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The Best Brooklyn Coffee Shops (Curated by a Local Coffee Connoisseur) + MAP!

Looking to check out the best Brooklyn coffee shops? This guide has you covered! I have had the pleasure of visiting several of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn along with cafés, bakeries, and beyond and am very excited to share some of my favorite cafes in Brooklyn with you to include on your Brooklyn visit if you’re from out of town or recommend a new cafe in Brooklyn to check out even if you’re a local.

Hi, my name is Quinn and I am the creator of @quoffeequest on Instagram, a page dedicated to sharing my quest for the best cup of coffee in New York City with all my fellow coffee lovers!

Here are my top picks for the 30 best coffee shops in Brooklyn, in no particular order because each one of these cafes in Brooklyn is great! Oh, and there’s a handy map of the best cafes in Brooklyn at the end of this post too to see what’s near you!

Best Coffee Shops in Brooklyn

Partners Coffee

Partners Coffee in Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest

Williamsburg, Downtown Brooklyn

One of my obvious picks for best coffee shops in Brooklyn goes to Partners Coffee. which was the very first post on my page, so I thought it’d only be fair to have it be the first cafe in Brooklyn I tell you about!

This shop has two Brooklyn locations, one in Downtown Brooklyn and the other is one of the best coffee shops in Williamsburg, which is the location I find myself visiting the most. Their cups for their hot drinks come in colorful cups, which I love.

Their cold brew is top tier, no sugar or milk necessary. They also serve up great bites to eat, I love the breakfast sandwiches which are always a treat. You can always buy their coffee beans to take this cafe in Brooklyn home with you.

Cup of Joe Coffee Company

Cup of Joe Coffee Company in Dyker Heights Brooklyn

Dyker Heights

Cup of Joe Coffee Company is a coffee shop in Dyker Heights, a popular neighborhood to visit during the winter holidays when the Dyker Heights Christmas light displays are up, but this coffee shop in Brooklyn is great to visit any time of the year.

My go-to order at this coffee shop in Brooklyn when I decide to treat myself is an iced coffee with toasted marshmallow syrup and chocolate oat milk. Yes, you read that right, chocolate oat milk! Tastes like a s’more in liquid form, it never disappoints. The employees are always friendly, so stopping at this shop is always a pleasure!

For those who want non-sweet coffee, their house blend is absolute perfection. Their Phocea coffee embarks on a flavorful journey inspired by Marseille, once Europe’s spice gateway from Africa. It offers a roasty chicory aroma and is crafted from specialty beans of Brazil, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Variety Coffee Roasters

Variety Coffee Roasters in Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest

Bushwick, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Park Slope

Variety Coffee Roasters is another great option for the best coffee shops in Brooklyn as it has several locations including Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Park Slope, and Bushwick.

I’ve had their cold brew, hot cappuccino, and iced chai latte, which were all great, but I would have to say their iced chai stood out to me most. If you’re into chai, I would totally recommend trying theirs!

Not to mention, this shop is extra cute around the holidays and they really have cool vintage sign at the Bushwick location that always makes me want to go inside. This is also the location where they started to roast all their beans at, but now they do that at their East Williamsburg location.

They also sell their freshly roasted coffee beans by the bag to take home with you too!

Black Star Bakery

Black Star Bakery in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest


Another cafe in Brooklyn I love is Black Star Bakery, which has only one Brooklyn location in Williamsburg. Their cold brew with a splash of almond milk is super good, but if you’re looking for something a little sweeter, I would recommend their mocha – delish!

While this is a great spot for fun coffee drinks and flavored lattes, they also have some great brewed coffee or an Americano if you prefer an espresso-based cup of coffee.

And if you’re looking to snag a bite, they have a variety of both sweet and savory croissants, which are perfectly flaky! And they also have some great brunchy items, their avocado toast with an egg is perfection.

Tous les Jours

Tous les Jours cafe in Bensonhurst Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest

Bensonhurst, Sunset Park

Tous les Jours is a Korean-owned French-Asian inspired bakery and café with two cafes in Brooklyn. Their locations are the one on 86th Street and 8th Ave., in both Sunset Park and Bensonhurst.

When you walk into this shop you are walking into sweet treat heaven; croissants, cakes, macarons, cheesecakes, you name it! My go-to at this spot is a regular vanilla iced coffee with skim milk, but I’ve been meaning to try their lavender latte.

All of their coffee drinks are espresso-based, so if you’re into fun-flavored lattes, this is the place for you. They also do an iced Americano and hot Americano for those looking for more of a traditional coffee drink without the sweets.

Cocoa Grinder (Boca Del Cielo)Cocoa Grinder Boca Del Cielo cafe in Bay Ridge Brooklyn coffee shop by Quoffee Quest

Bay Ridge

Cocoa Grinder known as Boca del Cielo has been around for several years, however, in 2020 they had to close all but one of their cafes in Brooklyn which can be found on 3rd Ave in Bay Ridge.

The company also had to rebrand and is now also known as Boca Del Cielo. I’ve been going to Cocoa Grinder for years and really love their lattes, more specifically, their hot lattes. It gets confusing though as their website is still Cocoa Grinder.

If you need a bite to eat, this Brooklyn cafe also serves up all types of grub, I recommend their wraps as they are incredible!

They roast all their own coffee and source their beans from farmers in Chiapas, Mexico.

Hungry Ghost Coffee

interior of Hungry Ghost Coffee shop in Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest

Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Williamsburg, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Carroll Gardens, Downtown Brooklyn

Hands down one of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn are the Hungry Ghost locations. This Brooklyn cafe chain and roaster has multiple cafes in Brooklyn, so if you’re from here, there’s most likely a Hungry Ghost near you!

Opened in 2012 by a Turkish-Brooklynite couple, they started their first shop in Prospect Heights. They proudly serve Stumptown coffee beans that are roasted in Red Hook, which you can also buy a bag to take home with you too.

This Brooklyn coffee shop’s cold brew is so good – drink it plain or add a little milk and sweetener to take it to the next level. I love adding a splash of almond/oat milk and vanilla syrup. And yes, their brewed hot cup of coffee is also perfection, that’s what they are best known for.

They also have a small selection of light pastries and bites typically if you want to pair your coffee with something all sourced from local spots!


Homecoming coffee shop in Greenpoint and Williamsburg Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest

Greenpoint, Williamsburg

Another favorite and top pick for best coffee shops in Brooklyn goes to Homecoming who has two locations in Brooklyn, one on Franklin Street in Greenpoint and the other on Berry Street in Williamsburg, both not a far walk from one another.

These Brooklyn cafes are absolutely gorgeous and feels like stepping into an indoor garden with plants and flowers throughout the entire space. They also sell home goods and the Greenpoint location sells fresh stems!

At these cafes in Brooklyn, for coffee drinks, I highly recommend trying the mocha and hot cappuccino – perfectly sweetened and perfectly milky. Their drip cups of coffee are also really good.

They partner and collaborate with several coffee partners and their whole ethos is based around sourcing and collaborating with fair trade partners globally. Also, the smiley face sticker they pop on their cups are adorable!

Social House Café

Social House Café in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest


Social House Café is an adorable coffee shop in Brooklyn located in the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg. Their indoor décor is so appealing and different with black walls and a yellow, velvet couch in the middle of the shop.

I’ve tried a few items from this coffee shop in Brooklyn, their cold brew is decent, but since I always lean towards sweet drinks, I totally recommend their hot Nutella latte, nothing’s better than Nutella and coffee! I’m sure it’s great iced, too!

They specialize in espresso based drinks imported from the finest imported coffee beans from Italy. They are known for their flavored lattes, including the Nutella one I mentioned above as well as their white chocolate and lavender lattes.

Oh, and they have brunch items too if you’re hungry!

PEP Bakehouse and Coffee Shop

PEP Bakehouse and Coffee Shop in Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest

Bay Ridge, Park Slope, Sheepshead Bay, Coney Island

PEP Bakehouse & Coffee Shop started out as such a hidden gem and still is depending on whether you know about this French-inspired patisserie. They only had two locations and now have several in neighborhoods like Park Slope, Coney Island, Sheepshead Bay, and Bay Ridge. Their expansion proves this is a deserving pick for best coffee shops in Brooklyn!

My go to order is an iced dirty chai, which is just an iced chai latte topped with a shot of espresso – it is incredible! All of their drinks are espresso-based drinks, they use source their blend of beans from Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Kenya to create the perfect balance of acidity and body in their drinks.

Oh, and if you have a sweet tooth, be sure to try one of their amazing French pastries and desserts made daily.

I also want to add that they are one of the most affordable coffee shops in Brooklyn!

Fortunato Brothers

Fortunato Brothers in Williamsburg Brooklyn


Another great pick for best coffee shops in Brooklyn located in Williamsburg is Fortunato Brothers. Fortunato’s is a neighborhood favorite and has been around since 1976 opened by three Italian brothers.

This cafe in Brooklyn is best known for their Italian pastries, cookies, and all other types of treats. I always find myself craving their hot cappuccino – I can honestly say it’s one of the best I’ve ever had. Like any Italian cafe, their drinks are all espresso based which pair perfectly with their baked goods.

They also have a coffee soda, which if you haven’t tried is worth doing at least once! It’s an espresso soda, which if you’ve never heard of this it was created in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Italian immigrants in 1895!

If you ever find yourself near this spot, ya gotta give it a try!

Copper Mug Coffee

Copper Mug Coffee in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest


More of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn can be found in Williamsburg. Copper Mug Coffee has a gorgeous outdoor seating arrangement in their backyard, the kind you can spend hours in on a sunny day.

They also serve up a bunch of crafty drinks from their golden latte to their iced strawberry matcha, which they post all about on their social media. They also have the classic espresso based coffee drinks and a great drip brew coffee all using Superlost beans sourced from around the globe and roasted right here in Brooklyn.

If you’re in the mood for something more classic, their cold brew with a splash of almond/oat milk is super tasty and strong!

Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters Café de Colombia

Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters Café de Colombia in Greenpoint Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest

Greenpoint, Williamsburg

Pueblo Querido is a family-owned café in Brooklyn you can find in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. This Brooklyn coffee shop is bright and colorful inside and unlike any of the other coffee shops in Brooklyn, I’ve ever been in.

This spot is best known for its Latin-American sourced coffee, but I’ve heard their juices are delish, too! I loved their cold brew with just a tad bit of milk, top-notch! They’ve got a great selection of both cold and hot coffee drinks to choose from.

This is also one of my picks for best coffee shops in Greenpoint too!


Maman cafe and coffee shop in Greenpoint Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest

Greenpoint, Cobble Hill

Maman is one of the prettiest and most charming coffee shops you can find in Brooklyn (along with locations all over Manhattan too) in both Greenpoint and Cobble Hill. In fact, other Maman locations are included in our favorite coffee shops in NYC too.

You’ll feel comfort from the moment you step foot in this gorgeous cafe. The smell and aroma of the freshly baked goods fills the entire place not to mention the coffee. They also feature French-inspired fare if you’re hungry, actually this is more of a suggestion of where to go if you do want a bite of eat to pair with your coffee of choice.

Their coffee is great, but their hot vanilla chai is incredible – so fresh and why I’ve included it on the roundup of best coffee shops in Brooklyn!

You also cannot leave this spot without grabbing my favorite of their treats. I recommend a slice of one of their loaf cakes, my personal favorite is their carrot loaf.

Caffé Café

Caffé Café coffee shop in Bay Ridge Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest

Bay Ridge

Caffé Café is a local Brooklyn coffee shop in Bay Ridge and also happens to be one of the coziest shops I have ever been to and is a great option if you’re looking for the perfect late night coffee stop.

This Brooklyn coffee shop’s French press is great, and they also almost always have seasonal specials. The employees are always super sweet, which makes loving this adorable, little shop, even easier!

Oslo Coffee Roasters

Oslo Coffee Roasters in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest


Another spot that has two locations right here in Williamsburg, I usually go to the location on Roebling Street, the other location is on Bedford Avenue.

There are two reasons why I love this spot so much and why they are deserving on their spot on this list of best coffee shops in Brooklyn. One is how conscious they are. Their coffee beans come from socially sustainable and eco-friendly farmers who are paid fair wages.

The other reason I love this spot is that they roast their own coffee in their small-batch roaster. Since they are so meticulous in their preparation of coffee, you can expect an exceptional experience.

If you’re not in the mood for a classic iced coffee or cold brew, their iced mocha is so good and so is their iced chai! Such a variety of greatness!

Think Coffee NYC

Think Coffee NYC coffee shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest


Think Coffee NYC is a popular coffee spot around the city with only one coffee shop in Brooklyn located in Williamsburg on Devoe Street.

This cafe became my go-to for best coffee shops in Brooklyn for years now. Their hot cappuccino is great, and their iced chai is up there with one of the best I’ve ever had! Their coffee is all fair-trade and are very passionate about their social impact towards the farmers who grow and harvest their beans.

I’m also a huge fan of scones and their pumpkin scone is perfection! Their Williamsburg location also serves as a bakery in addition to being a cafe.

While you’re here, try their signature Devoe Blend of coffee. They also have nitro cold brew, YUM. And they have a selection of delicious, savory breakfast sandwiches.

Bright Side

Bright Side Café in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest


More than just a cafe, Bright Side in Williamsburg serves up brunch, coffee, and cocktails, what more could you ask for?

This stop is so aesthetically pleasing, think lots of blush pink with deep green details and right by the East River waterfront.

I love their hot beverages like their lattes and Piccolos. I get mine unsweetened with skim milk which helps keeps me caffeinated and perky. All of their coffee drinks are great here, I also love their takeaway cups.

And, if you need a meal. This is definitely a great spot for that too! You’ll be day dreaming of their breakfast bun after trying it!

Le Labo Fragrances (Café)

Le Labo Fragrances (Café) in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest


Le Labo Fragrances is a luxury perfume brand that has quite a few locations around the city, but their storefront and location in Williamsburg has a door that leads into a semi-hidden café!

Once I heard about it, I just had to visit and I am glad I did as it’s one of my favorite cafes in Brooklyn now. The upscale perfume store, if you’re unfamiliar with their products, sells high-end perfumes, colognes, candles, and various types of self-care products. All of their scents are amazing, which is why they can get away with those prices.

The barista shared with me that their coffee roast was created specifically for them by La Colombe Coffee Roasters. I personally love their cold brew, no sweetener, and a splash of oat milk.

Campbell & Co.

Campbell & Co. Coffee Shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest


Campbell & Co. is another quaint pick for best coffee shops in Brooklyn located deep into Williamsburg on Lorimer Street. This is one of those spots that really doesn’t get as much attention or love as it should and is why it’s one of my personal favorite cafes in Brooklyn to visit. This spot also sells specialty foods like cheese and other groceries along with kitchenware, and of course, coffee!

This is one of the best cafes in Brooklyn if you’re looking for gluten-free or vegan goodies too as they have treats you can pair with your coffee here. My personal favorite is their cappuccino, which I think is incredible, but their iced chai latte is insanely good too!

While you’re here, I recommend treating yourself to their cinnamon bun, it’s always delicious.

Upstate Stock

Upstate Stock store and cafe in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest


This industrial-chic spot is another awesome pick for cafes in Brooklyn located in Williamsburg on Berry Street. This shop feels like walking into a log cabin in Upstate New York, they have a few retail locations for their store, but this is the flagship along with the cafe located inside.

Upstate Stock is not only one of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn, but a great place to shop around for really cool gifts for yourself or someone else! They’ve got cool apparel and home goods, all sort of rustic and outdoorsy themed featuring only US-made products.

My go-to at this Brooklyn cafe is usually their cold brew, sweetened with milk, but their signature drinks always sound great! You also have to admire their beautifully designed coffee cups, which are fully recyclable. (did you know most coffee cups have a plastic coating on them that makes them non-recyclable?!)


Devoción coffee shop in Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest

Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, DUMBO

One of the most well-known cafes in Brooklyn is Devoción, famous for their gorgeous Williamsburg space which is also a roastery, they now have Brooklyn cafe locations in Downtown Brooklyn and DUMBO too.

Devoción offers a beautiful space to enjoy your coffee, so beautiful you might just want to stick around and hang for a bit.

They have several different coffee blends sourced from different regions in Colombia and roasted right here after the beans are dry-milled in Bogota and then Fedexed to New York. They claim to be the only company in the world that roasts true farm-fresh coffee only 10 days after leaving origin, which the industry norm is of 6-12 months. 

I personally recommend their cold brew with a splash of milk, it’s so flavorful and strong! I remember trying their cappuccino and it was great too, but I preferred their cold brew. But they do an excellent cup of coffee with the choice of getting a pour over too.

Also, try their guava croissant while you’re here too! They often sell out, so if you see one grab it!

Marine Park Coffee

Marine Park Coffee in Marine Park Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest

Marine Park

I know, I know. This round up of best coffee shops in Brooklyn is heavy in the North Brooklyn neighborhoods which is why I am excited to share one of my recent new discoveries and favorites. Marine Park Coffee is located in the Marine Park neighborhood of Brooklyn and one of the best and unpretentious spots in the city.

I am lucky and always get the same friendly, male barista who takes my order. I was obsessed with their cinnamon bun iced coffee with oat milk, but that is discontinued now, sadly. (fingers crossed they bring it back!) My other favorite order here at this Brooklyn coffee shop is their French vanilla iced coffee.

Oh, and the coconut cold brew is dynamite! I really love how many specialty coffee drinks and fun flavors they feature.

Sweatshop Coffee

Sweatshop Coffee in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest


Did you know that Australians hate American coffee shops? I did not. So for anyone who is hunting down Aussie cafes in Brooklyn, this spot is for you!

Also, another one of my favorite cafes in Brooklyn is the Aussie-inspired cafe, Sweatshop located in Williamsburg. Don’t miss the eye-catching sign right outside of the shop that says, “Don’t look for love, look for coffee” and I don’t think truer words have ever been spoken.

For recommendations of what to try at this coffee shop in Brooklyn, I typically go for their cold brew with a drop of oat milk, but their flat whites and hot lattes are also insanely delicious! They’ve also got a great drip coffee and plenty great espresso-based coffee drinks to choose from.

Rose Wolf Coffee

Rose Wolf Coffee in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Quoffee Quest


Oh, I have such a sweet spot for Rose Wolf Coffee! This local Brooklyn coffee shop now has two locations in Williamsburg. Enjoy the scent of fresh baked pastries and just know that walking in, you’ll be tempted to try at least one.

I love their cold brew, with some milk, no sweetener. The baristas make everything from drip coffees to lattes along with matcha drinks!

Their loaf slices are out of this world! My favorite is the dirty chai loaf slice, which is always the perfectly sweet pairing to have with my cold brew.

Cafe Grumpy

Cafe Grumpy in Greenpoint Brooklyn
Image Source: Cafe Grumpy

Greenpoint, Park Slope

For those who love a quality cup of coffee, Cafe Grumpy in Greenpoint and Park Slope offer great cups of coffee in this Brooklyn-based cafe chain with more than 10 locations around the city. Their first location was the Greenpoint location with a focus on community, social responsibility, and sustainability through their business.

Oh, and if you were a fan of the series Girls, they filmed at the Greenpoint location!

Cafe Grumpy prides itself on sourcing and roasting its coffee in house, serving up a quality coffee for their loyal patrons every cup meaning if you come in grumpy, you won’t leave grumpy.

Try one of their classics or one of their stellar nitro cold brews.

The Park Slope location is more of a grab and go location, there’s really not seating so keep that in mind before visiting!

Kos Kaffe Roasting House

Garden mural at Kos Kaffee in Park Slope

Park Slope

This Park Slope cafe is one of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn. Kos Kaffe Roasting House is a family-run spot that is a super inviting place with an aesthetically charming interior and a gorgeous flower mural on the side of the cafe.

The husband and wife team are a dynamic duo as he has been into coffee roasting for over two decades and she has spent the same amount of time cooking at some of the best NYC restaurants and is an author of two cookbooks. They serve up homemade food alongside their fresh and flavorful coffee menu, which you know is going to be good based on their backgrounds.

They even use local milk to accompany your cup of house-roasted cup of coffee made by their baristas. Whether you’re looking for a drip coffee or a latte, all of their drinks are great which is why this is a top pick for cafes in Brooklyn to check out!

Joe Coffee Company

Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO

Another great cafe in Brooklyn located in the quiet streets of the gorgeous, residential Brooklyn Heights neighborhood and community along with a location in DUMBO is Joe Coffee Company. There are over 20 locations throughout the city, but only these two in Brooklyn.

Better yet, from Brooklyn Heights you can take a cup of coffee and enjoy the majestic views of the skyline, Statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Or from the DUMBO location, walk down to the waterfront for some of the best Brooklyn views of the skyline the city has to offer.

They feature their own coffee blends, which you can buy by the bag and take home with you too. I prefer a classic drip coffee here trying their different roasts as each one is different and offers a blend of aromatic and well-balanced flavors.

D’Amico Coffee Roasters

Carroll Gardens, Red Hook

One of the most legendary coffee roasters and Brooklyn coffee shops that have been around for over 60 years is D’Amico Coffee Roasters in Carroll Gardens, with another location on the edge of Red Hook. This is where you can find one of the original Brooklyn roasted cups of coffee in the city that’s been around more likely longer than you have opened in 1948 in this neighborhood.

They roast their coffee on a vintage Diedrich roaster and serve is made to order in various different styles from Oji-style iced coffee drippers to their Slayer espresso machine, or their drip bar.

Grab a bag of beans to take home with you while you’re at it!


Cobble Hill, Park Slope

Another one of the best Brooklyn coffee shops with a few locations is Konditori, a Swedish espresso bar named their cafe after a Swedish word meaning a gathering place for warm drinks, or where to take a coffee break. Seems fitting!

This Park Slope location was their very first location, since then they have other locations in Cobble Hill and a few others that sadly have closed.

They serve up a fantastic coffee selection with Arabic beans from Central America serving everything from French press to espresso alongside some baked treats, both Swedish and American from bagels to coffee bread. For anyone who has a gluten-free diet, Konditori has a selection of GF treats as well!

Cafe Regular


Park Slope

Cafe Regular is another cute and cozy cafe in Brooklyn not to be missed with not one but two locations in Park Slope, one location on 11th Street and the other on Berkeley Place!

There’s definitely a European/French vibe going on here and you can pair your cup of coffee with one of the selections of pastries they sell served alongside their La Colombe coffee drinks.

Editor’s Picks: Brooklyn Coffee Shops

The Black Flamingo


Red Hook

This has easily become one of my personal favorite cafes in Brooklyn. From the pretty interior and great coffee and sandwich/croissant selection to the pretty garden back patio with the friendly cat Billy who stops by to give you his good graces, the unofficial host of this spot.

Swing by, grab your favorite type of hot (or cold) coffee/tea drink and sit back and relax in their pretty little back patio.

IMO, this coffee shop isn’t talked about enough. It will forever be one of my favorite spots for a cup of coffee.



Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Boerum Hill, Williamsburg, Carroll Gardens, Greenpoint, Kensington

Probably one of the most photogenic exteriors on any of the Brooklyn cafes that also doesn’t lack when it comes to a seriously good cup of coffee. Many of their locations are decked out with colorful, inviting floral exteriors.

Inside you can find seating and some locations, like the Windsor Terrace spot on Prospect Park West also offers a back patio where customers are welcome to stay and work or relax.

They serve their own blends of coffees you can’t go wrong with a pour-over and on a hot day their iced chai tea latte is one of the best I’ve ever had.

Playground Coffee Shop


Bed Stuy

This is much more than a Brooklyn coffee shop, Playground also is a community space, a non-profit called Playground Youth, event space, and bookshop that sells and prioritizes work from Black, Brown Indigenous, Queer, and POC authors and artists.

They offer a few bites like cronuts and biscuits and really exceptional coffee.

Check out this feature about the owner and founder, Zenat Begum about how she brought her mission of supporting the Bed Stuy community through her Brooklyn coffee shop, extensions of the coffee shop, youth fundraising, and community projects. She’s pretty remarkable.

Little Zelda 


Crown Heights

This tiny Crown Heights cafe is another great stop for that morning (or afternoon) pick me up. This espresso bar offers all your coffee drinks plus a few artisanal bites. Grab to go or if you sit out on Franklin Avenue.

Their coffee drinks use Toby’s Estate beans and they also have seriously cute latte art.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters


Cobble Hill

Serving up their own beans, this Brooklyn coffee shop is one of the most beautiful in the area featuring work and installations by prolific artists. 

Enjoy their full espresso bar, variety of coffee drinks, cold brew, and drip coffee paired with Pain D’Avignon and Ovenly pastries or King David Breakfast tacos.

Also, don’t miss taking a peek at their custom hand-painted La Marzocco espresso machine while you’re here.

BKG Coffee Roasters 

BKG Coffee Shop in Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill/Fort Greene

Another great coffee shop in Brooklyn at the center of Myrtle Avenue is BKG Coffee Roasters, one of the best Clinton Hill and Fort Greene coffee shops too. The cafe is designed with a very minimalistic approach with the rotating pastry menu on what looks like a big piece of craft paper and the coffee menu is perfectly crafted for one of the best cups of coffee around.

They offer both indoor and outdoor seating but the outdoor is a giant patio with long picnic tables and art on the walls. 

The indoor space offers the perfect place to meet a friend or get some work done. The outdoor space has some shaded areas as well. Sandwiches are also offered later in the day and do yourself a favor and save room to order the ham and swiss with smoked ham, swiss, arugula, and honey mustard. 

Brooklyn Perk



This Black-owned Brooklyn coffee shop is known for supporting others not just because it offers high-quality coffee, but also because it serves products from reliable brands like Javamelts, Barr Necessities, King David Tacos, and Brooklyn Roasting Company (for their coffee beans).

Using their fresh products, Brooklyn Perk offers many different teas, brewed, and espresso drinks – with their London Fog being a standout. Outside of coffee, Perk also offers pastries and food including gluten-free cookies from Barr Necessities and King David Tacos.

Their Nostrand Avenue location in particular is a great space for working. This shop is also known for hosting workshops and live music events not to mention ample space for you to sit back and work (plus a cool coffee mural and artwork hanging on the walls). You can find out more about what’s happening next at this cafe by checking the latest events posted on their IG page.

Map of the best cafes in Brooklyn

Also, do you like bakeries? Check out the best bakeries in Brooklyn to pair with your coffee!

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  2. Coffee Uplifts People CUP is a must! Founded by Angela Yee.

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  3. Your link says that you’re a coffee connoisseur, but most drinks you’ve shown or mentioned are artificially flavoured with syrups and powders, or iced. I would say that’s not very reflective of being a connoisseur of coffee. That’s just recommendations of your favourite places. The standard for coffee is very low in NYC. I’m a Brit and have been living here for nearly a year now and have seen the most bizarre things Americans do to coffee.

  4. Have you tried Bittersweet on Dekalb in Fort Greene or the Petit Paulette morning coffee and pastry cafe also on Dekalb in Fort Greene? They are both worth a mention. I find many espressos are brewed incorrectly and bitter. These guys get it right.

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