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25 AWESOME Spots for Happy Hour in NYC + Map

Happy hour in NYC is an art unto itself, like many other storied traditions in this city of hustlers. It can involve careful research compiled over the long term, dutiful reconnaissance, trial, error, false advertising, happy accidents, and a knack for timing among other useful skills and experiences.

Luckily, if you’ve no idea where to begin to find your after-work watering hole or routine weekend jaunt, or if you recently decided that this is the month to commit to a rigid savings plan but you wouldn’t dream of cutting your alcohol intake to accomplish that, I’ve compiled a list the best happy hours in NYC where you can stretch a dollar as far as it’ll go in this city.

Whereas this list is the result of lifelong study, copious drinking, a tinge of hubris, and a sense of pride in steering curious minds in the right direction, I will always encourage the practice of aimless adventure to supplement this crash course in finding the best happy hour in NYC. That being said, if you’d rather take the guesswork out of it and just get to drinking for cheap, I certainly won’t judge. Without further ado, here are the best happy hours in NYC:

Actually, there is one further ado. This list is broken down into three sections:

  • The first includes places that actually offer happy hour menus or deals.
  • The second includes places that do not offer happy hour menus or deals, but belong on this list because their normal menu prices are often even lower than some of the happy hour deals.
  • A short, final section includes places where you can get free food along with your drink of choice, regardless of if they have happy hour deals or not.

Oh, and at the end of this guide, there’s a handy map included so you can see what happy hour specials in New York City are near you!

Best Happy Hours in NYC

Art Bar

  • Address: 52 Eighth Ave, Chelsea
  • Happy Hour: 4-7 pm daily

Art Bar has been around since the dawn of time, and they offer an incredible happy hour deal. Whereas most cocktails go for no less than $15 when it’s not happy hour in NYC, you can order well drinks, draught beer, and house wines at Art Bar for $5 a pop during happy hour, which is from 4-7pm daily, including weekends.

Most often there will be couch seating available in the back room, which might make you feel like you’ve dropped into a weird dream inspired by the swingin’ 20s crossed with a Wes Anderson film.

And if you miss this happy hour in NYC, regular-priced cocktails start at $10.50 a piece. They also serve decent pub-style food at a competitive price point.


  • Address: 717 Ninth Ave, Hell’s Kitchen
  • Happy Hour: Noon-3:45 pm; 5-7 pm daily

If you’ve spent the day sightseeing and avoiding scammers in Times Square and you’re looking to sink into a leather booth for an hour or two, head a few avenues west to Hell’s Kitchen, where you’ll find V{IV}, a Thai bar and restaurant that is a sleeper pick for the best happy hour in midtown.

During happy hour, which stretches from noon-3:45 pm daily, select wines and cocktails start at only $6, and from 5-7 pm they start at $8. And Singha beer is always $6!

V{IV}’s ambiance is akin to a nightclub, with a dragon fixture overhead stretching the full length of the restaurant and EDM tunes bumping from the speakers. The food is incredible and reasonably priced, too, although there are no food deals rolled into this happy hour in NYC.


  • Various locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens
  • Happy Hour: Noon-7 pm daily

There are various Bareburger locations around the city, and they all offer happy hour deals daily from noon-7 pm. Stop in for beers starting at $3, $6 mules, $9 margaritas or half-priced glasses of wine to go with your burger, and for those who stay away from meat, they have some great vegan and vegetarian options as well.

Bareburger offered $1 PBRs and $3 mules once upon a time, and despite the fact that this particular deal for happy hour in NYC will be sorely missed, their new happy hour setup still beats most other deals you’ll encounter.

White Horse Tavern

  • Address: 567 Hudson St., West Village
  • Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 2-6 pm

Whereas this list of the best happy hours in NYC was compiled with the bargain-hunting drinker in mind rather than history nerds metaphorically walking through the New York of old, the White Horse Tavern in the West Village satisfies both sects of adventurers.

It is New York’s second-oldest continually operating bar (since 1880), while also boasting one of the best happy hours in NYC. Past iterations of the regular clientele have featured the Hudson River piers’ longshoremen, the primordial collective of folk and rock music legends that cut their teeth in 1950s NYC, New York Post staff writers during the height of 1980s daily journalism and writers like Dylan Thomas, Jack Kerouac and James Baldwin.

If you love historic bars, check out our full guide to the oldest bars in NYC for more watering holes with a storied past and the famous people who frequented them.

The tin ceiling and original woodwork within the bar show no shame in hosting the ghosts of its past, but in recent years the facade has been upgraded with wonderful greenery and flower arrangements to draw in a younger crowd.

The best happy hour deal is a buy one, get one well drink, and they also highlight a $5 “draft of the day” special, amongst other wallet-friendly deals.


  • Address: 110 Rivington St., Lower East Side
  • Happy Hour: Tuesday-Sunday 5-10 pm

Verlaine is the Lower East Side’s distant tropical memory, offering just enough palm fronds and eclectic menu offerings to ward off the winter blues. You certainly won’t mistake it for Bali, but if it’s January and you can’t remember the last time you left the city, it just might do the trick.

Happy hour here goes 5-10 pm every day but Monday and the pièce de résistance is their $8 Hanoi lychee martini, served over 1.5 million times since 2001. Affordable food offerings abound as well, with a menu consisting of everything from shrimp tacos to the Verlaine LoMein, the latter of which is unabashedly made with spaghetti noodles.

Pop in for a drink and a bite with a friend after work, or start your NYC night out here, before 10 pm of course.


  • Address: 1 Perry St., West Village
  • Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-6 pm

Roey’s in the West Village offers what is perhaps the best happy hour in NYC based on the difference in price between their discounted and standard menus.

Dinner at this upscale pizza kitchen and bar may run you $50 or more if you decide to drink, but if you’re able to swing a date or early dinner with friends here anywhere from 4-6 pm, Monday-Friday, you’ll feel like a thief.

Happy hour beers start at $4, cocktails start at $5 and wines and pizza both start at $6. The discounted menu is not expansive, but it won’t matter a bit when you’re living out the Italian dream on Greenwich Ave, sipping on a Montepulciano to wash down your personal Margherita pie.


  • Address: 42 Rivington St., Lower East Side
  • Happy Hour: Open-7 pm daily (closed Sundays in the summer)

Jadis knows what it is, and it isn’t trying to be anything else. Another ideal location for a blustery winter’s eve, this wine bar on the Lower East Side is exactly what you’d hope for by typing “wine bar” into your google maps search bar.

On a shadowy street just off the beaten path, Jadis emits a warm hue stemming from its hardwood features and understated mood lighting–it’s safe to say this is an incredible spot for an early-in-the-game date, and you’ll be able to hear yourself talk, to boot.

Happy hour here runs until 7 pm daily (although they are closed on Sundays in the summer), and although Jadis doesn’t offer the best happy hour in NYC as far as pricing goes, the quality of wines, cocktails and small bites they serve assuredly make up for the money you’ll spend.

All that being said, glasses of wine go for about $8-10 during happy hour, which ain’t too shabby. Opt for an orange wine if you’ve been telling your friends you “want to get into orange wines,” as Jadis lowers the barrier to entry for your inner sommelier to blossom. Tchin-tchin!

Mermaid Oyster Bar

  • 89 MacDougal St., Greenwich Village; 227 Tenth Ave, Chelsea; 127 W 43rd St., Times Square
  • Happy Hour: 4:30-6:30 pm daily at the Greenwich Village and Chelsea locations, Tue-Sun 4-5:30 pm at the Times Square location

Mermaid Oyster Bar is a true New York story: their first location opened in the East Village in 2003, bringing flavors from afar (although New England isn’t that far) as something akin to a seafood shack.

Since then, they’ve made a name for themselves, trading their humble origins for three upscale locations in Greenwich Village, Chelsea and Times Square, offering the very best the sea has to offer for locals and visitors alike.

Whereas this is another spot where happy hour deals aren’t the cheapest you’ll find in the city, high quality food, wine and spirits give it the place it deserves on this list of the best happy hours in NYC.

And for an establishment that boasts a $30 fish and chips plate during normal hours, it’s arguably impressive that one can indulge in mini mermaid fish tacos for $3.50 a pop during happy hour, as well as oysters for $1.50 per (minimum of 6 oysters). They won’t budge their happy hour cocktails below $10, but glasses of wine start at $9 and beer at $6.

It’s worth noting that these prices reflect the happy hour menus at the Greenwich Village and Chelsea locations, while the Times Square location is slightly pricier. It would just be bad business if prices weren’t a bit inflated there, but it still ranks as a contender for the best happy hour in midtown.

Off the Wagon

  • 109 MacDougal St., Greenwich Village
  • Happy Hour: Noon-7 pm daily

For the competitive personalities among us, Off the Wagon in the heart of Greenwich Village makes drinking a sport in an atmosphere that encourages this type of behavior. Get ready to feel the noise at this rowdy, two-story powerhouse of a bar, what with all the TVs, armchair quarterbacks and many, many beer varieties on draft.

Anything you’d expect to be on a bar menu is served here for cheap–nachos with all the fixin’s, sliders, wings, tacos, etc. etc. Happy hour is every day from noon-7pm, although the deals vary based on the day of the week. The one constant is $2 off the entire bar, as well as a $10 beer and shot combo all day, every day.

Saturdays and Sundays at Off the Wagon were built for weekend warriors: from noon-5pm domestic pitchers of beer start at $10, and the price increases one dollar each hour. If you’ve been ignoring your true fandom for a bit too long now and you’re looking to vicariously compete alongside your favorite team, or if you’re just looking for a new sports bar watering hole, check out Off the Wagon.

Crown Alley

  • Address: 263 W 19th St., Chelsea
  • Happy Hour: 4-7 pm daily

Some bars are built for the winter, and Crown Alley fits the bill. For a bar and restaurant hidden in plain sight just off the main thoroughfare that is Eighth Avenue, and considering the fact that they serve up charcuterie boards featuring the illustrious Murray’s Cheese, Crown Alley has an impressive malleability which makes them a go-to for locals all year round, despite its cozier atmosphere.

Take a friend to this Chelsea neighborhood spot to nosh on high quality, affordable food, and be prepared to fall under its charming spell.

Happy hour goes from 4-7 pm daily, and the menu features $8 cocktails, select beers starting at $5, select wine starting at $8 and oysters for a dollar a pop. It’s not my fault if you stumble out at midnight on a Thursday after chain-drinking Moscow mules and wonder what’s happened to you.

The Magician

  • Address: 118 Rivington St., Lower East Side
  • Happy Hour: 5-8 pm daily

The magic here is that there is no magic. Offering what is perhaps the Lower East Side’s most promising entry for the best happy hour in NYC, The Magician knows that all it takes is good company, a jukebox and cheap drinks to start a party.

They denote on their website that the interior smells like beer and old wood, which is more of a brag than a confession.

A perfect place to start a wild night with your alternative friends, and an even better place for a nightcap after the hijinks, happy hour at the Magician runs from 5-8 pm daily and features drinks starting at $6 across the board–beer, wine and well drinks. It seems simple, but so did every blank canvas Picasso purchased before he painted.


  • Address: 251 W 51st St., Midtown
  • Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-7 pm

In a city with a restaurant and bar landscape that shifts rapidly, it’s easy to feel like your favorite spots won’t be there forever. Although McHale’s has only been around since 2012, its spacious, two-story, dark wood-accented interior makes you feel like it’s been there forever and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

For the soccer fanatics among us, this is the spot to catch a Premier League game or the World Cup when it comes back around, and McHale’s won’t judge you if an Irish coffee is the first thing you put in your body on a weekend morning as you take in the game.

Due to its unwavering ambiance and no-nonsense, classic Irish pub offerings, McHale’s has one of the best happy hours in midtown, with most discounted drinks available in the $6-$8 price range and an award-winning bloody Mary served with cheese-stuffed olives.

They know that bangers and mash with a pint of Guinness is sometimes exactly what you need, and whether you’re Irish or not, they’ll welcome you with open arms and plucky joviality.

Grey Dog

  • Locations in Greenwich Village, the West Village, Chelsea, NoLita and Flatiron
  • Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3-7 pm; Sat-Sun 4-7 pm

Grey Dog’s menu and overall vibe isn’t unique by any means–if you’ve been to any American-fare-slinging diner/cafe that overcharges a little bit for eggs, you’ll know what to expect here. The thing is, for all the like-minded establishments out there in the world, Grey Dog belongs in the top echelon due to its surprising, consistent quality across the board and easygoing vibes.

But the kicker is their happy hour special: every weekday from 3-7 pm and every weekend day from 4-7 pm, much of their drink menu is half-priced, which means select beers start at $4, house wines start at $6 and select cocktails start at $7.

The happy hour menu also features some small bites for noshing, starting at $8. Grey Dog has five locations in lower Manhattan, but their 16th Street outpost in Chelsea is my favorite. Within the diner category, this may just be the best happy hour in NYC.


  • Address: 47 E Houston St., NoLita
  • Happy Hour: Open-7 pm daily

For the young’uns, Botanica should be a go-to spot to start any good romp around the neighborhoods that make up NYU territory (East Village, Noho, Soho, Greenwich Village, etc.) Although Botanica’s vibe can seem a bit chaotic at times with a crowd that is constantly flowing in and out past the tropically-accented, neon window decor, those that frequent it are cool enough to make it all look like a gracefully balletic performance.

What’s great is that for a place that could have very easily decided to sell out and cater to a bougier crowd, Botanica has remained staunchly for-the-people. Beers, which are already cheap at full price, are served at $2 off every day until 7pm, happy hour wines and well drinks start at $6, and frozen drinks start at $8.

Botanica doesn’t currently serve food, but they welcome outside food in their establishment and even suggest a few local spots in the area if you feel like turning takeout into pretend eating out.

Skinny Dennis

Exterior of Skinny Dennis Bar in Williamsburg Brooklyn
  • Address: 152 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg
  • Happy Hour: Mon-Fri Noon-7 pm

A self-described honky-tonk smack dab in the middle of Williamsburg, Skinny Dennis brings urban flair to an otherwise country atmosphere, serving inventive cocktails that tip a cap to country flavor without being cliché.

Live music happens at this red-brick step up from a western saloon seven nights a week, but when the band is done, the jukebox takes over. Happy hour here is noon-7 pm on weekdays, and although the deal ($1 off draft beer and well drinks) isn’t something to write home about, prices are cheap enough already that happy hour is a mere cherry on top.

And on Tuesdays, Skinny Dennis slings $6 Tito lemonades through happy hour. There are enough reasons to stop by for a spell that you’ll find all kinds of characters here, from bearded hipsters to homesick Southerners (which are sometimes the same people), but there is one thing (besides a good time) that everyone can share at Skinny Dennis: hot peanuts.

Oh, and while you’re in the area check out more of the best bars in Williamsburg!

NYC Bars with Great Deals

Maiden Lane

  • Address: 162 Ave B, Alphabet City
  • Highlight: $4 “cheap beer”

Approaching a bar to order a drink in NYC often comes with a fleeting, but sinking feeling in one’s stomach that runs akin to the noble act of sacrifice–in this case, your own money.

Fret not at Maiden Lane, friend, because when you lift your sullen countenance to peruse the bar menu posted on the back wall, you’ll be met with the alleviating appearance of “cheap beer” scrawled right across the top of it.

Even if you don’t order a cheap beer (which is really just a $4 Narragansett), its presence alone is comforting. And the fact that a “fancy beer” is only $7 makes it all the more justifiable. There is no happy hour menu, but this low-key Alphabet City corner spot doesn’t need one to belong on this list.

Come for a drink when you’re waiting on friends, or make this the meetup spot before a proper night out, or even come for a weekend brunch to dine on some of the most affordable, yet trustworthy seafood in the city. And if you’re feeling fancier than a fancy beer, maybe opt for an orange wine or a rosé, which also start at $7 a glass.

Fish Market

  • Address: 111 South St., Seaport
  • Highlight: Jeff, the bartender, who likes to give out free shots

There are plenty of local spots in the Financial District and Seaport that are great as neighborhood watering holes, and although Fish Market fits decidedly in this niche as well, it is one of the few spots at the southern tip of Manhattan that I qualify as a “travel bar” (meaning, it’s worth the trip!).

This area of the city has a weirdly insular community despite being the center of the financial world, and Fish Market serves its loyal customers with the community in mind.

Pry open the dilapidated, handle-less door with your bare hands and embrace the controlled chaos. Jeff is the bartender and has a proclivity for handing out free shots of whiskey, but make sure you don’t down yours until he’s passed one out to everyone in the place before pouring one for himself.

It’ll hurt his feelings if you jump the gun. If you forget your manners, however, maybe order something from the generally Chinese-Malaysian menu to make up for it. It won’t hurt your wallet too much, and it might make you and Jeff both feel a little better.

The Library

  • Address: 7 Ave A, East Village
  • Highlight: Perhaps the most deserving of the “dive bar” moniker in the whole city

No happy hour menu is needed at this low-lit, dilapidated dive in the Bermuda Triangle that exists at the intersection between the East Village, Alphabet City, and the Lower East Side. In fact, The Library is more likely to offer a “moody hour” menu before they’d ever consider doing something as “mainstream” as happy hour in NYC.

Although it would be easy to walk past this place a thousand times without clocking its existence, The Library is where to go if you want to escape for a night and outdrink a friend while you reminisce on times of old, or if you want to feel like Keith Richards for a spell.

If you really commit to the bit, feel free to continuously order bottom-shelf liquor all night, and watch as the B-level movies badly projected on the back wall start to become a bit more entertaining with each drink.

Describing this place as a hole-in-the-wall is as accurate as it gets, which may not appeal to the masses–but if you don’t identify as “the masses,” you’ll feel right at home here. And don’t worry about pricing, all you need to know is that everything is cheap.

Caffe Reggio

  • Address: 119 MacDougal St., Greenwich Village
  • Highlight: 16th century art, early 20th century cappuccino machine on display

I can’t put this one on the list without disclosing that it holds a special place in my heart (and in the hearts of many, many others, both alive and dead), and therefore I cannot genuinely put my bias aside. If a native Villager’s opinion means anything to you, heed my advice and go here, whether it’s your first time in the city or you’ve lived here all your life but somehow haven’t been to Caffe Reggio.

Actual 16th-century oil paintings adorning the walls aside (and a bench you can sit on which hails from a Medici family palazzo), there is an unseen and unheard undercurrent here that borders on the ethereal. You can simply feel the history.

Step in on a gloomy winter’s eve, shed your Bob Dylan trucker jacket, and carefully sit down at an antique coffee table (I really do mean this, last time I was there I cut my finger on a protruding nail in the bottom of my chair), and order anything from a glass of Chianti with a trifecta of almond biscotti to an Irish coffee, or even a mason jar of sangria.

It is a café in the traditional sense, so you can find all kinds of coffees and pastries on the menu, but get adventurous–it won’t cost you much at all. Caffe Reggio is a favorite spot for students of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts for a reason–all kinds of dreamers got their starts here, and it’s certain many more will in the future.

Oh, and they’re the first establishment in the U.S. to ever serve cappuccino, which was originally brewed in the intricately crafted espresso machine on display in the back.

Sophie’s Bar

  • Address: 507 E 5th St., Alphabet City
  • Highlight: 5 beers for $20, and dogs allowed!

There are few joints in the city that reflect the entirety of its population as well as Sophie’s. At this nondescript, signless dive on 5th Street in the East Village, you can tell who wound up here by accident and who might as well have their initials etched into a barstool.

The last time I was there, I was seated with a large group of 20-somethings at a rickety wooden table in the back next to the jukebox, but around me, I found edgy model types playing pool, gray-haired gentlemen with a very friendly dog, an entire punk band and finance-bro types.

One thing all of us can agree on is that $20 for five Pabst Blue Ribbons is a great deal, whether you’re passing them out to your friends or hogging them for yourself. There are few bars in the city that truly feel like you’ve stepped into a community, and even fewer that welcome you into it–Sophie checks both boxes, and it doesn’t need a happy hour menu to do it.

Mickey Spillane’s

  • Address: 350 W 49th St., Hell’s Kitchen
  • Highlight: Dirt cheap drink specials, weekend drag brunch

True to its namesake’s reputation as the “Gentleman Gangster,” Mickey Spillane’s proves that you can get down and dirty during happy hour in NYC while still remaining elegant.

This always-lively watering hole could be considered the social center of the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood–it’s packed every evening and every night of the week, for good reason. There is no happy hour deal, but it’s totally unnecessary as they have all-day drink specials: well drinks, shots and draft beers go for $4, and frozen margaritas go for $5.

On Saturdays and Sundays from 1-4pm, Mickey Spillane’s also hosts a drag brunch, again staying true to their elegant debauchery.

Perhaps it wasn’t Mickey’s vision that a bar with regular drag performances would perpetuate his legacy, but I’d like to think he’d be proud that his name is still associated with a firm stranglehold over the Hell’s Kitchen community, as well as what is damn near the best happy hour in midtown.

WXOU Radio

  • Address: 558 Hudson St., West Village
  • Highlight: Late night locale

Before I was of legal drinking age, I could never tell from the facade of this dive and a half in the West Village if it was a bar, a radio station, a laundromat, a restaurant or a front for backroom dealings, if you catch my drift.

Well, it is a bar, and it’s open to the public despite its appearance. Perhaps the best spot on this list to finish off your night, I highly recommend entering after midnight, or 3am if you’ve had a night and feel like turning the wee hours into happy hour in NYC.

Drinks are always cheap, the clientele will share in your delirious exhalation of the night, and your head will hit the pillow with a full heart. There is no menu online to speak of, because of course there isn’t, but don’t worry about pricing–just make sure you’ve got cash on hand.

NYC Bars With Free Food!

Alligator Lounge

  • Address: 600 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg
  • Highlight: Free personal size, wood-fired cheese pizza with every drink

Alligator Lounge has long been a timeless late-night staple for that elusive throng of Williamsburg revelers which retains a level of composure strong enough to avoid spending money on after-hours sustenance.

In recent years, its popularity has grown due to the central role it played in Nathan Fielder’s HBO comedy miniseries, The Rehearsal, but it hasn’t gone Hollywood by any means.

It’s worth noting that Alligator Lounge does not feature a happy hour, but it rightfully belongs on this list because it might as well be the best happy hour in NYC, if you’re willing to put technicalities aside as this is one of the best bars in NYC with free food.

Beers start at $4, beer and shot specials never exceed $10 and free personal wood-fired pizzas (with every drink purchase) exit the kitchen with nearly impossible frequency. Just ask your bartender for a pizza ticket, and if you’re interested in toppings, they go for $1 each.

Alligator Lounge also hosts Karaoke Thursday-Saturday as well as Monday trivia nights and other events throughout the week, but if you’re not interested in any of the pageantry, feel free to stop in at 3am and brazenly chow down on the sins of the evening.

The Charleston

  • Address: 174 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg
  • Happy Hour: Noon-7 pm daily

A sister establishment of Alligator Lounge, The Charleston is nearly an identical twin. I guess that makes it a fraternal twin.

Stop in for beers starting at $4, beer and shot combos starting at $6, or if you come with friends, pitchers starting at $18 that can be upgraded to include four well shots for $25 total.

Skee-ball. Giant connect four. Karaoke sometimes. Trivia sometimes. Free pizza until 7 pm every day, and the same $1 topping rule applies.

Serving Williamsburg since 1933. There’s not much more to say, other than that there is a happy hour every day from noon to 7 pm, astonishingly. The deal is $1 off drafts and well drinks, not that it’s necessary.

Free personal pizzas (cheese, $1 for any additional topping) come with every drink. Just don’t forget to ask for the ticket!

Rudy’s Bar & Grill

  • Address: 627 Ninth Ave, Hell’s Kitchen
  • Highlight: Free hot dogs with every drink, and an Anthony Bourdain favorite

Another of NYC’s storied establishments, Rudy’s in Hell’s Kitchen opened just before Prohibition. Apart from a description of the bar’s history on their website, they could care less about the natural fame that comes with the territory of outlasting the competition, which remains clear in their impossibly low beer prices, “beat-to-hell red leather and duct-taped booths” and free hot dogs that persuaded Anthony Bourdain to include Rudy’s on his list of favorite spots in NYC.

You can’t miss Rudy’s–the porcelain pig mascot (deemed “the Baron”) permanently stationed outside the original wooden door ushers in the crowd to drink beers starting at $3 and beer and shot combos starting at $5.

Technically, Rudy’s shouldn’t be on this list of the best happy hours in NYC because they offer no happy hour menu, but you’d be hard-pressed to find better bang for your buck literally anywhere else in the five boroughs. I challenge anyone who says this isn’t the best happy hour in midtown, and it is very likely the best happy hour in NYC, too.

Best Happy Hour Deals in NYC Map:

Post Summary:

Happy Hour Deals:

  • White Horse Tavern
  • Verlaine
  • Roey’s
  • Jadis
  • Mermaid Oyster Bar
  • Off the Wagon
  • Crown Alley
  • The Magician
  • McHale’s
  • Grey Dog
  • Botanica
  • Skinny Dennis
  • Art Bar
  • V{IV}
  • Bareburger

Spots with Great Deals:

  • Maiden Lane
  • Fish Market
  • Cafe Reggio
  • Library
  • Sophie’s Bar
  • WXOU Radio
  • Mickey Spillane’s

Bars in NYC with Free Food:

  • Alligator Lounge
  • Charleston
  • Rudy’s Bar & Grill

Did we miss any of your favorite NYC happy hours on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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