Denos Wonder Wheel at Coney Island
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25+ Best Coney Island Instagram Spots

If you’re planning a day trip to Coney Island, you won’t want to leave your camera behind because we have mapped out all the best Coney Island Instagram spots, one of New York City’s most historic and photogenic places to be!

One of America’s favorite past times (and present times) is one of the easiest places to find picture-perfect opportunities from historic rides and signs to iconic carnival games and food.

Here are the best Coney Island photo spots as well as our photography tips and tricks to each one!

For a majority of these awesome Coney Island photo spots, daytime lighting works best! But also keep in mind the theme or vibe of your Instagram feed and or photography style, because that will help you decide the lighting, angles, and colors you’re looking to incorporate!

Around dusk, before it gets too dark, is also a prime Coney Island photography time as the lights to the amusement park and rides light up and add that extra ‘carnival-feel’ come to live in your photography!

Be sure to also check out our entire guide to all the best things to do in Coney Island including Coney Island history to some of the most famous attractions here!

Also, check out our easy to follow directions to Coney Island to help you plan your trip!

Deno’s Wonder Wheel

skipping for joy toward Denos Wonder Wheel at Coney Island Amusement Park in Brooklyn

I would deem this as one of the most popular Coney Island Instagram spots, probably because it’s one of the most recognizable rides and amusement attractions in the world. The Wonder Wheel is over 100 years old and has been the subject in pop culture for just about as long.

The key to this iconic Coney Island photo spot is the lighting! It will really make or break your shot.

I find that people that take their photos during the day turn out much better than at night. I learned this the hard way when instead of taking the Wonder Wheel photo before the sun went down, I stuffed my face with a Nathan’s hotdog.

Another important key for this photo spot is the angle of the photo. To create the awesome Coney Island photo that stands you, I would try a low-angle shot. One other thing to keep in mind is that the photos turn out best if you take them on the walkway leading down to the entrance!

This will get most of the Wheel in the shot and give you an opportunity for a variety of poses! Doing an eye-level shot will not create enough space for the beautiful backdrop if you’re close to the Wonder Wheel. If you want the Wonder Wheel further away in the backdrop, taking the photo from Coney Island Beach or the Coney Island Boardwalk is another great spot, this is one of the most popular beaches in Brooklyn after all!

This is one of the best Coney Island photo spots and icons to feature in your Coney Island photography so make sure to have fun with it!

This is also one of our favorite Brooklyn Instagram spots!

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

  • Daytime lighting if possible, the Golden Hour before dusk is also a nice time for a more dramatic look
  • Pose on the walkway to Wonder Wheel entrance, low angle shot works best for this spot
  • This makes a great landscape shot as well if you’re on the boardwalk or beach

The Cyclone Rollercoaster


Another very popular Coney Island photo spot because it’s one of America’s oldest and most iconic roller coasters dating back to 1927! But because of its location, this one can be a little tricky to get the perfect shot.

Something to keep in mind here is the chainlink fence that surrounds this ride. I personally don’t love chainlink fences in a backdrop and usually avoid them, but there are many people who have been able to get great photos regardless who are more familiar with urban landscape photography.

You may just want to go for a more grunge type of shot if you’re going to incorporate the fence.

My ideal shot for Coney Island photo spots like this is to get a low-angle shot in front of the sign for the ride. The sign for the Cyclone can be photographed from the sidewalk near the entrance.

The rollercoaster itself is a huge attraction for Coney Island photography and history aficionados.

This wooden rollercoaster makes a great backdrop for your artsy Instagram photos. It has been operating since 1927 and is also a New York City designated landmark!

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

  • Daytime lighting works great here unless you want the sign in the photo dusk is a great time when the lights turn on
  • If you’re close to the roller coaster, you will want to try a low-angle shot
  • Try posing in front of the vertical Cyclone sign

Coney Island Beach

Coney Island Beach half empty from touristsWhile scoping out some of the best Coney Island Instagram spots, don’t forget you’re at the beach, and pictures on the sand are the perfect way to show off not only the beach, but the boardwalk and amusement park just steps away from the sand and shoreline.

These shots turn out the best during the day and around sunset at dusk during the golden hour.

My favorite part about taking pictures on this beach is that you can get a variety of shots. On one side, your backdrop can be the water and the other side is Luna Park with a busy boardwalk as your backdrop!

I personally love the boardwalk background, the pictures turn out amazing. It’ll leave all your followers planning a trip to Coney Island.

You can also get creative with your shots here. Go ahead and try eye-level, medium, low-angle shots and more!

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

  • Daytime and lighting at dusk (the Golden Hour before sunset) offer flattering lighting
  • Makes for a great landscape Coney Island photo of the boardwalk and amusement park area

Nathan’s Famous

Nathans Famous hot dog at Coney Island in BrooklynNathan’s Famous is one of the best Coney Island Instagram spots because you can pose with your lunch at one of Coney Island’s food staples, and one of the most famous places to eat in Brooklyn and our top picks for best things to do in Brooklyn.

Nathan’s began right here in Coney Island back in 1916 as a a nickel hotdog stand! Today it’s the perfect spot for your next Instagram post!

Most of us New Yorkers are used to posing with our iced coffees or green smoothies, but for the day you can trade those in for a delicious and classic Nathan’s hotdog.

For this photo spot we are referencing the original location on Surf Ave, but there is another location on the boardwalk that would also be good for pictures!

The colors of the Nathan’s building just pop and totally tie your whole photo together. I’ve found some incredible inspiration on Instagram for this shot and I would recommend finding some photos you would like to recreate for a lot of these Coney Island photo spots.

For this location, feel free to use a variety of shots. I really love the low-angle shot here and I would recommend taking your photos vertically to make sure you’re not getting enough of the attraction in the background!

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

  • Daytime lighting is easiest if you’re incorporating food into your shot, around dusk you get all the fun lights on for another great photo!
  • Try a variety of angles/shots with the different sides of the building and signs

Riegelmann Boardwalk

Riegelmann Boardwalk at Coney IslandAlthough many of the Coney Island Instagram spots we’ll cover are on the Riegelmann Boardwalk, walking down the boardwalk itself makes for a great shot.

I particularly love the over the shoulder shot here, although there are tons of different possibilities here. Even though the boardwalk is often busy and there are people everywhere, always. Take a second to pause and capture this awesome shot.

A medium/eye-level shot works perfectly here. Even though I’m a big fan of vertical portraits/selfies, I think you can mix in a few horizontal shots here too!

You can also pull over to the side of the boardwalk to have the sand and water as your background! This shot will include a lot less people in the background and it may even be a little less stressful.

If you want to get a photo of the boardwalk without people, consider coming back to Coney Island in winter!

Carnival Games

Luna Games on Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn

Just like you would at any fair or pop-up carnival, posing in front of the carnival games is a must!

This shot is an awesome pop of color on your feed! And this is even one of those spots I would say turn out great during day and night! Usually, these games have a lot of surrounding light, which will make the nighttime photos turn out just as good as photos during the day.

I wouldn’t say you have to use specific angles for this type of shot. I would just suggest you get creative with poses. To make it an even sweeter shot, you can grab some cotton candy or an ice cream cone. Or pose with the awesome prize you won while playing!

These games are also a great opportunity for group shots! So keep that in mind when you’re looking for some Coney Island Instagram spots with your friends!

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

  • Great photo day or night!
  • Try winning a prize for a prop!
  • Grab a cone inside Luna’s Park at one of the best Brooklyn ice cream spots!

Deno’s Sweet Shoppe


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Do not underestimate this awesome Sweet Shoppe. It may just seem like a small pop-up vendor at a carnival, and what’s not to love about that? But the pop of color and a good camera angle will tie your Instagram feed together perfectly!

Another tip to get a successful photo at Deno’s, is to pose with your sweet treat! If you go this route, it takes the pressure off of executing camera angles and it becomes about a super cute person with a tasty treat all their followers will be envious of!

This is another spot where you can get creative and see what works best for you. Personally, I just love the pink and teal coloring of Deno’s, it will really make your post stand out.

This is also one of many Coney Island Instagram spots where I’ll definitely encourage you to pose with your treat or snack!

Scream Zone Sign

Coney Island boardwalk instagram photo spotThe Scream Zone was added to Luna Park in 2011 and it is home to some awesome thrill rides.

Good luck getting me to go anywhere called the Scream Zone, but I’ll definitely take a picture in front of it acting like I had a great time there!

Coney Island photo spots like this are great for couples and groups. Although you can take selfies here too, I think it’s one of the best spots to commemorate the trip to Coney Island!

For selfies, you can get a little creative with angles and just have fun with it! But for group shots you don’t have to do anything special! The background is colorful and will look amazing regardless.

Just smile and pretend you had fun getting your brain scrambled in the Scream Zone, better yet there are a few options for this Coney Island photography spot!

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

  • Best during daytime lighting or dusk
  • Great for group shots, can easily take from the boardwalk
  • No special camera work needed

Ruby’s Bar & Grill

Ruby's Bar and Grill at Coney IslandFor this Coney Island photography location, we will be taking you on the famous boardwalk! Actually Ruby’s is the last spot in Coney Island where you can walk under the original boardwalk!

The space was bought by a man named Ruby Jacobs in 1972 and the bar & grill has been run by his family ever since.

Based on the history alone, this is an awesome spot to document during your trip to Coney Island.

Pose in front of the restaurant or even down at the bar. Whatever you decide, unwind from all the picture taking with a great meal and a brew.

Ruby’s is another one of those Coney Island photo spots for group photos! Snap a picture down at the bar with your amazing group!

We also haven’t mentioned Instagram stories that much, but we know you love the, “Phone eats first,” rule. So don’t be afraid to post your burger and beer!

Brooklyn Beach Shop

Brooklyn Beach Shop and Wonder Wheel view at Coney IslandAfter your meal, beer break, and Coney Island photography shoot at Ruby’s, check out the Brooklyn Beach Shop, which is right next door!

This is personally one of my favorite Coney Island photo spots. The building is so aesthetically pleasing, and if your Instagram feed looks like mine, this might be one of your favorite spots too!

For my Instagram, I usually avoid bright and outstanding colors that clash will my other posts, I usually still take photos of everything, I just don’t post them on my personal account.

So the reasons I love the Beach Shop are because of the awesome brick building, the shop’s sign, and the giant windows on their storefront, which makes for an aesthetically pleasing photo perfect for your feed.

If you’re not like me and you don’t care about clashing colors and whatnot, visit this spot anyway! After taking some pictures, you can grab some awesome Coney Island T-shirts and souvenirs.

Take some photo tips from Spike Lee when he visited the Brooklyn Beach Shop.


Thunderbolt Entrance at Coney IslandYou definitely won’t see me riding on Thunderbolt, but it is one of the amazing Coney Island photo spots and rides that stand out.

This is one of the spots where you can get creative. The main Thunderbolt sign makes for an awesome background. You can work some medium and eye-level shots here as well as some low-angle.

There are some vertical Thunderbolt signs that add a great touch to your photos! So just check out the spot and see what will work best for your Instagram feed!

Don’t forget this is another photo op for groups and couples!

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

  • Daytime lighting is great for this one! Dusk is also nice when the lights turn on
  • Variety of angles
  • Check out both Thunderbolt signs

Paul’s Daughter


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You won’t want to miss this Coney Island photo and classic stop on the Riegalmann Boardwalk. Paul’s Daughter is a good spot to grab a snack and beer in the middle of your Instagram-inspired photoshoots.

This is one of the Coney Island photography spots that really give me old fashioned 50ss vibes. Probably because it’s one of the oldest stops on the boardwalk.

Paul’s Daughter is a great spot for some selfies, group shots, and even some snapshots of your delicious lobster rolls.

Take advantage of this classic photo spot that’ll look great on your Instagram feed!

MCU Park

MCU Park at Coney Island where the Cyclones play baseballIf you’re visiting Coney Island during baseball season, you won’t want to miss the photo opportunities at MCU Park, whether you’re inside the stadium attending a game or just on the boardwalk.

Every summer we love watching our Brooklyn Cyclones take the field right here in Coney Island.

There’s nothing like posing in the stadium with Luna Park in the skyline. My favorite photo op at baseball fields is the sunset shot! This photo will make for a perfect summer night post with your friends! And it’s great for selfies too!

This is also one of the best spots for Coney Island photography.

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

  • Sunset lighting if possible
  • Luna Park is in background

Eldorado Auto Skooter

El Dorado AutoSkooter bumper cars and arcade at Coney Island Brooklyn

One of the best photo spots at Coney Island is easily the legendary Eldorado Auto Skooter! Besides having a laser blasting bumper car ride with DJs blasting music, this spot has been one of the most beloved staples to Coney Island since 1973, used as a filming location, and features signage by a local artist not to mention there’s an arcade here too!

The cool neon signs in the arcade and the exterior make a great backdrop for Coney Island Instagram photos. Pay attention to the other lettering and cool signage, notable the “Bump Your A$$ Off” signage designed by local Brooklyn artist Steve Powers of ESPO’s Art World.

Powers has a gallery and studio on 4th Ave in Boerum Hill which is one of our favorite indie art galleries in Brooklyn!

The signs are pretty fun and the arcade features old-school carnival games like skeeball which makes a fun stop while exploring Coney Island plus plenty of opportunities for photos.

If you head to the backside of Eldorado you may recognize the exterior and sign from USA’s hit tv series Mr. Robot starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater. This spot was the ‘fsociety’ clandestine headquarters in the show and is one of the best Brooklyn filming locations to check out!

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

    • Be sure to go inside and check out the neon signage
    • Don’t miss the backside on Bowery Street (Mr Robot filming location)
    • See more Coney Island filming locations

Luna Arcade


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This is a great Coney Island photography spot if you need to get out of the sun for awhile and get creative with some shots at the Luna Arcade!

Usually, these arcades have some awesome neon lighting that can be great for some unique shots. Pose in front of the claw machines, the racing games, or any games with bright lighting. These will make for some quality Instagram content.

You can also get some fun group shots of playing some games while you’re at it. This is one of those Coney Island photo spots you should search for some inspiration pictures beforehand.

B&B Carousell


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B&B Carousell isn’t just an ordinary carousel. This ride is considered a staple at Luna Park and it’s also one of NYC’s great attractions. So ultimately it’s one of the best Coney Island photography spots.

The exterior of the carousel is absolutely beautiful and I think it’s where you’ll get most of your vibrant and unique shots. This is definitely a place for some dramatic low-angle selfies.

Another photo op would be on the actual ride! For just a few tickets, you can snap the perfect Instagram photo.

With proper equipment, you could get some awesome pictures with the B&B lit up at night! Don’t forget some landscape shots!

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

    • Daytime/nighttime lighting both are awesome
    • Low-angle selfies
    • Photos on the carousel are always fun, but the exterior of the building is also a popular Coney Island Instagram spot.
    • If you’re familiar with long exposure photography you can get a really cool motion blur effect!

La Tombola


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The Ford Amphitheater on Riegelmann Boardwalk is one of the coolest structures that still stands in Brooklyn and is a gorgeous photography location at Coney Island.

The building itself dates back to 1923 and originally housed the Childs Building which is a designated historic landmark that was originally one of the locations of the Childs Restaurant chain. 

The building has a Spanish Colonial architecture style with nautical-themed details that you want to pay attention to, the details are really beautiful. The building was restored to its former glory after years of being passed from tenant to tenant as well as periods of dormancy and barely any upkeep. The exterior makes a beautiful backdrop for portraits and photos.

Visit La Tombola restaurant inside where you can find a beautiful space that pays homage to the history of Coney Island with one of the longest bars in Brooklyn. From the inside, you can get cool photos of the Parachute Jump Tower lit up at dusk through the window or head to their rooftop lounge for gorgeous ocean views.

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

    • Use the exterior for a backdrop in shots
    • Head to La Tombola around dusk so you get the Steeplechase Parachute Jump Tower lit up in the backdrop of your photos from the interior or from the rooftop

Coney’s Cones


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Another one of the sweet treat Coney Island photo spots is Coney’s Cones! This is the perfect spot for your next photo op and for some refreshing handmade gelato.

Coney’s Cones is great for a variety of shots. Pose for a selfie featuring your delicious gelato or sorbet or snap a couple group photos here! It’s also a great opportunity to just buy a the perfect Coney Island photo prop here that’s also tasty!

This is probably another spot I would document on my story. Throw up an awesome pic or boomerang of your Coney’s Cone treat! Remember phone eats first when you’re visiting Coney Island!

Coney Art Walls

mural on Coney Island Art WallsThis is one of the Coney Island photo spots that you could take a ton of images at. Coney Art Walls is an outdoor museum for street art open to the public daily.

Visiting the Coney Art Walls is a great opportunity to showcase some local artists while getting some great photos for your feed.

There are a variety of different murals which all make for awesome photos. It’s been pretty on trend to pose in front of any kind of mural, so the Coney Art Walls are perfect for selfies and even group shots!

I would suggest taking a look around all the walls and photograph the ones that would look best with your color scheme or the theme of your Instagram profile.

Keep in mind the Walls are open daily until 8 PM. Try to take your pictures during the day so you won’t have to use flash, unless you’re going for a grungy vibe.

Have fun with these shots, they will turn out amazing.

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

      • Daytime lighting works best, plus keep in mind they close at 8:00 pm

New York Aquarium

Shark tunnel at New York Aquarium at Coney Island Brooklyn

The New York Aquarium is full of fun Coney Island photo opportunities located on the boardwalk.

I think the best photo ops are definitely in front of the tanks/exhibits, but if you don’t have time to go in you can always photograph the mural along the boardwalk.

They have some exhibits that are like tunnels and giant glass walls separating you between the marine life, which make for great pics. The lighting is usually low lit, but you’re easily able to get photos and you may even have some fishy friends posing in the background.

My advice when visiting this aquarium would be to take a bunch of photos and get creative! This is a good rule of thumb for all of these Coney Island Instagram spots if you haven’t noticed by now! 

Also, read our entire guide for everything you need to know before visiting the New York Aquarium before your visit for planning tips and vital information you need to know before your visit.

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

      • You can get great aquarium photos inside/outside the park
      • Don’t miss the sharks exhibit for a few great photo opportunities
      • Don’t miss the mural along the boardwalk

Ford Amphitheater

pretty details on the Ford Amphitheater at Coney IslandYou can definitely snap some pictures of the awesome events going on at the Ford Amphitheater. And if you’re attending one of the various events they put on, make sure to take plenty of photos outside the Amphitheater!

But if you’re like me and you enjoy the free places to take photos, you will just use the Ford Amphitheater building for some great Coney Island photos.

The details on this building along with the beautiful boardwalk come together perfectly for an amazing Instagram post.

This is definitely one of those spots where you’ll want to use the low-angle shot for selfies. In addition to that shot, I would suggest a full-body portrait!

You will absolutely catch me here showing off a cute outfit next time I’m in Coney Island!

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

      • Daytime lighting works great for exterior building shots
      • There’s a rooftop bar in the venue that’s a great photo spot if you’re attending an event here!

Coney Island Museum

Coney Island Museum in Coney IslandFor just $5, support the Coney Island Museum! You can pose out in front of the historical staple before or after your tour!

The outside of the building is what makes it one of the great Coney Island photo spots. With posters promoting their wacky sideshows and magic shows, it makes for some interesting photography and memories.

Make sure to snap a variety of selfies, group shots, and some landscape shots!

Tips for this Coney Island photo spot:

      • Pose in front of the museum, walk around the side of the building for more vantage points

William’s Candy Shop

famous caramel apple at Williams Candy at Coney Island

Home to every kind of candy-covered apple you could imagine, William’s Candy is another one of the sweet shops we have on our list of best Coney Island photo spots!

William’s Candy is an awesome old fashioned candy shop on Surf Ave that you won’t want to miss on your day trip in Coney Island and a staple to the local history and community.

Pose with your cotton candy, ice cream, popcorn, candy apples, and more. Or photograph your treats out by the storefront. Find some inspiration from our very own Instagram account!

Salt & Sizzle

Megan looking at the lighthouse on Rieggleman Boardwalk in Coney Island Brooklyn on a rainy day

Salt & Sizzle is an excellent stop along the boardwalk for some great photos. My favorite aspect here is the lighthouse, it ties together your selfies and your group shots!

If you’re not posing out in front of these french fries stand, make sure you’re posting your picture-perfect drinks and food on your Instagram stories too! This is also a great opportunity for a refreshing drink break or a meal.

It’s also one of the good Coney Island Instagram spots for some landscape photos on the beautiful boardwalk.

Steeplechase Pier

View of Coney Island from Steeplechase Pier in BrooklynOne of the best Coney Island photography spots if you want to get the entire scene of the beach, boardwalk, and amusement parks is from the Steeplechase Pier. Just a short walk from Luna Park and Wonder Wheel connected to the boardwalk.

Walk down the boardwalk and be sure to check out all the different vantage points, this makes for the quintessential and classic photo giving you a glimpse at all the fun and action right here at Coney Island!

Coney Island Brewery

Coney Island Brewery in BrooklynCheers with your pals to a successful day taking photos in Coney Island! One last stop before you wrap up though.

On a nice day the Coney Island Brewery has a lovely outdoor seating area perfect for a photography spot, plus it’s one of the best breweries in Brooklyn to check out!

Great for a story post or posing with your brew, it’s easy to understand why this spot is on our list of Coney Island Instagram spots.


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