently named Joe’s Pizza “Best 25 Pizzas on Earth!”

Celebrities and locals alike stop by Joe’s on a regular basis (it was even featured on one of the original Spiderman movies with Tobey Maguire) and for good reason. It has even become a spot where tourists flock when visiting NY. In fact, there has not been a single time when we’ve had out of town guests that a slice at Joe’s has not been on the itinerary and more times than not, we go again because everyone loves it that much.

The menu is simple and for that reason, your first trip to Joe’s should be ordering a slice of plain. The crust is perfectly crisp and perfectly thin for that classic NY fold. Once you’ve had your first bite, you will understand the addiction, which is when I recommend a slice of pepperoni or ricotta as your second slice.  



Address: 111 N 12th St

Is there anything better than skyline views of Manhattan while you are sipping a perfectly crafted cocktail and a delicious meal? Probably not, which is why it makes Westlight one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg and one of the best rooftop bars in Brooklyn and all of NYC!

Located on the 22nd floor of the very aesthetically pleasing William Vale, one of the best Williamsburg hotels with skyline views, Westlight offers 360 degree views of Manhattan. During the summer, yard games are set up and during the winter, there is an ice-skating rink, making this the perfect year round destination.

I was initially drawn to Westlight because of the views but immediately fell in love with the food. Their menu of small plates offers a wide variety of options that were all inspired by global street food.

They take reservations through their website and I highly recommend grabbing one before heading here! The best time to go? About an hour before sunset so you catch the daytime and nighttime views!

Modern Love 

Modern Love vegan restaurant mural in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Address: 317 Union Ave

I can’t help but think of the podcast turned TV series when I’m reminded of this great vegan spot in NYC and one of the best picks for where to eat in Williamsburg. And just like the podcast and show alike, this place is wonderful.

Modern Love is entirely vegan but you do not need to be on a plant-based diet to enjoy this food. The menu is made up of comfort food items including BBQ cauliflower wings, tempura stuffed avocado, a bacon cheeseburger and mac and cheese that tastes as good as the real deal. 

The space is beautiful and they offer indoor and outdoor dining as well as take away options. Modern Love is great for groups, whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just celebrating great food, this is one of the best places to eat in Williamsburg. 


Address: 567 Union Ave

There is no way you’ve googled best Italian food in the city and Lilia has not made it on that list. The waiters are dressed in clean whites to match the beautiful minimalist space that was once an old auto shop. 

Being one of the best Williamsburg restaurants, it’s hard to get a table so set your Resy notifications now. Don’t be disappointed if you get the early bird reservation spot, the food is just as great and you’re home in time to get through the pasta coma you’ve just eaten yourself into. 

Gin and tonics are my all-time favorite cocktail and Liila has one of the best I’ve ever had. Follow that by the cacio e pepe frittelle and the grilled clams to start. Don’t skip out on the salad either. 

Now you’ve made it to the best part of the meal; the pastas. Come hungry and come with friends because you’re going to want to order them all so you can try a bit of all of them.

Some of the standouts? The rigatoni diavola, malfadini, and sheep’s milk cheese-filled agnolotti are all dishes that shouldn’t even be a question. You’ll order them and you’re going to want more when they’re done. Save room for dessert because the Italian Job, gelato with olive oil and the olive oil case are incredible. 

Can’t get into Lilia and still craving some of the amazingness of head chef Missy Robbins? Head over to Misi (at 329 Kent Avenue – another amazing Williamsburg restaurant) for a just as incredible experience, also featured below!

Peter Luger

Address: 178 Broadway

This wouldn’t be a complete guide to the best restaurants in Williamsburg without including the infamous Peter Luger, one of the most famous steakhouses in NYC. It’s your classic, old school, NY steakhouse complete with all the thrills that come with classic steakhouses; none, which in my opinion is half the charm. 

Must orders? The wedge salad because really are you eating at a steakhouse without starting out with a Ceasar or wedge salad?

The porterhouse steak for two is the next thing to appear on your table. While the price tag is high, the quality is worth every penny. It’s covered in butter and salt and arrives completely pre-cut.

Get the creamed spinach for your sides and you have yourself the classic American meal. Still craving more? You can’t go wrong with their hot fudge sundae for dessert. 

Keep in mind this Williamsburg restaurant is a cash-only establishment. Be sure to hit up the ATM in advance. Also, you’ll want to make a reservation in advance.


Address: 32 Withers St

If you’re searching for some great Italian cuisine, then this is where to eat in Williamsburg for you! Italian is one of my favorite meals and Bamonte’s does Italian so right.

Similar to Peter Luger, it’s got all the old school vibes except this time it feels like you are stepping foot in what would have been the scene for the Godfather movies in the 70s, which is close to how long the restaurant has been around, plus or minus 50 years (this Williamsburg restaurant dates back to 1900!).

It’s the classic red sauce establishment and has the decor to match. Old phone booths, photographs covering the walls and dirty martinis on every table. The waiters are still in bowties and expect your order all at once. 

The cheese ravioli is one of the best. If you’re dining solo, get an extra to take home because it’s that good. The pork chop parmesan should be your main course followed by any of the desserts and a cup of coffee to finish off the meal. 


Address: 26 Broadway

The Italian scene continues to be some of the best picks for where to eat in Williamsburg and Barano is no exception to that. The restaurant features the cuisine of the region of southern Italy, which does not disappoint.

You really cannot go wrong with pizza or pasta but some of my favorites include the cacio e pepe ravioli, spaghetti chitarra, and maccheroni pastas and the nonna and classic margarita pizza.

Just like many of the popular spots for the best food in Williamsburg, Barano can get very busy and a recommendation is highly recommended. You can make reservations through Resy for either indoor or outdoor dining.

Sunday in Brooklyn

Address: 348 Wythe Ave

Sunday in Brooklyn checks off everything. Not only do they have a very aesthetically pleasing ambiance, they also have amazing cocktails and some of the best food in Williamsburg.

The space feels similar to a log cabin, making it the coziest in the winter months with exposed food beams and a long wood bar at the entrance. Reservations are a must and while dinner is great, nothing beats their brunch menu, which is why this is one of our favorite Williamsburg brunch spots!

Start off with a cocktail and a matcha (or coffee or tea). If you’re a fan of bloody marys, there is one of the best in the city. Mezcal is the base, making it even more unique.

You’ve probably seen the Sunday pancakes all over Instagram, and for good reason. They are delightful and an order should be on every table not to mention they are some of the best pancakes in NYC. Follow that with the egg & sausage sandwich and you’ll have created the perfect meal.

The Commodore

Address: 366 Metropolitan Ave

While The Commodore hails as a bar with giant glasses of frozen pina coladas (it’s one of our picks for best bars in Williamsburg too), you come for the fried chicken and biscuits.

It’s from an alum from Pies ‘N’ Thighs (another contender for the best food in Williamsburg and neighborhood staple), so you already know they are going to be superior. Don’t skip out on the nachos either. They are delightful.

I definitely recommend coming here during the day. While it is still one of the best places to eat in Williamsburg, it becomes a totally different vibe at night, and not in the good way.

The Four Horsemen

Address: 295 Grand St

I’m not going to lie – the original reason we came to this popular Williamsburg restaurant is because my boyfriend is a huge LCD Soundsystem fan and so that’s what originally brought us to this space. Now, it is a place we revisit over and over because it really is that good, celebrity-owned or otherwise. (If you didn’t know LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy is the owner of this Williamsburg restaurant).

The natural wine selection at The Four Horsemen is some of the best in Williamsburg and one of the best wine bars in Brooklyn – but the cocktails are also incredible.

The menu changes daily but some standouts that always reappear and should also be on your table include the warm house bread, crispy potato pave, and the fried chicken. Their fish appetizers usually change but each one I’ve tried has also been delightful!

As always, make a reservation. The bar is also a decent size and a great spot to sit!

Emmy Squared

Emmy Squared pizza in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Address: 364 Grand Street

I know it feels like Emmy Squared is everywhere so it doesn’t feel as special but it is still that special. The extra locations just mean it really is that good but the Williamsburg location still reigns supreme.

All of the pizza is made Detroit-Style and all of the pizza is incredible. Come with friends and share them all. Make a reservation because the space is small and sometimes feels a little cramped, but only in the best way.

Craving something other than pizza? The caesar salad is great as well as the crispy cheddar curds. Do not, I repeat do not, leave without trying at least a bite of the fried chicken sandwich and the Emmy Squared burger, a play on In-N-Out but on a pretzel bun. This is different from the Emily burger, so if you are burger fan, try them both!

And after you’ve had your fair share of some of the best food in Williamsburg you can head next door to play skee ball with drinks at Full Circle Bar.

Marlow & Sons

Address: 81 Broadway

Marlow & Sons wins for one of my favorite Williamsburg restaurants based on ambiance alone. It’s dark, candle-lit, cozy and similar to Sunday in Brooklyn, feels like you are in a log cabin.

The menu changes regularly but the chicken stays consistent and is consistently the best thing on the menu.

They also open early for breakfast and their biscuits are something to write home about. If you come for dinner order the oysters to start, the brick chicken, and the crispy rice bowl. Like everything I’ve mentioned in this guide to where to eat in Williamsburg, they have a good wine list and exceptional cocktails as well.

Reservations are recommended but I’ve been known to get a spot at the bar without one in the past.

Le Crocodile

Address: 80 Wythe Ave

Another pick of the incredible Williamsburg restaurants in an amazing Williamsburg hotel. You walk into Le Crocodile and immediately feel like you’re in a café in Paris. The outdoor space gives all of those same vibes, making me want to visit this place over and over again. The best part? The menu is also outstanding, making it some of the best food in Williamsburg to try.

The menu is long, so as always, I recommend coming with friends and sharing. Brunch is my favorite meal here, probably because it goes so well with the Parisian vibes.

Start with a pastry of your choice but I always recommend a chocolate croissant. The one here reminds me of one from my favorite bakery that was around the corner from where we stayed on a trip to Paris a few years ago, so you know it has to be good. Other stand out items include the French toast, croque monsieur, eggs royale, and the quiche.

Their coffee selection is also top notch but if you’re in the mood for a brunch cocktail you really can’t go wrong with any of the classics.

Reservations are accepted and recommended.


Brick chicken from Diner in Williamsburg Brooklyn restaurant

Address: 85 Broadway

Diner is hands down one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg. Not only is it located in a real old-school Pullman diner car under the Williamsburg Bridge, the ever changing menu offers seasonal American fare. There are a few staples on the menu like the burger, which in my opinion is one of the best in Brooklyn. 

Reservations are accepted for indoor dining. As mentioned, the menu changes daily and their portions are on the larger side, if you ever see the brick chicken on the menu – it’s a must. They also do mussels well! Diner also has great cocktails, which should not be skipped. 

Also, if you love old-school spots, check out our guide to the best diners in Brooklyn.



Address: 254 S 2nd St

Surprise, surprise. Should it be a surprise that one of the best places for a slice of pizza in NYC is also one of the best places to eat in Williamsburg? L’Industrie is a popular slice shop (you can get the whole pies too).

Be sure to try the burrata for one of the most perfect slices of pizza you’ll ever try. This is one of their most popular slices and it is a classic featuring just a few ingredients done right, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and burrata.

For meat eaters, you’ll want to try the pepperoni or spicy salami. Or spring for the New Yorker which has pepperoni, salami, mozzarella, ricotta, and tomato sauce.

For something a little different opt for the fig and bacon slice which perfectly combines salty and sweet flavors. You really can’t go wrong here. This is one of the best quality cheap eats in the city.


Address: 329 Kent Avenue 

Misi is another of the best restaurants in Williamsburg from chef Missy Robbins, the same chef who created the infamous Lilia listed above. Misi is set close to the river and encompasses a minimalist space and a long counter where you can watch the chefs at work, yet another reason why this is where to eat in Williamsburg. 

The pasta dishes are obviously what you need to order. There isn’t a bad one on the menu in my opinion but there is nothing better than the fettuccine pasta and the tortellini. They are perfectly sauced and perfectly made in my opinion.

Just like Lilia, Misi reservations are highly recommended. Indoor and outdoor dining are available but if possible, grab yourself a spot at the kitchen counter for some of the best food in Williamsburg. 

Laser Wolf Brooklyn 

Address: 97 Wythe Ave 

There are so many good restaurants in Williamsburg that it is always hard to narrow it down but Laser Wolf is definitely one of my picks for the best restaurants in Williamsburg. If you don’t believe me, check Resy for impossible reservations at this delicious Israeli spot. 

The menu at Laser Wolf is simple and similar to a tasting menu. Everything is incredible from the mezze to the entrees but my favorite has to be the dessert, brown sugar soft serve with sesame and cherry crunchies. If you’re a meat eater, make sure to order the BBQ short ribs. The fries aren’t included but should be on everyone’s table because they are worth every penny. 

Laser Wolf is located on top of the Hoxton, one of the best hotels in Williamsburg too. Reservations are definitely recommended (and clearly hard to get) but our waiter did tell us that if you get there when they open, a spot at the bar is usually attainable. 

Santa Fe 

Address: 178 N 8th Street 

Another incredible spot in Williamsburg is Santa Fe, a New Mexican restaurant specializing in New Mexican ingredients including the best combination of sauces you can find, red and green, better known as “Christmas.” 

Santa Fe is one of the few places that I will recommend in New York for New Mexican food. Being from Oklahoma, it’s a hard thing to come by in New York sometimes but not only does Santa Fe do New Mexican very, very well they also have one of the best patios filled with plants, open air, and some of the nicest service at a Williamsburg restaurant. 

Not to mention they have some of the absolute best queso in town and one of my favorite breakfast burritos and green chili enchiladas. 

Santa Fe is open every day for breakfast and lunch and then takes a short break before opening every night for dinner service so make sure you check the hours before visiting. While the takeout window is no longer there, they do allow takeaway options. Reservations are accepted for both indoor and outdoor dining options. 


Address: 398 Manhattan Avenue 

You’ve probably heard about Bonnie’s from just about anyone and everyone who lives in New York as yet another place that’s impossible to get into and where to eat in Williamsburg. This Cantonese American style restaurant is from a former chef at Win Son and is already known as one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg and for very good reason. 

The entire vibe of the restaurant is relaxed yet upbeat and you’ll often find Biggie blasting through the speakers as you enjoy all the best creative dishes including the standouts of their take on a McRib and the Cacio e Pepe. These are both must orders.

As far as more traditional Cantonese menu items, the fermented long beans and dao gok are both incredible but whatever you do, don’t skip the tinned dace dip and the gerng jook. Wash all this down with an inventive cocktail while remembering that this might be the only time you snag a reservation for a while so full advantage should be taken.

Bonnie’s is open every day for dinner except for Mondays and while reservations are accepted, you should make a mental note to set your Resy notifications now. The one time I was able to enjoy Boonies was once again a late night reservation but it was once again worth the exhaustion the next morning. Both inside and outside dining options are available.


Address: 65 Kent Avenue 

There are often times when bottomless brunches don’t live up to the expectations. The food isn’t great or the drinks are weak but Kokomo does this differently. Kokomo not only has one of the best bottomless brunches in Brooklyn but they also have some of the best food in Williamsburg. 

Not only do they offer the bottomless brunch, they also offer a DJ on the weekends in one of the best patios in Brooklyn. The food is Caribbean so make sure you order the essentials including the stuffed sweet plantains or the oxtail flatbread. All of the mains are good but as always, I recommend a sweet and a savory to satisfy all your needs. 

Kokomo accepts reservations and is open on the weekends for brunch. They also have both indoor and outdoor dining, either spot being a great choice for where to eat in Williamsburg!

Cafe Mogador

Address: 133 Wythe Avenue 

Cafe Mogador is another one of those places that constantly tops the list of where to eat in Williamsburg. Not only does the menu have something for everyone, it also feels homey in the best way and the Williamsburg location has one of my favorite outdoor patios for people-watching. 

As far as good goes, there are multiple fantastic things on the menu. Their Greek salad is hands down one of the best in the city. You can’t come to any Israeli/Mediterranean/Greek spot and not order falafel and hummus so make sure these two items are also on your table in one way or another. 

Cafe Mogador is open every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Reservations are accepted for both indoor and outdoor dining.

For All Things Good

Address: 314 Grand Street 

Another spot that high on this list for best restaurants in Williamsburg is For All Things Good With the original location in Bed-Stuy, they have expanded and this spot offers up some of the best food in Williamsburg. In addition, it was also recognized with a Michelin bib status, making this even more of a reason to visit. 

As far as food goes, make sure you order the tetelas. They are similar to quesadillas but better because not only are they on homemade tortillas but they also come with the most delicious salsas you will ever try. My favorite is the salsa verde and would recommend getting another side for later. 

For All Things Good is open every day but Mondays for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with a small break between lunch and dinner service so make sure you check hours before going to visit). Both indoor and outdoor seating is available and reservations are accepted.

They also sell the tortillas, which I highly recommend purchasing to take home with you because they alone make for some of the best food in Williamsburg. 

Edith’s Eatery and Grocery 

Address: 495 Lorimer Street 

Just like pizza, bagels are easy to come by in New York but are definitely not all created equally. Edith’s is one of those standout bagel spots and definitely where to eat in Williamsburg. 

Edith’s serves as both a deli and counter service shop with one of the best classic bacon egg and cheese bagels around. They also serve an incredible BEC&L, bacon, egg, cheese and latke, an incredible twist on a great classic. Lastly, don’t leave without getting the iced cafe slushie, which is the perfect cold brew, oat milk and tahini mix. 

Edith’s has both indoor and outdoor dining. They accept reservations and are open every day from early to mid afternoon. If there isn’t space, you are super close to McCarren Park and a great place to take your bagel and iced cafe slushie to enjoy. 


Address: 190 N 14th Street 

At first glance, Kru might be a place that you skip over because of how many other incredible Williamsburg restaurants there are but do yourself a favor and don’t. Michelin guides sure didn’t as they were just added for the first time this year. The menu focuses on traditional Thai dishes that are made even better with a contemporary flair. 

Not only does the menu make Kru one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg but the space also adds its own unique elements that make this place one of the best. It looks trendy but not in that too trendy kind of way. The space is darkly lit and the walls are lined with botanical illustrations and stemware making everything about Kru even more desirable. 

As far as the food goes, make sure you order the peach melba. You will definitely not be disappointed. As far as other things to put on your table, order the kaeng hung le pork belly, the smoked whitefish relish and the cauliflower with crab meat salad. 

Kru is open every day but Monday for dinner and open for brunch on the weekends. Both indoor and outdoor seating are available and reservations are accepted. 


Address: 123 Havenmeyer Street 

In a city like New York with hundreds of options for pizza, it can sometimes be hard to narrow down what is truly the best. Leo makes that list as not only one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg but also one of the best spots for pizza in all of NYC. 

Leo is from the same owner as Ops, another delicious pizza spot in Bushwick. The crust is part of the reason that this Williamsburg restaurant has some of my favorite pizza. It falls somewhere in between a thin slice and Neapolitan style in the best way possible. 

While the pizzas shine here don’t miss the pasta dishes and the starters either. If you’re an anchovy fan, don’t skip the caesar salad. They also have some amazing meatballs and whatever you do, save room for the soft serve. 

Leo is open every day for lunch and dinner and open for brunch on the weekends. Reservations are accepted and they offer both indoor and outdoor dining. 

Birds of a Feather 

Address: 191 Grand Street 

Another place that tops the list for where to eat in Williamsburg is Birds of a Feather, a Szechuan restaurant with a modern flare. It also seems to be the only place left in Williamsburg that you can actually get a last minute reservation, which is always a major plus in my book. 

The food here is incredible and takes Szechuan classics to a new level. The menu is also huge, aka something for everyone and great for groups, and almost everything costs less than $20, even after tip. 

The key here is to order a little bit of everything so I can’t emphasize enough to come with a group. Order some cold appetizers, dim sum, vegetables and rice. For entrees, you really can’t go wrong with any but I’m partial to all of the chicken dishes. Each item on the menu has different heat levels and beware that some get very spicy. 

Birds of a Feather is open every day for lunch and dinner, closing a few hours in between each shift. They are also open for brunch on the weekends. Reservations are accepted and both indoor and outdoor dining are available for some of the best food in Williamsburg. 


Address: 135 N 5th St

Juliette is always one of the places that I recommend both locals and out-of-towners alike for some of the best food in Williamsburg as well as one of the most beautiful outdoor dining areas in all of New York. 

The food here is French and just like any classic French bistro, you must start with the French onion soup. In addition, they have delicious banana stuffed french toast and some of the best shakshuka if you’re coming from brunch. Not to mention it is a sister restaurant to one of my other favorite spots in the West Village, Tartine, so you already know it’s going to be delicious. 

Juliette accepts reservations and offers indoor and outdoor sidewalk seating, with the best seating on the outdoor rooftop during the warmer months. They have both a daily brunch and daily happy hour making this one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn. 

St. Anselm 

Address: 355 Metropolitan Avenue 

Rounding out the list of the best restaurants in Williamsburg is another steakhouse. While Peter Luger is still one of the GOATs as far as steakhouses go, St. Anselm offers delicious steak and sides at a much more affordable price, which is why this is definitely a top choice of where to eat in Williamsburg. 

The space is small but still has the perfect amount of coziness. There is one long wooden table down the middle and a few other tables on the side. The best part is the open-aired kitchen is accessible from the dining room so you can watch the chefs at work. 

Obviously, you come from St. Anselm for the steak, which is still less than $30, an impressive feat for any restaurant in Williamsburg, let alone in NYC. The side of bacon is also incredible as well as the wedge salad with blue cheese dressing. 

St. Anselm is open every day for dinner starting at 5 pm and they open at 4 pm on the weekends. Reservations are accepted and both indoor and outdoor dining are available at this Williamsburg restaurant.


Address: 97 Wythe Avenue 

K’Far comes from the same team as Laserwolf, mentioned in this guide and on the rooftop of the Hoxton Hotel (same building) so you automatically know this is going to be one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg. It, like Laserwolf, draws from Israeli cuisine and is incredibly delicious. 

The vibe itself is noteworthy and is covered in plants, big booths, and a color palette that is reminiscent of Palm Springs. There are three different spaces you can enjoy from the lobby coffee bar to the booths in the center of the restaurant to the reminiscent greenhouse off to the side. 

As far as food goes, if you are there when the egg and cheese Jerusalem bagel is being served, you should definitely order this. It isn’t your traditional bagel sandwich but is more reminiscent of a panini, in the best way. The chicken schnitzel is also amazing as well as any of the hummus options to start. Whatever you do, don’t leave without trying the pistachio sticky bun. 

K’Far is located on the ground floor of the Hoxton Hotel and is open every day from early to late. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served and you won’t be disappointed with any of them. Reservations are accepted. Indoor dining is available but they do have a greenhouse-looking area off to the side for an inside/outside feel.

Best Places to Eat in Williamsburg (Post Summary):

  • Llama Inn
  • Cheeseboat
  • Birria-Landia
  • Joe’s Pizza
  • Westlight
  • Modern Love
  • Lilia
  • Peter Luger Steakhouse
  • Bamonte’s
  • Barano
  • Sunday in Brooklyn
  • The Commodore
  • The Four Horseman
  • Emmy Squared
  • Marlow & Sons
  • Le Crocodile
  • Diner
  • L’Industrie
  • Misi
  • Laser Wolf
  • Santa Fe
  • Bonnie’s
  • Kokomo
  • Cafe Mogador
  • For All Things Good
  • Edith’s Eatery & Grocery
  • Kru
  • Leo
  • Birds of a Feather
  • Juliette
  • St. Anselm
  • K’Far

About Our Guest Author 

Molly Royce – Originally from Oklahoma, I moved to NYC for grad school and have had a hard time wanting to leave ever since. There really is no better borough than Brooklyn where I live with my boyfriend and our black lab, Frankie. There’s no greater city in the world and I can’t wait to share my love of the city, eating, and drinking with all of you. 

Did we miss your favorite Williamsburg restaurants? Let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to check out your picks for best food in Williamsburg!

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